Monday, December 23, 2013

Ask, Believe, Receive

Yesterday I was on First Call for the main Operating Room at my hospital.

As I was going to sleep the on Saturday Night, Spirit (my Twin Flame--the 'mystery guest' as of late) asked me what I wanted for Sunday?

I thought and came up with this:

  • I want a nice day with nice cases and good people to work with.
  • I want to sleep at night.
  • I want to eat meals and not go hungry.
  • I want to understand how we 'met' in our last incarnation together
  • I want to get my presents wrapped, the most important ones I had to do (from 'Santa')
And I forgot about it.

This morning when I woke up after not being called in through the night…my Twin Flame smiled as I made the following 'connections':
  • On the way to work, He showed me how I was younger than him, and always sought him out for one reason or another. We grew up together, and I was about five years younger than him. We were 'promised' together but didn't know it. We were the same culture and therefore the same 'religion' as it were. He showed me our 'arranged first meeting'.  : ))) And it blossomed from there.
  • Very easy cases all through the day with my favorite people to work with--favorite lady surgeon, favorite circulating nurse, favorite scrub tech, favorite PACU…favorite gastroenterologist, and a surgeon who had once been my anesthesia student but left to go into surgery.
  • There was a gap before the last add-on, I ate salad.
  • I had to drop off some editing work at my favorite restaurant, Au Lac. I went there at the end of the day, and had a tostada (it's vegan).
  • Sleepiness overcame me on my way home. I'm not sure why. I rested on the couch as soon as I came home. Mom woke me up at five, but kept the call short so I could rest. I was warm and cozy, and didn't realize I had slept most of the night. I woke up and changed out of my scrubs, and went to bed. This morning I was astonished that I had slept over twelve hours. Possibly fifteen. My Twin Flame said I had been catching up on lost sleep. He asked me in the morning, 'Do you feel groggy?' No. Not at all. I feel refreshed.
  • There had been a lot of 'downloads' of energy as I rested on the couch. I could feel the tingling as it happened. I told my medical 'team' -- 'in the rafters' I appreciated their work. I asked if one day I could learn. I said, 'I want to learn to push the buttons'. And they CRACKED UP. They knew I push an awful lot of buttons a day in my work, and that to me, medicine involves not just the science and the drugs but a lot of equipment too. (I make them laugh all the time. They find my thinking very unconventional and most refreshing.)
  • My Twin invited me to Where He Sits 'on board' ship. He asked me if I wanted to push The Big Button with him. I saw it, again big and red, with a ring of silver metal around it. This one was different from the one I did last week (two throws of the levers like an old movie, then the red one). This had some safety device on it that was plastic and had to be unlocked. It took my whole right hand to push it. He put his hand on mine, and we 'sandwiched' our hands as we pushed. I didn't see anything happen except a bunch of lights flashing down below. They were beautiful. But then I was 'gone' and don't recall anything else.

Today I asked to do the following things:
  • Pay my taxes (I do quarterly) and figure out my health insurance (I lost coverage).
  • Wrap the other presents.
  • Relax.
  • Bake sugar cookies with my son and decorate them.
  • Have a nice breakfast, lunch and dinner at home.
  • Figure out who is going to watch my son over winter break (he doesn't like day care).
  • Watch a nice movie, a Christmas one, with my boy tonight.

Oh, and one last thing--here is a pasta recipe you might like to try. I made it on Saturday, and really liked it.
Meyer's Lemon-Ricotta Pasta:
  • Roast 1 bunch of broccoli, all cut up, including stalk. Ten minutes each side at 400F. Be sure to drizzle olive oil on it. Turn at ten minutes. Watch close, mine got a little too 'done'.
  • Take 3/4 cup ricotta cheese, add juice and 'zest' of one fresh Meyer Lemon. Stir well.
  • Boil 'fresh pasta' like fettucini. (Mine STUCK. I'd do regular pasta, the hard kind, next time).
  • Save the pasta water.
  • Mix hot pasta with about 1/4 cup of the ricotta mixture, to coat.
  • Add the broccoli and the rest of the mixture to the pasta, stir well and serve in big pasta bowl. If it comes a little 'thick' add a little pasta water to the mixture to 'thin' it. Add as much as it takes to make it the consistency you wish...
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • Serves two for main course, serves more for buffet.
(Here's where I got the recipe from--I wanted to just link to it but it's not up.


So tonight when you go to sleep, tell Spirit what YOU want for tomorrow. And forget about it. 

You might be surprised the next day what you asked for happened!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Spirit asks to post this now. I choose the happy tune, and not the awful lyrics, for me.
(CCR Bad Moon Rising)

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