Thursday, December 12, 2013

If You Have A Daily Reiki Practice, How Can You Catch A Cold?

Yesterday I wanted to call in sick.

There are no Elves on the Shelves to take care of my line up of cases for the day.

So I dragged myself to work and was miserable.

Have you ever had your nose running while you are in the Operating Room and wearing a mask? It's not fun.

Anyhow, I made a comment about the effect on my voice, and a reader asked the questions, If You Have A Daily Reiki Practice, How Can You Catch A Cold?

Everyone at my work for the last two month has had a cough that keeps them home in bed for two days, lingers for weeks and needs antibiotics…I am one of the last to have caught it.

My kid is also sick with the same, but has healed on his own in three days.

Here are the basics of Energy Healing:

  1. With Reiki you can still get sick. There are reasons, some are soul contract, others are just from being exposed or the situation. But once sick, with Reiki you will heal faster and bounce back.
  2. According to Masaru Emoto, Dis-Ease, or the underlying energy imbalance that leads to physical disease, is based on emotions and vibrations at a subatomic level. They can take up to two years to manifest.
  3. Emoto has a device that measures the imbalance in the Life Energy (called HADO--Hah-dough).
  4. He is able to measure 29 types of emotions in Hado-measuring Device--fear, procrastination, etc.
  5. He is also able to 'cancel out' the imbalance by creating a water that is programmed/has the complete opposite 'mix' of 'emotions' or 'Hado' in it.
  6. The patient drinks this water every day as often as he says; if patient cannot drink the family puts drops under the tongue.
  7. New Hado waters are made every week or longer as appropriate. Each time, Hado is measured and water is made.
  8. He can do this with a photograph of the person, or a lock of the hair.
  9. Hado water is taken at the same time as conventional treatment. This promotes the most rapid healing possible,
My Reiki practice consists of:

  • Waking up to a Spiritual Message that is just for me. I also practice with my new healing technology.
  • Blogging and keeping up with other blogs and my pages on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Attending to acts of daily life--packing lunches, etc.
  • Meditating in car on way to work
  • Sending out Reiki Healing to everyone who wants it and has made a connection through this page, Facebook and Twitter (it is sent to the Guardian Angel of each person)
  • Sending out Divine Peace Healing to Gaia, to the Groups and Organizations on my list, and to those closest to my heart.
  • Doing everything I need to do for my patients--pre-op, setting up cases, doing cases, and taking to the recovery room.
  • Doing everything I need to do for my family. Next week we have a lot of appointments.
  • Being Mindful of Reiki and Healing in Everything I Do.
  • Networking with other Healers and Energy Workers.
  • Preparing again for tomorrow.
  • Going to sleep at night, thinking of Spirit and wanting to go back to where I am from. Not in a sad way. Just the feeling you get when you look at the stars and go, 'wow!'
  • Spending five minutes going over my day, and thinking about what I'd like it to be like tomorrow. 

Everyone gets sick.

The way we are going to get better is going to improve a whole lot!

Stay tuned for more 'action'. You will always hear the best of the latest here with Reiki Doc.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Last night my coughing was out of control. Here is my healing strategy:

  • Heater is making my allergies worse. Turn it down.
  • Vaporizer to moisturize air and prevent dry mucous membranes which are more vulnerable to infection.
  • Mentholatum rub on chest
  • Cinnamon leaf, frankincense and palo santo essential oils
  • Atrovent/Albuterol puffer
  • Antibiotic started for sinus infections
  • Antihistamines ( I had stopped taking them a month ago)
  • cough drop
  • LOTS of hot tea
  • Louise Hay who says sinus problems stem from irritation to one person, someone close. The affirmation is--I declare peace and harmony indwell in me and surround me at all times. All is well.