Friday, December 13, 2013

The Opening Of Fire

One week ago today I attuned the Oceans and Seas to Reiki. (I was 'nudged' by Spirit.)

The next day, we attuned together, The Electric Grids…Reiki Fur Babies and myself:

Later, Coryelle attuned the mountains and earth and the elementals:
Coryelle just posted this : Seemed like I was getting messages and connecting to just about everyone; animals fairies, angels, elves and oh yea I also got woken up to attune all mines, drilling sites, oil sites, the fracking sites, any and all places were there is excavating of any kind into the Earth.

And then yesterday the Eagles were attuned (Eagle is a sign for air):

That afternoon, Spirit 'nudged me' to attune Fire. But not a flame.
It was the warming device that was on my patient in surgery. The last name sounded very much like Sapien (the patient's). So with the comforting warmth that was protecting this patient with warm air blowing through a blanket, I put my hands in the warmth and the aura, and did the attunement as asked.

As I did, I heard a stone moving on stone, and saw a tremendous white stone gate opening from left to right.

Behind that gate were millions of faeries, brownies, unicorns, sprites, nymphs, elves, gnomes, undines, and other incredible beings of the Light…and they started to walk in. Quietly, but fully aware of the significance of what is happening.

The Goddess is returned to Gaia, our Dimension, our Light is compatible with theirs.

We are One.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The fire is also in us, in our Hearts, as our Love of The Divine Essence…Namaste.