Saturday, December 14, 2013

Is Money God?

I was in the desert like this, in the back of a jeep, when we drove past a mountain that was a big pile of rocks. My grandfather (paternal) who is a Taurus, admired the rocks and said, 'You could make a fortune off those! Imagine how much you would make if you sold them!' Instantly I felt indignant and saw red. Although I never said a word to him, the presumption that he could take something that was of God and belonged to Gaia to make a personal profit made me angry to my core. Who gave him the right to take without giving back?, I questioned...I was nine or ten years old at the time. Even now, when I go to the medium Tim Braun, my paternal grandfather is reluctant to interact with me, saying, 'I never really knew her that well.'

This morning my boy came with three five dollar bills, handing me one. 'This is for half of my allowance, mom. You said I could spend half and I have to save the other half.' It was the change from the Pizza Party I had to send five dollars to school yesterday. I blinked. Not two seconds later, he had the iPad under my nose, asking for my password for him to buy ten dollars worth of 'points' for his latest game. I entered it. Two minutes later, he says, 'Guess what I just bought? I bought a tower that gives me $5,400 every four hours!'

My babysitter is contemplating marriage to her boyfriend. 'He is good to me.' she says. 'In what way?' I ask. 'He buys me groceries and gives me money. He understands my situation.' I have seen her break up with someone who was crazy about her and the nicest man in the world because he didn't have money. I have seen her stay with someone who was a compulsive liar because he promised her his real estate broker work would make them rich.  This latest one 'shows her places she's never been' and she is quite happy. She is a Leo, and for her, in some way I cannot comprehend, money equals love.

A lightworker I know, a very high-ranking one, offered me 'in' on a new 'project'. It is supposed to make 'lots of money'. I asked her why this was important? Is not healing humanity enough? (I know that once a person makes a decision to 'help' in the big picture, money arrives...from the most unlikely places...and the 'work' is supported as such.) Well I know there are a handful of you who hate their jobs and this project will free you from your employment, she said.

My parents had very unusual views of money. They were always looking to 'get rich'. Dad worked three jobs growing up, while his parents hid money in the mattress instead of supporting the four children. He bought his own clothes since he was ten years old. Mom was even more into the money--once she invested our money, plus I added ten thousand of my own--with a Second Trust Deed man. I am a saver by nature, and this was everything I'd ever been given since I was little: every birthday, holiday, etc. The man was a crook and had swindled lots of people, including my Aunt and Uncle who recommended him. All of my parent's retirement investments with LATCU got embezzled too. Around this time, my mom turned into a 'hoarder'. Then with her anger and frustration, her health suffered. Even now, she is still money-focused, and wants to be the one who is 'rich' and 'in power' in the family. The reality is that our inheritance is going to be long-spent on her long-term care by the time she passes. Our hope is to have her be able to support herself in her years ahead, and be independent from her children...

There are three people I know of, and I won't name names, who are seriously tied up with God = Money. Enough to cause big karma and harm to their soul. They are not doctors--fortunately! These are spiritual people, who experience lack. Severe lack. Like, I am on my way out into the streets kind of Lack. To each of these people, I gave substantial amounts of money. Not as a 'gift' but as a means to 'prime the pump' of their own belief in themselves and in their ability to create a world to their liking. It was just like restarting a heart to get it back into it's proper rhythm again in the hospital. You want money? ZAP! There it is! Now what? One has gone on her merry way, and is taking nicely. The other is 'coming to' but still not quite out of the woods yet. This one has continued interest in the social media--in his plight--and it is in God's hands at this time. The last one, it is too early to tell. It is fresh.

A long time ago, the Marian visionary Barbara Matthias explained to me that there are two paths to spiritual development. Hers was Poverty. Mine is Obedience. She lived month to month and depended for everything on the will of God. Her whole focus, in getting closer to Him, was to trust that her needs would be met, and sometimes it was her knowing what to do at the right time, in order to get her earthly needs met.

I wrote about Obedience once. Feel free to look it up if you with to know more.

Let's go over the basics once again:

  • God loves you
  • You are God's Kid
  • You have Free Will
  • Free Will is another name for a 'fully loaded ray gun of possibility that you create by what you feel and think' (the stronger you feel it and the more often you think it, it just HAPPENS!)
  • God did not create Money
  • Spirit did not create Money
  • Man created Money
  • Our Central Banking System and entire economy is controlled and manipulated by people who Like Money Very Much
  • Those people deny God. Or at least, follow a 'different' one.
  • Who is going to be with you Forever and Ever? This money? Or God?
If you have the opportunity, if there is someone you know, who is having this kind of 'block' because they feel God has forgotten them because they do not have money--will you let them know, in person, in prayer, or in cash, that the God that is in Your Heart LOVES THEM???

This I ask of you this Holiday Spirit Time of year.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I just saw this Heavenletter. It's very timely. I think you might enjoy it.