Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Self-Treatment For Psychological Trauma

Your hopes are dashed.
You can't cope.
Something unbelievably awful has just happened.

Perhaps you witnessed this horrible thing?
Was it a near miss and you are shaking violently with nerves?
Has everything you ever experienced as 'normal', like a village that you grew up in, vanished forever by a natural disaster?

You are in shock.
Psychological shock.
And here is what to do:

  • Look all over yourself and anyone around you for blunt and penetrating physical trauma.
  • Use log roll precautions for those who can't move their arms or legs--spinal or closed head injury.
  • Breathe.
  • Breathe again.
  • Take your pulse, and tell yourself, 'I am OKAY'. Physically.
  • Know that sometimes in deep psychological shock, people 'wander', sometimes walking straight into traffic! They are in a fog. If you feel like this, sit, and try to compose yourself.
  • TAP YOUR BODY. Energetically what is happening is your soul just 'jumped out' a little from the physical plane. Your body is STRONG and VITAL. Tap it with your hands--tap tap tap. It's SOLID. It's REAL. Doing this will 'reconnect' you to your physical self and stem the psychological reaction that is happening with anxiety.
  • Drink some water or some TEA. A cup of tea is about the best medicine there is for psychological shock. It will calm the nerves and give you something to do. Don't worry about the caffeine.
  • PRAY. Ask for All Divine Assistance NOW. Your angels are always with you. Ask for HELP.
  • Let go. Let go of what just happened and what is going to happen. Be Here and NOW.
  • Seek support. Go online to Facebook or to Twitter, or even to this page. Seek Like-Minded-Others.
  • (If you have been meeting in groups Large and Small on Sundays, you will have your support ready in advance and just need to contact them.)
  • Trust that this is for the best.
  • The best treatment for shock is helping others. It opens the Heart Center and connects you to them in a win-win all the way.
  • Do Reiki. Give it. Send it. Ask for it. Reiki crosses distance and time.
  • If you are 'sensitive' or 'an empath', ask often, 'If it's not mine, please take it away' when you are picking up emotions. They might not 'belong' to you.
Here is a quote: 
Sensitives, know your boundaries. Many of us have worked on these the last few years so that we are strong and ready for the birth of this new world which we will contribute toward. 

But if you feel too sensitive or too raw, focus on your body. Help your body through its traumas, give it the space and quiet you need until you start to feel stronger. Then you will re-ground yourself and it will be easier for you to take your place.
~~Lee, from 2013: Year of Community

Other ideas--exercise, go in Nature, hug someone, spend time with a pet. Seek beauty. Paint or draw. Do something you enjoy. Pray. Start writing a list of everything you are thankful for--use the ABC's if you have to--apples, bathtubs, chocolate, etc.  Gratitude is the healthiest psychological state to be in. Make yourself laugh--it will get those endorphins moving! Tell yourself--and really believe it--"Everything is going to be just fine, It might take a while but things are going to head in the right direction and improve." 

Take each day as it comes, and let go of expectations. 

You might be surprised at how well things turn out!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Some excellent resources are Dr. Peter Levine (trauma healing) and the NICABM (behavioral medicine experts).