Monday, December 23, 2013

A Holiday Message From Our Lady 2013

My Beautiful Jewels,

I come to wish you the merriest of Christmases that you have ever had.

I bring Joy and Light.

It was not long ago that I was here with you, in the flesh. Two thousand years is as fast as twenty is on Earth when you are in Spirit--one blink--as you say it. (snaps her fingers) And everything has passed.

I am the same. (she touches her heart).

I am the same as I was two thousand years ago in the flesh. My heart is pure and filled with Love for everyone. Would you not deny it?

For you know Me in your Heart, and this is True what I say.

I love You.

I love all of You.

Each and every one of you is in my Heart.

Even the ones who reject Me.

I love them with equal fervor and abandon in my Love for All Of My Children! You are with me (touches her heart), here, in my Heart. I cannot love you any more or I would explode with gentle sweet love for you...

Upon the face of the earth I once walked with my own feet. And now here in Heaven a cloud serves as my 'walk'. No matter where I am, my Love is a constant for all humanity.

For all the tears, I wipe in gentle devotion from your face. I encourage! My smile is always there for those who have burdens that are devastating. I carry them with their heartbreak the whole time, and I pray and I hope that God will find their way on Earth that is through this mess and challenge that is very much for them.

And it is my Hope for all of you at this time where 'everything is blessed' that you open your eyes, and your hearts, and Know that I am With You in Spirit.

I am never far. I am only a Heartbeat away. And when you ask, I shall Comfort You.

Whether you are alone and walk unfettered, or bound by promise and duty, on this Earth, I am Here for You. In my Heart. In my Mind. In my Soul, Body and Spirit.

You are my Breath. You are my Light.

And when the time has come for Life to end, I will escort you to your Home--you had thought you never left you will be so amazed when you find it!

Until that time, I will coax and cajole, encourage you as you wade through your Lessons. All of them are very Important. I would give the answers if I were permitted, but that is not the way for any of us; not permitted and not in the best interest of anyone, so I may add...

Your heart is a message of Love. And when you write it, and sing it in your breath and your Light spirit shines for all of us here in Heaven, all of us rejoice at your amazing gift to God!

It is better than the beautiful gifts most cherished that the children make for their parents with an open heart, the ones you keep and bless and shed a tear when they are older and you unpack to trim the is like that up here for us down there with your Hearts...when they open, there is nothing on earth that is more beautiful! Not the Hope Diamond or any of the jewels in the crown of any kindgom on earth compares to the beautiful essences of you who are from Heaven and do walk upon the soil just like I did so many years ago.

All of it is blessed.

And the ones who do not open their hearts are just as loved by me and all of the angels, as the ones who open their hearts bright and blazing forth for all of Heaven to see!

All of you are special, and precious, in your own way, to Me and to the entire Company of Light.

Take your own Path. By far it is the most Blessed. Embrace it. And know in our Hearts we follow your every step. You are never alone. You are always accompanied by Spirit in every Way.

No matter what, our Love for you is what makes everything so magic and dazzling with Light!

When you think we are far in fact that is the closest we are near to you, offering you whispers of great comfort and hope!

Will you listen to us? And open your beautiful hearts to Heaven? Your every wish is about to transpire.
Forever and ever and ever for all eternity.

Merry Christmas, with my Love and Family, Jesus, and Joseph, and my parents Anna and Joaquim, Archangel Michael, Archangel Radkiel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, All the Saints, and how could I forget Archangel Raphael.

God will comfort you. Take care, and enjoy your passage through the next few days. Together you will understand what I have said; everything shall make sense to you in a short time. Namaste.

Mother Mary who is also called 'Mother that is Blessed'
I am the Mother of Jesus

(permission to share if shared in its entirety.)
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc