Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Return To Innocence Portal: The Lessons And The Miracle

This was my picnic tray. Two other ideas failed ahead of this plan! LOL

Lesson Number 1:
The paint-by-numbers tiger I had been 'meaning to get around to doing' for five years? The acrylic paints dried out. They can't be revived. 
I had to pitch it.

Lesson Number 2:
The Mary Englebright placemat sewing project I had been 'meaning to get around to doing' for just as long? I couldn't find the pattern and instructions, just the cloth. Someone had apparently tossed it out.
I guess I wasn't going to sew. I wouldn't know how to 'invent' a pattern, even if it is relatively straight…

Lesson Number 3:
Children are not afraid of failure.
They move on to the next thing.
Experts call this trait 'resilience'.
Watch a toddler learning to walk. They fall more times than they 'get it'. But they keep trying. And when they do, they RUN!

This singular ability to 'keep on moving' through whatever obstacles are in our way, and whatever setbacks happen, is a trait that is uniquely Human in all of the galaxies!

This is why our souls carry so much respect with us when we move on to other Assignments.

Our time on Gaia gives us Spiritual 'street credibility'.     ; )

These are the chocolates the faeries asked me to place in the garden for them.

This was very simple--my garden is only a small patch.

This is Aunt Ellie's gift, and I used it for the faeries.
The whales are for the 'extra guest' Spirit said to prepare--it turned out it was a Unicorn who shapeshifted into something human, a 'mystery' guest.

This is my cup. Notice the Forget-Me-Nots. I earned them.

The yoga mat is simple and easy to clean.

These fuchsias are from Nana Angelina.

It is hard to capture their beauty.

This is my favorite tile.

The Faeries are here, to the right of the plant, on the ground.

And here by the cabbage, it's winking at you.
(hint--use your Third Eye to 'see'--faeries are very high vibration--3D eyes don't 'work')

The Miracle:
I was scheduled to work the whole time. I was 'back up call'. GI always has a super huge line-up on Saturdays. I always get called in.

But not yesterday.

That IS a miracle!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Being a kid doesn't have to be anything fancy or well-planned. You just 'let go' and everything happens in the most perfect possible way. The magic in the picnic was incredible--total conversations with everyone, and much laughter too. Me, Unicorn, Faeries. I learned about their life cycle, their society, and they also had extra advice for me…xoxoxox

P.P.S. If I heard correctly, we made the goal in some sense, and everything is a 'go'. The timing I am not clear about, but the 'friends upstairs' in the clouds seemed very excited at the end of the thirty minutes in the meditation.