Sunday, December 8, 2013

An Invitation From Ashtar

As I was falling asleep last night, Ashtar came to me. I expected a message, and tried to make myself wake up enough to write it down.

Instead, he extended his hand to me, and asked me to go with him somewhere.

I said, 'yes'.

Next I knew, we were here, at Kona Village. It was open again (the Tsunami destroyed it, and it's closed indefinitely). We walked to a cabin, or 'hale', that was far to the right and near the water. I rested next to him and could not believe my good fortune!

I asked him, 'Ashtar? What is your Dream?'

He said, 'For everyone to be as excited as you are now, all the time, forever.'

We spoke of many things. I asked about Space travel, and how it works. The Body form he has still needs daily care. They exercise and do something else but I forget exactly. I asked how there is oxygen on board ship, and food. There is a little replicator with back ups on board. There is also shielding, not just for the cold, like I asked, but for the incredible heat for some star systems. The ride is not bumpy because there is some stabilizing forces for flight. And I 'saw' the wormholes that are used to get from one place to another really fast.

I asked if I had ever flown one, and he said yes but I don't remember. It is for my Mission and Purpose that I have the amnesia.

I wish I could recollect more. All I have to share with you is overwhelming joy (we snorkeled, went underwater without scuba gear and were dry and okay, and also hovered over the water like a sailboat catamaran but weren't in a boat or the water), peace and understanding.

I felt LOVED, more than I ever have in my existence. I felt nurtured and cared for, by a very loving friend. He said it was the look in my eye, and the pain I felt, in the conversation at the end of A Meeting With Ashtar, that turned his heart and made him want to look after me in this way.

We each belong to another, and I saw flashes of my other, but somehow, in the world of Spirit, when there is friendship it is mutually supportive and encouraged unlike it is here on earth. (here is a good resource if you are interested that explains the difference between relationships in 3D and higher dimensions

I have no memory of anything after that. I slept soundly, and was not at all glad to hear the alarm.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc