Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inviting The Christ Light In--Happy Solstice!

I did not know the importance of this time.

Christ Light energy, or the Eighth Ray, is flooding the planet in a good way.

Invite it to your heart. Here is the prayer, and after that, my 'take' on it:

21st December
The Christ light (pure unconditional love) is starting to pour into the planet at sunrise today, the winter solstice, which is the darkest day. It rises to a crescendo on Christmas Day, fading at midnight on Boxing Day. We are reminded to take advantage of this great opportunity to take in this energy until it becomes part of us. Jesus is overseeing this download of Christ Light. He is now known as the Bringer of Cosmic Love and he is Lord of Karma for the 8th Ray. Here is a powerful invocation to draw in the golden unconditional love over the next six days. First open your heart by breathing love into it several times.
‘Beloved Jesus, Bringer of Cosmic Love.
I invoke the golden Christ Light to flood every cell of my body and light up my consciousness.
I am ready and willing to forgive everyone who has ever hurt or harmed me.
I forgive myself for anything I have ever done to hurt or harm another.
I am now open to love.’
Open your hands in receptive position and affirm. ‘So be it.’
Feel, sense or see the golden light pouring through you.
This will enable you to be ready for the amazing opportunities available in 2014.
The angels are also pouring golden light onto you.

Here is my 'take':

In cardiac surgery, there is a perfusionist who runs the 'heart-lung machine' or 'cardiopulmonary bypass'. Coming 'off pump' is a critical time for every cardiac anesthesiologist. We have to get the heart working and as strong as it can possibly be as the bypass is turned low and then off. This is a Major Resuscitation, and takes everything I have out of me--there is a lot happening at once, and there is no room for mistakes! 
One of the things that helps is cell saver. This is a concentrated form of the blood that was used in the bypass circuit. My perfusionist prepares it in a centrifuge device that is called a cell saver. They fill up the little bags for me to hang in that critical time window where ANYTHING can happen (and it does!).
My favorite perfusionist used to take a 250 ml bag, and stuff it with double to triple that amount, filling it to the point of BURSTING almost. I always was happy to get that bag and give it to my patient…it would stabilize them and I could gradually relax on my super vigilance and get on with the case…

This prayer is to Jesus about the Christ Light that is coming through today, starting at sunrise. There is a prayer for you to invite this Light of the 8th Ray Consciousness into your heart and mind and Spirit.

My prayer is for this Christ Light to fill me like my favorite perfusionist fills that bag! To the point of exploding with so much golden loving Christ energy…just tillI am literally Bursting At The Seams.

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc