Friday, December 6, 2013

BIG Reiki!

In Reiki training we are taught to do Reiki like this. One-on-one, hands on or hands off, in a therapeutic setting that is soothing and relaxing, for one hour sessions for a fee.

Perhaps we might change this model to do Reiki Instruction, and we will teach others as we have been taught.

When needs arise within the Reiki friends/colleagues, distance Reiki for acute situations with ourselves or our loved ones becomes common, and very helpful for the cohesion of the group. We share experiences and see the outcomes that are amazing due to Reiki intervention at such critical times! (I also learn by who does the asking, for what, and how often--some people have few requests, but serious, and others, well, serious to them happens more often but might not be as 'serious' as a physician might imagine 'serious' is like. I love to study the human nature involved in the pattern of who asks for what and how.)

My goal was to teach Reiki to doctors, nurses, and anyone else in the hospital and bring Reiki into the hands of conventional healers. They should have both.

A secondary goal is to outreach to the alternative medicine enthusiasts, and let them know, 'yes, you can have your cake and eat it too: modern medical advances are going to go the way of energy healing with sound, light, and subtle energy.'  Hope is on the way!

Then a funny thing started to happen: my Reiki would start to flow from my hands when I was in a crowd. This is not unusual--being a 'continuous source of Reiki' is taught. We anticipate to bring Reiki energy through our presence at work, at school, at home, and in the community.

This was different: I felt a 'nudge' to SEND Reiki to the guardian angels present for the people in the crowd!

If you have ever known a 'nudge' from Spirit, you can't ignore it, and it won't go away until you go ahead. And you feel so much better after you do. (Remember Samuel getting called by Eli in his sleep in the Bible? It's like that.)

If I was someplace near a wedding, by chance, I would give Reiki and the Transition Symbol to the Guardian Angels of the Bride and Groom, to ease them into their New Life well.

If I was at a graduation, or a concert, or a sporting event, I felt the 'nudge' to give Reiki there, too.

I have been 'nudged' to do healings for everyone in a one-hundred-fifty mile radius from me.

Every day I send Reiki and Divine Peace Healing to those who request it around the globe 
(all you need to do is set the intent, 'like' the Facebook Page Doctors With Reiki, follow on Twitter @usui2102, or read these pages to receive this free healing.)

It is my hope to one day send the healing further into Space to our Galactic Family who loves us and watches over us every day: Intergalactic Reiki!!! <3

Did I ever dream I would be doing anything like this?

No way! Not in my wildest dreams!

But am I content? Fulfilled? Excited? 

You Bet! Absolutely! This is AWESOME to be living in these times!!!!

Just stay 'true' to your 'Inner Guidance', your 'Heart Of Hearts' and you will know what next-steps to do. The Universe does NOT come up with 'timeline story boards' and 'deadlines for projects' exactly, because there IS no 'time' in their dimension. When dealing with people in 3D, spirit doesn't promote the 'have it in your mind and map it out' in working with me (for others, it might be that way). I get 'nudges' at 'the last minute' for the most profound things I do.

Learn to 'roll with it'; if it 'resonates' in your Heart Center as Truth, GO FOR IT!

You ARE the next generation of Lightworkers, the ones who will stand on the shoulders of those who are actively working with Spirit NOW. You are to guide the 'newbies' safely into the Higher Dimensions of Gaia….

I know it in my bones! There is no doubt in my mind!!


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc