Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Healings With Reiki Fur Babies

It was the Holiday Special. Fifteen percent off or something. I don't remember what.

I had made friends with Candy and Ming online. After a while Ming invited me to lunch. I made the drive to Venice, and we enjoyed some time together, all three of us.

And the animals! I met Jesse, Lucy, and Sammy Diva. And a little chihuahua named Charlie I think. I don't know what it was about Sammy Diva, but I just wanted to skip the visit and lie on the floor next to her all day, soaking up that warm sunny energy that she had flowing in her understated, canine way. I held back, and was sociable. But that is exactly what my heart of hearts wanted to do.

It was my thyroid--the goiter might be benign but it's too big and can start pressing on important structures in my neck, plus the smaller nodule on the right was 'hypochoic' and 'didn't look so good' according to my surgeon. I wanted a normal thyroid, and I wanted to be free of thyroid medications.

So I asked Ming if  she could help. She said, 'yes' and I bought three HUMAN treatments from Reiki Fur Babies.

Treatment 1:
This was about a week ago. December 13, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.
I had my son, and I needed to remind him to let me lie still for thirty minutes.
We had a movie on the TV, and I lay on the sofa.

I felt the energy connect, just like in Psychic Development Circle or a 'download' from 'my crew up in the sky'. There was tingling and buzzing all over my body. I just absorbed it and enjoyed being healed.

Then it left.

This was the message the Angels gave me through Candy:

Spirit says Carla ask believe receive . remember to have gratitude for where you are today look back in serenity  at your anger pent up emotions can reveal unseen messages and anger maybe driven by deep insight. Learn your lessons. Carla be patient and keep your mind and heart open to all the possibilities. Pause reflect and seek time to recharge . You are genuine and you seek authenticity in others. Your wisdom Carla is your ability to use your experiences to gain perspective . Use all the knowledge you gain from this. Carla each night ask believe receive. 

Treatment 2:
This was the day my son had his oral surgery, December 18, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.
This time, I lay on the couch while my boy played his games on the computer.
I could 'pay better attention'.

This was an important day because Ming had lost the physical presence of Sammy Diva, her golden lab of eleven years the day before. I respected Candy and Ming for keeping their appointment with me. I had offered them a chance to reschedule.

The energy 'connected' and I also sensed the presence of the healers. I 'spoke' with Ming, in our Higher Selves, and noticed a flickering presence of Sammy Diva. The energy of this second healing was an order of magnitude stronger than the last session. I described Sammy's energy as being 'a fireball'.

I actually went blank for a good portion of the treatment.

I am a conscious channeler. I never 'go blank'. But in the safety of their treatment, I did, and I 'came back' refreshed and recharged.

This was the message the Angels gave me through Candy:

Spirit says Carla take your inspiration from familiar sources and look through others' eyes because you will be surprised at the opportunities that present themselves to you. You will only grow as much as your horizon allows. You always strive to be the best at all you do and this brings you respect from those around you. Keep allowing your mind to roam free because what the mind can conceive the mind can achieve. Be kinder to yourself. Self love in large generous amounts daily!

Treatment 3:
This was last night, December 20, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.
I had just run errands all day. I had actually just done two kind things for myself at the mall, right before. I had searched the house all day for the iPad chargers. We had two and they both randomly disappeared. I went to the apple store and got replacements so I wouldn't have to worry about them. And on the way back, I used my 'Nordstrom Notes' to buy a fragrance gift for myself. I am not getting any presents this year from my family. We are 'cutting back'. Only the kids. And I am single. Except for my son's grandmother on his dad's side, who always remembers me, I wouldn't get any presents at all. I just buy ones 'from Santa' so my boy believes…it's not much fun and I have to act all excited in front of him. But this one? It's the fragrance I once had a blind man comment at the VA Cafeteria of all places, how good I smelled with this one on. It's by Lancome, and  it's orange/peach colored liquid, and it's been around for a long time…

The energy came as I was 'prepared'--fed, had water, and boy was at his father's. I completely relaxed. I was also told to turn off all of the lights in the house, except the Christmas Tree. I was next to it as I lay on the couch, and enjoying its beauty for a few moments. It has multiple colored lights on it, over three hundred, and is eight feet tall. It has a Presence, a calming one, just like the reason for Christmas has a Presence that is so very much loved, as well.

I felt Ming ask, 'Are you ready?' in Spirit. I said yes!

The energy starts with a gentle buzzing in my chakras, starting at the top. Then is increases in intensity and affects the whole of my body, but not in all places of my body at the same time. I knew I was going to get a lot of healing, I could tell. I also had asked RFB to 'crank it all the way up' when I booked the three sessions.

Sammy Diva came. I was glad to see her Presence. I asked if I could please lie next to her for the session. She did. I enjoyed the soothing warmth and softness of her fur next to me, in Spirit.

She gently explained, 'I will not be far' after a few minutes, and stood up. She put her right paw on me somewhere near my chest. She was directing the healing, overseeing it.

Then out of nowhere came Mochi the cat, one of Ming's beloved fur babies in Heaven. Mochi greeted me and curled up in a ball on my chest, right on my green chakra over my heart center. And she PURRED! I was delighted to hold her and not have my allergies. I petted her the way she likes to be petted LOL--the fur rubbed the wrong way--and deeply relaxed.

At one point I was guided to lie on my stomach.
I turned. Spirit and the healers said, 'We have your back'.
I felt a cold spot where the blanket wasn't covering me, and I adjusted it, and quipped, 'Now I know you have it too.'

Sammy began to bark commands. I heard squeaks and growls and that 'dog talking' kind of vocalization like when a dog is trying to share. She looked up and at me and kept this up for some time.

Then this spirit entity started to descend on me, and combine with my essence. It was becoming a part of me.

It was Wolf.

And Coyote.

I am a Teacher now. One with ability to connect to the Lower Densities a little better (Shamanism). Before my only Totem had been Hummingbird. Now I can connect to a wider range of frequencies in my students.

Wolf mates for life. There was an element of my Intended (who I know and talk with throughout the day) and me, our impending 'bond' as well.

How do you top that?

You get a visit with Great Spirit. I am serious. Out of the corner of my eye walked up this kachina-looking being. It was fuzzy and I knew who it was without asking. He kneeled down and invited me to get up from my stomach to talk. I asked him if he always looks like this or was he in some ceremonial costume? He looked at me funny, as why should I be concerned about this? But I persisted in my questioning, and he said, 'Yes, I look like this every day.' Great Spirit is human sized, and feels like the kind of person who likes to think deep thoughts often and reflect.

His message to me was 'We are pleased with you. We are proud of your tireless work for humanity and the Light. You have grown much in your ability as a healer. Thank you for helping us heal humanity and Great Mother.' I felt the others and their regard. I also spoke briefly with Great Mother. She is looking forward to the changes.

Although I was excited, and wanted to share, I was advised to go to bed. So I did.

This is the message the angels gave me through Candy. I am reading it for the first time as I paste it here now:

Spirit says Carla when you reach an impasse with a problem or issue take a new approach. Free your mind from any negativity. Explore all possibilities however unlikely. Ask WHY NOT? Now Carla, follow it to its conclusion. You will also find this is a way to heal wounded souls, even your own. You can transmit your love and warmth inward whenever it is needed. Self love is your greatest gift. 

Carla, we did a big reboot with the Archangels!

I hope you enjoyed my sharing what Reiki healing is like. This is a distance healing, and it took three one-half hour sessions. It is important as healers to practice daily Reiki self-care. But when things 'arise', always consider the option to 'check in' with another healer for some help and advice.
Depending on the circumstances, you may need to exchange money for the energy they give you. Everything is honored and both parties feel 'respected' and 'no obligation' then. Spirit will FIND you the money to pay you back when it's really something you need to do.

As for me? Why is there no energy exchange when I do all the healing work that I do?

I am different.

It is my Purpose to Heal you in this way. It's why I incarnated to begin with. So enjoy, and Pay It Forward, okay?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc