Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What To Expect

Yes, this is Tantra energy in the photograph. But this blog post is not what you think.

I had a deep spiritual connection with the father of my son. We are soul mates on some level, and quite possibly Twin Flames. (I read an article recently that said we have more than one--there are three female forms and three male forms of one androgynous soul after it 'splits').

Illuminated Twin Flame relationships have the most 'connection' One-hundred forty four thousand souls underwent this process. They were angels, archangels, elohim, and cherubim. They wanted to check life on surface Gaia out. So they came.

Now, as we live, all Twin Flames, but particularly the Illuminated ones, have picked up some Karma…

One Twin might be in a completely OTHER DIMENSION!

There are two clues that a relationship might be a Twin Flame (which is more intense than a Soul Mate):

  • Incredibly strong sexual energy and attraction
  • Needing to 'keep your space' after these connections--it sort of 'rocks your world' plus your 'psychological equilibrium'
  • You piss each other off readily because you two are 'the same' and yet totally OPPOSITE--such as with spending habits, drug use, achievement, personality type…you get the picture. Without a whole lot of unconditional Love, it's not going to happen…
  • There is a connection, a knowing of one another, even far apart on the globe
  • You two are always seeking each other, even subconsciously…

Our son came home to me after his weekend. I examine him. His father has a temper; I have taken our boy to the ER after seeing terrible marks and bruises. This time, there was a red mark where 'Dad had given him a spanking'. 

I asked why?

Dad is always reminding me to turn off the Light, and I keep forgetting. This time he got real mad and hit me. It didn't hurt so much because I am bigger now. Don't tell him mom. Don't tell him I told you.

My heart sank. I knew it would only get worse, because he is a spiteful man. Why he is taking his frustrations out on our son is deplorable.

When I have been at the ER, devastated because of the abuse, the lady who checks you in was black, and she acted like I had no reason to be upset. Even through there were marks I could see, the others didn't really notice them. It takes blood, broken bones, and that kind of thing to get a police report. And THAT is what makes agencies do supervised visits…but in our situation, it's been over two years, and the social services who investigated it said it's in the gray zone of 'discipline' and to watch for it.

And then I recalled what I did on Saturday around the same time as the hit--http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2013/12/ladies-who-do-lunch-with-reiki.html

It was the electricity being ON that set his father OFF--the very low vibration soul who left me when I was pregnant, doesn't support his son, is negative, and cheap. (I am not permitted phone contact on overnights and weekends, either. My lawyer said, 'suck it up--everything else is okay in the settlement. don't push it.)

There was LIGHT, cosmic radiant healing energy--newly put IN to those circuits by ME and Reiki Fur Babies…

And that very LIGHT made his denser father ACT OUT. 

This is what you need to know for Ascension.

This is what you need to know to Prepare.

Do not retaliate in kind. Respond with LOVE energy. 

Stay in your Heart Center. At all times! 

And ENJOY THE RIDE! I pick up it's going to be a good one!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I called the dad on it, gently, and indirectly. Did you get the texts I sent? I sent six. You know how you asked me for reminders. I wanted to know if it worked. Were there too many, not enough, or just right? etc… always give the denser one the benefit of the doubt. Give them a way to 'save face' when you are a Light Worker and it's pretty easy to see what went on. You'll both know it. And it will improve because you spoke up the way you did and didn't take the bait and have a fight.

P.P.S. The Master of the Court said, 'It only takes one parent to raise a child healthy--just one good parent.' I have made it my life's purpose to be that One Good Parent no matter what it takes...