Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Called Back By Ashtar

Incredible sleepiness overcame me this afternoon.

I lay down on the couch, covered myself with a blanket, and let go.

Next thing I saw was Ashtar's face, big, right next to my own.

Oh crap I'm busted! I thought.

Ashtar embraced me tight, and said, 'Thank you for loving me so much you expect so much more of me.' and 'I want to show you something.' He took me by the hand, and up to a part of the ship where I got a good look at space.

He explained there were many ships out there, watching us, and sending the energies to us for the changes that are about to happen. I wasn't sure if I was being shown them or they were being shown me.

Then a loud cheer came from all of the ships.

Apparently my outburst is something that is atypical for Galactics. They understood and were happy for my taking a stand on things.

Then my Twin Soul came, and escorted me to 'The Office'--the same place I went last night. I wasn't sure if I was in trouble or not.

I found God and sat on His lap, like always. I thanked him for answering my request. He wanted to know how the energies felt now, and I said, 'Much Better!!!' with a smile.

I also asked about the 'exit strategies'. I offered to have my Higher Self assist if anyone was going to be leaving the planet. He said not to worry about it.

I also whispered my wish for the New Year: for my Galactic Brothers and Sisters to be welcome on Surface Gaia, and for the Agarthans in the hollow center of Gaia not to have to hide any more, if God would please be so kind. I want them to be able to come and enjoy the sights that Gaia has to offer, and to experience them, like swimming in the ocean and visiting our museums and enjoying some of the regional foods...I also asked for no more killing, no more killing animals (might a replicator make the meat?).

And I asked for one more wish--to share some Earth 'things' up to the ships for the Galactics to celebrate the New Year's with us. I showed God the little poppers that you throw on the ground and they pop. God smiled at the tiny explosions as he threw the ones I gave him, and I took a package of my boy's and filled His whole pocket with them.

I saw these being lifted up from Gaia to the many ships:

And I smiled with delight!

Then my Twin Flame came and got me. He smiled. He said the Galactics would be celebrating the countdown with the New York time, and at midnight they would be celebrating with them.

He would be busy at my own time zone three hours later. But if I didn't mind, could we celebrate midnight now? He smiled and gave me a kiss. I hadn't had one on New Year's for a very long time. I enjoyed it very much.

Happy New Year,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This is from the Galactics:

Guy Lombardo's final New Year's Eve Broadcast
(They think the whole New Year's concept is real cool)