Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daily Self-Reiki--As Simple And Healthy As Brushing Your Teeth

Good Morning! Aloha and Mahalos! For all of my Readers--on Doctors With Reiki and Twitter and This Blog, I did a 'mass attunement' to Reiki One on an emergency-basis only (for self-treatment and the treatment of others you care about when the Reiki starts to 'flow') last week at the direction of Spirit.

I know this is controversial, and not everyone will support me in my decision to follow Spirit instead of Tradition on this.

But for those of you who feel so moved, and this 'resonates' with you, here are the steps you need to know in order to activate this gift if you have not done so:

Ok--everybody, you are ALL Reiki 1. Either already if you were attuned, and if you ask your Guardian Angel with your mind and heart together, they have your attunement for you 'waiting'. They will 'download it'.
Self Reiki 101:
1: ask your guides to assist and help you with the Reiki.
2. mentally think 'reiki on' or if you know it, say and see and make hands go shape of CKR (a symbol, not the letters). Both will work.
3. open your aura by mentally or physically moving your hands from your head slowly down to your feet about four inches away from your skin.
4. At hip and also at feet, 'grab' a handful of your energy and cast it deep to the core of Gaia to 'ground' you and help you anchor the energies. (mentally is okay, but physically is best.)
5. As you open the aura you are 'scanning' yourself for imbalances. You may or may not feel them.
6. Repeat the head to toe as it 'feels right'. Reiki will flow from your Guide to your top of your head (crown chakra) and out the palms of your hands. You may feel sensation in your hands.
7. At end, mentally protect and seal your aura--ask guide for help. I imagine 'frosting a cake'.
8. Ask guide to 'turn Reiki off'.
9. Imagine wrapping yourself in a sheet--pulling it up the front-tying a knot over your head, and drawing it down the back and tying a knot under your feet. This 'seals' it a little better.

Repeat this once or twice a day for maximum benefit. It will work. Keep at it. It will get stronger and easier the more you do. Think of it like brushing your teeth. It's a daily energy self-care.

With So Very Much Aloha,

Reiki Doc