Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Angel At Midnight Mass

He didn't look like this! LOL

I was raised Catholic. I was very strong in my faith, more so than ever throughout medical school. I always went, and was on a first-name basis with all of the priests. I went to All Hallows, UCSD Catholic Student's Newman Hall, Our Lady of Confidence, St. Brigid's, the Chapel at the VA, and Mary Star of The Sea.

I especially liked the mosaic at Mary Star of the Sea. (it's yellow and blue in the arch) The angel to the left (on her right) is exactly what my guardian angel, Laetari, looks like. And the one on the right (on her left) is Archangel Gabriel.

As you know, my whole life I have experience a tremendous loneliness, that was only relieved when I go to mass. My family couldn't fill it. Neither could boyfriends, husbands, and BFF's. I wanted to go HOME; I was constantly filled with an overwhelming desire to go home where I was from but didn't know exactly where it was…

One Christmas Eve, when the loneliness was stronger than ever, I went alone to Midnight Mass at Mary Star of the Sea. I sat in a pew, and tried to enjoy the service. I couldn't help but notice the couples and families. It hurt to be alone on Christmas Eve. Right to my core. But I accepted my situation and did not question what plan God has for me.

At the Our Father, Catholics hold hands. And when I did, the gentleman on my left, a surfer, had the most AMAZING energy I have ever felt! It was compassionate, warm, nurturing, completely accepting and unconditional love! I had not even noticed how incredibly handsome he was until that moment. When the prayer was done, he gave me a look with his deep blue eyes, that made me think, out of the blue,' That was an ANGEL!!!'.

There were no further exchanges between us. And at the end of mass, he turned and left the church without saying a word.

That was my Christmas Miracle--my first physical contact with an angel, a messenger of God.

I knew it in my heart.

That's how you know you are in the presence of angels. You just know!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Mele Kelikimaka!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc