Monday, December 16, 2013

Beauty, Adventure, and Trust

Fishermans' Wharf, Victoria, BC is our 'home away from home'

I need beauty.
I need beauty to look at, to experience, in order to survive.
For all the ugly things I see in the operating room, I have to 'cancel it out' by seeing and smelling something wonderful!

I like adventure.

I 'go for it' and get outside my 'comfort zone' often.

Today was 'just one of those days' where my ease was a little 'less comfortable' for others, and that is OKAY.

Today we are going to talk about adventure, the thirst for beauty in life, and trust both in ourselves and each other.

Nana was dying.
And she passed.
I needed love and support, fast.
I went to my favorite place, and lo and behold, my Reiki student and friend Amber was there!
We got to talking, and thought, 'wouldn't it be great to rent a Duffy boat and invite cool people on it and see the Christmas Lights? Heck, we could just see Ito driving the boat!!!'

I rented the boat. Two hundred dollars, in advance, as a gift for Amber on her birthday.
Ito declined.
My reiki students wanted to come. A reiki boat! How cool is that?

Until I asked for volunteer boat drivers… LOL

Most declined.
At the last minute.
On my way there!

My brother-in-law had driven the whole family two years ago! It was easy, it was magic, and fun. How dangerous is that??? It's not like it's the ocean. And the boat doesn't go fast at all…

My friends were right.
One of them came, Amber and her daughter.
But it was dark, even with the full moon.
The rain plastic shield was difficult to see.
The current was strong.
The boat veered to the right. This is on top of the four-second delay between the wheel and the rudder on an electric boat.

Soon both kids had to pee. One, who is two, started crying.
What was supposed to be a fun night with the lights in the canals turned out to be a nightmare!
There wasn't time for hot chocolate (I had a traveler full of hot water from Starbucks all set!)

In forty-five minutes we were back at the dock. A boat for twelve doesn't handle well with hardly any people in it…The men with the flashlight who helped us dock were so kind. They explained it was not an easy night, and I had done well, and gave me blessings…yes, dock workers gave me blessings about the current…

Imagine this with vinyl clear windows…and me at the helm! LOL

So how do I feel now that I am back inside my comfort zone?

Totally Awesome! Here's why:

  • Even though there was two-hundred dollars on it, when my friends said, 'no', my ego let it go.
  • The 'danger' or 'adventure' had my full attention, but I never once feared.
  • The beauty and freedom on the water was still there, and it touched me deeply.
  • I have New Appreciation for skippers and the Ocean--even in a marina, it is very much ALIVE!
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And tonight, I gained so much. Anesthesia is always calculating risks to benefits in the ever-changing OR situation. Today was just another example of a risk that was somewhere between what my friends predicted as 'too much risk' to enjoy, and 'much more risk' than I had anticipated, and that was OKAY.
  • Amber and I bonded so much more than ever; even the kids were comforting each other in their need to pee and being so far from the dock in a slow boat. 'Dance and it will bother you less', etc.

My friends, this was a sneak-preview of The Event.
Everyone is going to experience it in their own way.
And that is OKAY.

Some are going to imagine more Fear than there really IS,
And others are going to imagine Less.
The disruption and change is most likely to be somewhat in the middle of the two extremes.

There is NEVER any danger, in the greater sense. Angels are always near us.

So if it the Beauty, Adventure and Trust you seek through the time of The Event, it will be THERE for you.
If fear, and wanting to 'watch and see what's up before you accept it'--that is OKAY, too.

There is no Right or Wrong for the Event.

Fear or Love?

Which one wins?

Your Heart Center is the best Guide you have to get you through The Event, and beyond into the changes to society…

Fear kind of makes your Heart Center 'signal' scramble and 'jam up'.

In my humble opinion that 'scramble' makes it much more difficult to 'navigate' than a four-second-delay on the rudder!

No matter what happens, it is going to be an improvement over the way things are heading…

Why not take the time right Here, right Now, to Reflect on what Beauty, Adventure and Trust mean to you in this situation?

The Event can be any time between now and December 25. Don't ask me how I know. It's got something to do with the Energies. If we miss it, the next window of opportunity opens up next Spring…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc