Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Meeting With Ashtar Command

I got called on the carpet last night.
Someone called for it--a meeting with Ashtar.
As I lay between wakefulness and slumber, I experienced the following:

(I am on the bridge. There is silence except for the hum of machinery like waiting in line for Space Mountain, the ride. I see a row of seats with Ascended Masters in them. Ashtar is in the middle. He turns his chair to face me. It is serious, not light, and I am in for my behavior/attitude.)

A: You are Unhappy?
Me (I am 'C'): I am. Why do you ask? Do you not know already? (through telepathy)
A: G sent us.
C: (I look at him, and let my mind go blank on purpose, so there is nothing to read or know.)

A: You are at your limit on patience?
C: You say it, not me. I can take more punishment. If this is any way to treat me--If Heaven thinks this is right what cause have I to complain?
A: He hurt you.
C: Yes. It is but one of many.

A: Why does it hurt you?
C: Have you been human?
A: Yes.
C: Have you been in the box (the Light box)?
A: Yes, same as you.
C: Was it recent?
A: No.

C: Do you love?
A: Everyone and everything.
C: Nobody loves on Gaia. It is sick. It is twisted. It is cold. That is why I hurt. The promise of love--withheld. And given to another.

A: When there is lack, what does one do?
C: Food? Shelter? Heart? One ekes by.
A: One does not ask for help? For All Divine Assistance?

C: (I fall at his feet and sob bitterly.) Why must I be independent and strong? Why does everyone else get an easy life? Why must I have my assignment that is so lonely?

(All of a sudden my chest feels soft and warm and Light.)
C: He sent you to do damage control?
A: Yes.
C: I will practice my lessons. I love God. I want the Resistance to win. I have wasted an entire incarnation on Gaia getting beat up and not doing anything I enjoy in next to total isolation. FOR WHAT? To grow old? To save others? Who do not appreciate my sacrifice? I keep my promise. I keep my word. I am impeccable with it…

A: Try to see it from his side. There is a lady doctor out there in California who is nice. He has affection. They don't know each other for one minute. There is another who is near to him…
C: He took my candy away. My emotional support, my mental stimulation, my Divine Masculine.
A: It was all in your mind. Feel through your pain. Into the void. Of what IS.

C: A pipsqueak is pushing my buttons. My 'I am not good enough' button from Dad's rejection of my developing womanhood as a teen, and as my molest when I was four by the five boys in the neighborhood. Where the healing needs to go. I ask ALL DIVINE ASSISTANCE with this healing (And with the one I think is MY Twin Soul here near me, who has no interest…) Also a good long time in a Light Box…

A: (waves hands NO! NO! NO! about the Light Box) What is right?
C: Nothing. Not me.
A: What is your body.
C: Half dead.
A: What is it telling you? Your heart?
C: To be alone.
A: Why?
C: So no one will hurt it.

A: Why?
C: Because I am not HOME. I want to go Home but I can't.
A: Try again. What does your heart say about Gamaliel?
C: He is gone and never coming back.
A: Why?
C: Brutal death and separation.
A: Why?
C: He messed with the Dark Hats trying to free Gaia.
A: And?
C: G is a Dark Hat.

A: Is he healing you?
C: No. He kept magic away.
A: Then if he is not healing you, is he therefore hurting you?
C: He is Holding Me Back.

A: Where do you want to go? Truly?
C: To Zero Point. Away from everything. To where I am from.
A: Sirius? And the Pleiades?
C: Yes.

A: I will take you there tonight. For a short trip.
C: Ashtar?
A: Yes?
C: Is G a good person? (I ask pendulum--yes. he loves me. he is not far.)
Is he an archangel?

A: Yes. So are you.
C: But we are not the same?
A: You are not the same.
C: Do you know my Twin Soul?
A: Yes. You will find him. Not far. (geographically)

C: Is he dumb?
A: No.
C: Does he talk?
A: No. But with his eyes and hands and face.

C: (I suddenly feel very sleepy. I had wanted to read.)
A: What is Right?
C: You are always right.

A: I am not always right. I am reasonable.
C: Ashtar?
A: Yes.
C: I love you! Why can't I have you for my Twin Soul?
A: I am already taken.

C: (Searing pain rips through my soul. I shut down in an instant. He puts his hand on my arm.)
A: That is not what I meant.
C: (Pain. Suffer. Teary eyes silent to his. He understands and I feel waves of love. He embraces me.)

A: You are our proudest warrior. (The pain was so he could see.) Now I understand. This insight will help the Resistance one last fight. We had not had face of it, we had heard of it, but not real time like an angel:

  • The heart is open
  • The wound hits
  • The energy shuts down
  • Hopes are dashed
C: I must sleep.
A: I will take you with me to Heaven.

C: (This morning as I was starting to wake up, I was told, 'you will have a beautiful awakening. I heard the voice of Ashtar say, 'when it gets too much on your assignment, ask for help.)

I recorded this for you to know what can happen. As the energies increase, you will allow your intuition to do great things, to cross dimensions into the astral plane and etheric plane and beyond. You will know what the Galactics are like. They are loving, always hopeful, and in most cases more friendly but there is a serious side to them, like this.

I felt better this morning. The angst is healed. And I have absolutely no recollection of what passed while I was asleep. I woke at 11:11 pm with a quick glance at the clock and no memory of what passed for the last few hours. The fire alarm needed new batteries and the voice in it was announcing it loudly. I got the ladder, found the batteries, and fixed it. Then I went back to sleep. It was a fitful sleep, and I was hungry. I do not eat at night, but after the smoke detector, I did eat. I stayed up and read for three hours, then I had my usual sleep. The message came in the morning…

You have my best wishes on this record, this transcribed notes that I took with my own hand before I fell asleep last night…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Look! Ashtar wrote back! With Salusa too: through another channel halfway across the globe. It was real, what happened…totally real…and explains all three of the Ashtar Messages (I usually do not 'channel' him.)