Monday, December 2, 2013

Thoughts On The December 21, 2013 Portal

Recently, I was thinking while driving…it was about how children have no 'filter'. They think it, they say it. They feel it, they cry, they go on to the next thing. They do not worry about what the day will bring two days from the moment--everything for them is Here, NOW!

Was this what Jesus meant when he said, 'Be like small children to enter the kingdom of Heaven?.

What is this 'filter'? And how did it get in place?

The parents put it there. And the pre-schools and the schools, allowing the child to function as a member of society.

As one who works with disease professionally (I am a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist in full-time private practice), I appreciate the energy imbalance of Dis-ease, which leads to the physical manifestation of disease, every day. As a Reiki Master and teacher, I 'pick up' on these imbalances and do what is possible to help relieve the imbalance in my patients. One was so sick, with not one but TWO major system imbalances, each were end stage…I gave a Reiki Level 1 attunement in the O.R. while the patient was under anesthesia--directing it to the patient's Guardian Angel for the patient's best and highest good. It was going to take that much 'movement' to 'budge' the patient into a more favorable 'direction' for healing of this imbalance and helping the soul heal. Many of these imbalances are from blockages of the emotional body and its natural energy flow.

I feel 'different' from others, because of my High Vibration. I do what I can; I am like a hummingbird with wings that beat over two hundred times a second! I keep my energy up. I do service. And I write constantly about Spirituality, Healing, and channelings that 'come through'…

I was wondering just the other night, 'How come the cabal lets me get away with all this?'

I found the answer to the question, in the Cobra portal announcement I am going to add at the end of this short blog post. See if you can find it too.  (I also have the protection of two very strong Lightworkers, one is my friend who I am currently pouting over on Twitter, and the other is my Spiritual anchor who was my baby brother in my life before last who I found again. Both men have very potent magic and I am blessed to have them in my life.)

My brother has an 'automatic no'. I am waking him up and it is taking forever to take the chill out of his heart. He is Japanese in origin (we both were in the life I shared with him--he is older than me now in this one--as the same incarnation).

Here is a typical interaction--he is in his office with a colleague, working. I drove there just to share something exciting that I found! He collects and sells coins. With every atom of my body radiating JOY, I show my treasure--a 1941 nickel.

'Is it GOOD?' I ask. I am hoping to donate it to his cause, to help raise money for abused children. I have all the Light of Christmas Spirit in my heart. I am even wearing green and red, without consciously choosing it, but his colleague noticed and asked about my 'Christmas colors'.

It's worth five dollars.
He only sells 'mis-struck' coins.

My face fell. He does not share my joy. It is no great treasure. Like I asked my grandfather what seems like a lifetime before, I said, 'well, do you have the case to protect it just in case I want to keep it?'
With a smile he fishes out the plastic envelope to hold it that is just the right size.

In a way, it was a miniature version of the pain I felt in my heart when I met with Ashtar ( )

I think Ashtar found a solution, in what he said to me this morning. (

And I think you will find the connection too in the following links to Cobra's latest Announcement.

On December 21, 2013 (times listed in the link) Cobra is going to open a vortex at Glastonbury, a powerful energy point on Gaia. This is going to give the antidote to the illusion of the Cabal. If enough people concentrate on it, we will tip the balance and keep moving forward towards The Event. If not, we must wait until Spring for an astrological alignment of the energies to be favorable for more movement ahead.

It is like Groundhog Day. Do you want six weeks more of winter? (more or less?) Or do you want full speed ahead into the Light, and all good things?

If you do, make plans to rediscover your Innocence, on the 21st, and meditate worldwide together.

Here is the link:

I hope you will join us in making this world more vibrant, more innocent, and more free.

Victory Now! Liberation Now!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc