Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Healers And Denial: A Second Look At The Cobra Petition

Nana was dying. I had arranged hospice the night before, and spent eight hours of the day at her side, comforting her until the pain medicine from hospice arrived.

The next night I returned after my son came back from his weekend with his dad. I took him by to say one last goodbye to her. He looked at her and said, 'I wish I could be by your side forever' without any prompting from me. I took him to his cousins, and returned after giving my sister, who had taken care of nana's affairs, some emotional support.

On the day our grandmother Nana Angelina died, this sister came to visit nana with me. I had taken the day off from work.

Much to my dismay, my sister, she would not shut up!

She discussed everything and anything else!

When the priest arrived to give the Last Rites, we cried and comforted one another. Soon it was time for her to go. Then mom came with her caregiver. To make matters worse, Mom started talking about money and shopping in Beverly Hills! The caregiver, a nurse, came close to nana and kissed her head and softly smoothed nana's hair over and over. Mom wanted to stay with me, and I politely declined. In true Italian diplomacy, I said, 'you must be tired after being at the doctor all morning. You need your rest. Why don't you come back after dinner?' She agreed.

Then we were alone. Nana and me. I kissed her and held her hand and talked gently with her to encourage her the whole time. Like a 'death midwife', I knew what to expect and did my very best to make the Transition more comfortable for her. I smoothed organic pumpkin lotion on her thin arms and legs and shoulders. I anointed her with High Vibration Oils. And she passed peacefully--more details are here:

That my loved ones could be so selfish in our nana's time of need made me ANGRY!

I confessed with a close friend, a daughter of a social worker whose husband has survived two heart transplants only to die from complications of a motorcycle crash the day before their anniversary (he was going to buy her favorite perfume for her and got clipped by another vehicle). I said, 'I can't BELIEVE how RUDE my family was to poor Nana as she lay dying!!! Couldn't they have put their own needs aside and taken care of hers FIRST????'

That was when my friend stopped me in my tracks.  Basically she said:

  • Our Purpose is to be Healers. This is what we were sent to do. We are comfortable with the dying and the sick.
  • Their Purpose is NOT. Their Purpose is Something Else.
  • They are OVERWHELMED by the situation of Death, and go into DENIAL.
  • It is not their fault.
  • Let go of the anger.
I have something more for you…a lesson from another source of anger that has affected me for a long time…

I am angry I am not with God as close as I was before I incarnated Here on my Mission.

Every day I experience a kind of pain that is relentless. It is a homesickness and lack of 'emotional support and connection to the Divine' that I knew each and every day of my existence before this. Nothing I had tried could take the sorrow at being 'not Home' away. Yet I fought it! I would complain. I wanted to experience the 'next-best-thing'--in partnership with a loving man. All my hope was set on this. The man of interest would change, but the goal to experience the Divine in Him wasn't. And I have not had a date, a conversation, even a cup of coffee to lead me toward this dream in ten years!

Now I understand. It is never going to happen, because it is not possible to find someone who is compatible with me…It just is not. My Vibration doesn't match many, and the Dark Hats will do everything in their power to keep me alone on this journey. They do not want any of the Illuminated Twin Souls to meet.

I still fought it.

Until today.

I finally learned the lesson. I owe a great big thanks to my friend Paul, who is resisting his Lesson. It is a different one, but he can't see it. We cannot see the dynamics of our Lesson while we are actively learning it. So…I took the emotional reaction I had to my lesson,which was the same as his emotional reaction to his lesson,  and applied the solution to Paul's lesson, to mine! And it worked…it 'clicked'. I surrendered to the Lesson. And I found Peace.

I trust Here and Now that there is a good reason for things to be the way they are; fighting is not successful or bringing me happiness in any way. I chose to accept the status quo and dial my 'Vibration' in to something more pleasant for me to live with.

So how does this tie in with the new Cobra Intel?

In a lot of ways…
  • We are the Healers in this situation. We can EXPECT to see a lot of denial in the others who are not 'up' on The Event, Ascension, and the rest, when The Event happens.
  • In our Compassion for the others, we can be dragged down in Vibration, just like a rescuer can be drowned by the person they are intending to save.
  • Our 'attitude' of Love and Gratitude is the safest protection we have in these times.
  • When The Event happens, we will know exactly what to do, and will be given Divine Assistance and Guidance as much will be expected of us as Healers and Guides for the rest of the population on Gaia.
  • Just like death and dying and code brown is highly unpleasant, we tend to those sick and dying in our care because our task is the front of our minds--so it is with The Event and the aftermath. (I call it the 'demo' phase of the new 'remodeling project' on Earth. ) The New Earth will be beautiful and fair and with Peace…only some of those are going to have an abrupt awakening to the higher energies and the Truth...
So what does this all boil down to, you may ask?

If you want to free the planet once and for all from the Cabal, it is time for you to step up. Vote if you wish to have The Event happen sooner or later. (current tallies are for 'sooner'). And also be sure to sign the petition if your vote is 'yes, make it sooner'. All information is confidential, you are safe to share online. Ask you spouse and family for their input and vote. The deadline is the 21 December, 2013. In signing you are acknowledging that with this goes the extra added role as an 'awakener' of sorts to comfort those who were deeply asleep. It won't be anything less than the chance to assist you agreed to take before you incarnated on Gaia.

Here is the link to Cobra's Intel. The 'vote' is in the right hand column, and the petition is on the article about three-fourths of the way down.

Aloha and Mahalos, 

Reiki Doc

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