Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Steadfast Company

There was much more 'activity' today with my third eye than has ever been experienced by me. There were many 'vignettes' and interactions with the Galactics, our Star Family., as the veil is becoming more and more thin:

  • This morning, after I dropped my kid off at school, KOST was on the radio, playing Christmas Songs. I noticed, up at the clouds which were very high, with my third eye (not in 3D, but the Higher Dimensions) the control panel with about six Ascended Masters seated at it, looking over it and watching me. There was an Andromedan Cloud Ship--the only one in the sky that looked like a stack of pancakes with the biggest ones on top that taper down to a smallest one at the bottom--with them in it and in my mind's eye I could see them watching me. Instantly I felt comforted and loved, and gave them a big thumbs up with my 3D right hand, and I smiled BIG. They did the same. It turns out, they wanted me to know that THEY enjoy listening to Holiday music too! Our season is something cultural to them, that they like, and enjoy participating in the 'spirit' just like everybody else. 
  • I had an appointment that was important, a phone call, today. I wasn't sure if I could make it. Spirit caused a delay. The other surgeon who was sharing the laser with mine, showed up late. Thought the cases started at nine, not seven-thirty. They had to share the laser, and the time opened up just enough for my call.
  • Before the call, I was able to rest in the car for twenty minutes (I am sick, on the mend, but coughing). As I lay down, surprisingly enough, I made 'contact' with Lady Isis. She is my teacher for The Goddess Energies. I had a heart to heart with her in Spirit/my mind's eye. I was so glad I could see her face and hear her voice again! I asked her if it might be possible after The Event if perhaps I might see more of her, and be able to talk friend to friend (she is anonymous now, about her personal life and real name, just like Cobra). She smiled and embraced me, and said yes. She also wanted to give me a healing. She had understood about what happened to my son with his dad, and wanted to support me and my energies. She worked on my chakras and nadis, and my mind's eye went blank while she worked. I drifted off to sleep and the alarm woke me up promptly at twenty minutes for the phone call.
  • Today I went to see Ed, my 'gay boyfriend'. Ed is the person on earth I trust the most, the closest to my heart. He has taken care of my hair for the last ten years. He was shampooing my hair, and I relaxed. Then I looked up, and again, there were the Ascended Masters, faces resting on their hands, arms on the control panel, totally fascinated, watching me get my hair washed by Ed. I was like, 'Dude, what is the big deal and why are you interested in this?!' I guessed it was because they wanted to watch our auras interact as we took care of my hair, and 'read' the energy of our friendship???
  • I also floated up, and there was a very tall human-shaped but not very 'detailed' entity to my left that was like eight feet tall. He wore a robe/looks like a choir singer wears of a color that was light but I forget what hue. We reviewed my life plan, in a way, talking like old colleagues. He said, 'when you come back after this trip to Gaia you will have much expertise to share, much more to offer, to our work.' I found myself agreeing, and saying back, 'It really wasn't that long of a journey as it once seemed while I was in it.' I kept looking at him, trying to recognize him, and I couldn't place anything about it. He looked at me intently and asked, 'Don't you know who I am?' I said, 'Not at all. Maybe it's the amnesia? Are we married or anything? I am so sorry but I just cannot recall…' Then I left.
  • For the first time in weeks and weeks, I saw 'Ross' my Twin Flame who is aboard ship. I was happy to see him, and he, likewise, but before I could ask a question, he was gone.
  • Then, the most amazing thing happened…a swirling cloud 'dressed' me. I wore a very sparkly dress that was of a cloth that was not of this world, but a ball gown that was white. There were no sleeves. I had on long gloves. The Ascended Masters were watching with full attention, and I thought, why would I be dressing up? I liked it, but I had no idea why. Then to my left, came HIM. I've seen him many times before, and he is not Ashtar. This time, I saw He was my genuine Illuminated Twin Flame. The attraction was dazzling. I couldn't stop looking at him, and swooning a little. And he seemed equally charming and delighted to be in the company of me. I took to his right side, and he waved his right hand overhead from left to right as if to show me something. Then he put his right arm around my waist. All of a sudden, I saw a new land, full of color, light, and houses. It was nighttime, and it was not like anything I have ever seen before, with my own eyes or my 'sight'--the psychic gift. It was the New Age; there was an air of orderliness, and peace and joy that I could 'sense' from even where I was high above it. I asked many questions, though I do not remember the answers. My One embraced me, and gave me a kiss. I thought to myself, 'This IS a Happy Dream!' and then it disappeared. 
The Event is the gateway to The Happy Dream. Many of us who are going to be new to the Higher Dimensions, are going to have an unlimited time in this place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion. We are going to have abundance in every way, in Love, in Sustenance for our material needs, in Friendship, in Time…there will be nothing holding us back.

From what I know, the work day will be only three or four hours, and everyone will have time to pursue their own interests. All government and financial systems will be fair, transparent, and run by the People, not the 'select few'.

Survival will not be the main thing we direct our waking efforts to any more; that will be a thing of the past for all of our needs will be met.

Here are some tips to help you make the easiest way from 'here' to 'there' across the bridge in 'time' and 'experiences':
  • Fill up your car with gasoline when the tank is half full.
  • Have extra water and/or water filters and iodine pills on hand
  • If you are lucky to have little ones, have extra supplies for them--food, diapers, etc.
  • Buy some extra packaged cereals and soups, to keep meals simple.
  • Alternative cooking methods, barbecue or camping stove that uses propane.
  • Have extra pet food and supplies available for your furry family and livestock
  • If you take medications, make sure your scripts are filled
  • If power goes out you will need to stay warm. Have plenty of blankets.
  • Find a way to start a fire that works in wet conditions--waterproof matches, a 'firebug striker', or ones that make a barbecue start.
  • Make sure there is plenty of toilet paper, especially for larger families.
  • Also paper towels and waterless sanitizer.
  • A first aid kit
  • A secondary means of transportation--bike, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, boat--keep them gassed up and in good working order.
  • wooden matches in a waterproof container and an axe for firewood
  • Perhaps a zippo lighter for fires too--they are wind resistant
  • Good old fashioned checks on hand if plastic credit cards do not work.
  • Tea tree oil, arnica and yarrow for 'home remedies'. 
  • Flashlights, battery operated camping lanterns, extra batteries
  • Outdoor heaters like they sell at hardware stores and have at restaurants (and extra fuel)
  • Candles or oil lamps for indoor lighting.
  • Generators for electricity
  • Have your family designate a meeting place if phones get disrupted and you are separated
  • Our family calls Aunt Ellie in New Hampshire to check in after Earthquakes in California. The phones here get tied up--the main switches --but we can dial OUT not to each other. So we call Her. In other words, have a remote PERSON to 'meet' so everyone will know you are okay when they call and check in with her.

It's going to be adventurous! A really fun and once in a lifetime Event!!! Thank you Gary Fischer for making this list for our needs in the immediate short-term period after The Event/ Global Bank Reset.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. and one more thing---Will You Help A Neighbor?