Monday, December 9, 2013

Running On Empty

If you think time is running faster, you are right. It is.

If you are being 'pushed to your limit', in just about every way imaginable,
you are not imagining it.

There are energetic and very high tech movements at play at this time that are not easy to see.

If you look to the blogs and the channels and you think, WTF this is like a freaking Tower of Babel!
In a way, you are correct.

Every organization on surface Gaia has been infiltrated by the Dark Hats.

Dark Hats are very good at seeming like White Hats.

The only tip offs you will get are from your heart:

  • how does their energy feel? Does it feel 'heavy' or 'dense'?
  • is money a key part of the interaction? like they want some of YOURS?
  • what 'fruits' do you see produced on the 'tree' of their actions?
  • do they trigger your emotions--to give you a knee-jerk response right away?
  • do they have a really sweet, likable image on camera that makes you automatically trust them?
The time is right under the extenuating situations of today, to slow down, take a deep breath, and go within. Go deep within to your Heart Center, and find what 'resonates' with your core.

Only there will you find your real information on which you want to know.

Today, I was in the company of archons. Pure, straight up, evil. There was no doubt in my mind about the affiliations of some of the persons in that room. I won't explain further.

What I will know is that I was connected to Source, and submitting to What Is, and reaching through the situation to the Eternal Moment Now and my I AM Presence, to answer each and every question that was posed. 

I was a pencil in God's hand. 

A willing one.

My message to the room was ultimately that I thought their realm was a form of Hell on Earth, and my desire was for Peaceful Resolution because I LOVE both parties involved in conflict.

One of them apologized at the end, and said, off the record, 'it is not a good life that we do here, not a good way to live at all.'

I have no concept why I was called to shine my Light in that horrible office, but I did and I did so with a smile through my tears. My heart was Open. And Connected to Source.

Many of you will be asked to endure unspeakable circumstances.

All of it is in some sense, a 'movie', an imagination of our 'perception' of what is happening before us. 
It is only with the Heart Center that we can see clearly.

I ask you from my Heart Center to practice Heart-Based Perception as much as possible in the next few days, weeks, months…your eternal soul, and the rest of Life on Surface Gaia, will depend on your holding the course and not getting sucked in to the wishes of The Dark Hats. They are banking on you to unwittingly follow them. 

I can assure you, with all confidence, if you are not actively focused on your Heart Center, chances are, you are following their Path that they have arranged for you. It is subtle, and very easy to follow what they want you to think, do, and believe in your Heart.

The mind does NOT tell the heart what to do.

The Heart is the Highest Connection to Source that you will ever experience.

That is enough for today's Lesson. Open your Heart, and Trust only what it tells you. There is a lot of untruth out there, waiting to suck you down a path you might not wish to go. Most often it is something that is part true that is mixed together with something that is a big Untruth. The partial truth makes it easier to 'digest' without questioning it.

Gaia is depending on your Heart. Will you give it to Her, and use it to protect Her and all life that is upon Her?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc