Sunday, December 29, 2013

Heal Your Heart: Soul Searching In The Twin Flame Relationship, Part 3

Today I healed.

It began with a series of songs on the radio. We switched stations on the way to get bagels; my boy was working the radio. These songs had His energy signature to them--the energy of my Twin Flame.

Mirrors By Justin Timberlake 

Daylight by Maroon 5

Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode

Talk by Coldplay

No One Knows by Queens Of The Stone Age
This song was number 77 on a countdown on a local radio station. I looked down at my car and saw this:

a lot of sevens right when I parked!

This afternoon sleepiness overcame me.

I had very healing dreamtime.

They worked on my memory of my Twin Flame's dying; it was very deep healing.

The last blog posts have been painful but needed for my growth. I had thought of it like surgical debridement of the soul; I had hoped my soul would recover by secondary intention (granulating from the bottom up).

The sleep provided more efficient healing in one day. Perhaps I will one day share with you what transpired. Right now, I shall keep it to myself.

I am stronger and more resilient. Like the Light Box, this healing was targeted to my unique needs. I am still 'me', however, this painful area is too fuzzy to remember. I know it happened, but the emotions no longer come up.

If you knew more about the situation, it would totally make sense for my reaction to be like this, and for the very deep healing that needed to take place.

The evening has been wonderful, and joyous with my boy. We had dinner, and watched a movie we had never seen on 'demand'...

Spirit wishes for me to share this with you now, so I am.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc