Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Key Code Activations, Chemtrails, And Orcas

Whales are very high vibration entities. Dolphins are too.

Cetaceans vibrate with the frequency of Sirius, and maintain the grid integrity in Gaia's oceans. Even the Native American Lore says that 'whale is the keeper of all that is known'.

When people are exposed to whales, and near enough to be near their aura, something special and amazing happens--the whales give 'awakening' symbols and codes and activations from their aura to yours.*

Guess where else activation codes are present? In sunlight. Yes, natural, SPF-free interaction between sunshine and your skin and your aura.

Guess who doesn't want you to get those codes?

The people who make sunscreen and CHEMTRAILS. The people who kill whales and dolphins, like in the Cove. And the people who make whales less accessible to the public.


Five year olds are on YouTube with 'Free Willy!' inspired by BlackFish…

This is not to say that what happened to the whales wasn't horrible! It should be addressed with a GOOD animal communicator to act as a negotiator between the whales and their native/prospective pods. Anyone who knows whales like I do knows a whale without a pod will not be able to hunt or survive on its own, and furthermore will be extremely psychologically stressed. Whales are social creatures, just like people.

This is saying there is more to the story than what meets the eye. Your HEART will tell you what is right and what is wrong in this situation. When you are at SeaWorld, don't you just LOVE the whales? Aren't they magnetic? This is because they are raising your Vibration, as ambassadors from the Sea.

Respect the whales. Love the whales. And know a time is coming soon where all the wrongs of nature and the environment will be made Right. Together. By all of us.

All marine mammals are Holy; they carry very high vibrational frequencies for Gaia and her people.

Love them. Appreciate them for their service to us. And do what is best for the whales, in their opinion, not humans.

Keiko died alone of pneumonia off the coast of, I think, Denmark, where he would watch the town.

Killer whales in captivity are often Transients (do not eat fish--they hunt mammals) and have a tight, small, pod structure, like a pack of wolves. How many wolf packs do you know who just 'add one more in'?

That's why he died.

The same is true for the Resident orcas. They have pods that are run by Matriarchs. Unless you find Mama, and she remembers baby, I doubt most sincerely that pod is going to let another whale 'in'.

Whales in captivity form their own pod, a human-orca hybrid…or dolphin-human…consequently the trainers, for the most part, have become very High Vibration by association. They accept the risk of death every time they work with the whales they adore.

Together, the current and past trainers, animal behaviorists, and whale experts, including animal communicators, will resolve the situation of 'what to do with whales in captivity?'.

And if you can, get near one, any way you can. Soak up the Light. It will heal you deeply to be near whale. Go on a whale watching tour, swim with dolphins, go to a marine park. Offer your Love and Gratitude to the cetaceans wherever you go. They will appreciate your acknowledgement of their Purpose. I went every Friday for two months in 2006, and the whales got to know me. They still know me. And once, Kasatka looked me in the eye, and I 'felt' her 'think', 'Good Mom!' about me. It was like Lightning, strong, sure, and from her to me. I'll never forget it. Have a whale look you in the eye--you will never be the same.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* = the Key codes 'activate' the DNA in your Light Body (your astral body, and etheric body--which connects to your physical body). This makes you 'less susceptible' to the Matrix of Duality, less easy to 'control' by the Illuminati, and more 'connected' to your 'Source' or 'The Divine' or 'Higher Power' with clear signals by intuition on 'what is right for you'. You align with your Purpose, why you are here. Everyone is going to increase in Vibration in this way on Gaia. She already has, so have the animals and the plants. The only thing left is the hearts of her people...

P.S.  There is great need to assist the seals and sea lions. Last year was the worst year ever for them--many were sick and near death. This institution is not-for-profit and a worthy place to give. For forty dollars you can help them buy equipment to free whales trapped in netting. Will you consider giving a contribution to them on behalf of the work that is graciously given from the heart through the production of this blog for you? Aloha and Mahalos, here's the link: http://www.pacificmmc.org to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, a rescue-only facility, which releases them back to the wild after they are healthy. If you are ever on the 133, Laguna Canyon Drive, they are in the middle right next to the Animal Shelter. It is fish-smelly, loud, and really a sight to see!