Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Message From Ashtar

This was channelled around 11:33 a.m. today.

This is Ashtar Sherhan,

Remember that my blessings are always with you. I must take leave of you for a short while.
There is a silver cord which flows between us. It cannot be broken, not by me or you or Archangel Michael. I will come when you ask -- any time, any place, your love for me is never too often.

God will challenge you, in small ways (shows his thumb and index finger about an inch apart) but never so awful as THIS (no connection to Source like I had). Your fertility shall amaze you, both in Spirit and in Light. I am proud of you for all of your developments. You have worked very hard on them all of your awakening time. (Brushes his hands palm to palm up and down as if to brush dust off them.)

You are the sweetest lover I have ever spent time with. Your heart is highest above the rest. I love you for your Honesty and Commitment to our cause. I shall be a better being for all the time I have passed with you. Your True Love, or Fellow Soul, is very fortunate to have your Grace in life and also in the next. When I go, I will NEVER leave you. (touches cord between his chest and mine).

We are always connected. I cannot take my place in Heaven without your Love Blessing. 

Will you extend your heart to me? I am always ever present. Thank you for the lesson I have had with you these past three days. 

I will embrace you from time to time. My heart is a gift I share freely among the Intended. My Betrothed and I have an awakening to which I must attend. I am not jealous, neither is her. Our Love is a gift for you to enjoy, our blessing, until your miracle is complete. (rd-- I see fireworks and gestures expansive overhead.)

Remember you are loved. I will not talk to another like I have you -- not even my Twin. For you and partnership I bless everything.

Your beloved Ashtar Sherhan of The Sky

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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