Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reiki And Oral Surgery

My eight-year old was found to have some extra teeth deep in his gums on x-ray. The dentist have recommended we go to an orthodontist to recommend extraction at the best possible time.

That time was last Tuesday. A dentist who was an oral surgeon and MD was set to do the procedure.

I kept my boy NPO--nothing to eat after midnight--so his stomach would be empty and the risk of choking on vomit would be less. ('aspiration' pneumonia has a fifty percent mortality rate so don't eat before surgery, not even a mint or gum! After gum, your stomach thinks more food is coming, and makes extra acid just in case for the anticipated food…)

I gave him Reiki when he woke up that morning at home. I gave Reiki while the versed (oral sedative) was being absorbed. I gave Reiki during the parent-present induction of anesthesia with the nitrous oxide.

The procedure took about ten minutes.

His face was numb and swollen. He was spitting blood. For about an hour and a half after surgery. He soiled his shirt. I explained to him this was 'drainage' that was red and was normal after surgery; it was better to spit it out than to swallow (it makes people nauseous.)

I have had oral surgery three times. It hurts like crazy, deep in the bone and liquids sting at the socket.

My boy never hurt. Not once. I gave him a dose of tylenol and ibuprofen when he got home for when the local anesthetic wore off…one at night…and one the next morning…then he refused it.

He had no pain at any time.

He had no anxiety over the blood.

He ate soft foods right away, instead of liquids., therefore he was one day ahead on healing.

He never threw up.

Acid foods (orange juice, tomato sauce, soda) were not painful to him.

The other thing I would like to share is there is not enough emphasis on the importance of the caregiver in the home after the surgery. There is much talk about Reiki in the hospital and Reiki in surgery. But for a ten minute procedure, there was one day in preparation and one day of nursing back to recovery in the home.

As I wiped the blood from his face, and as I spoon-fed him his first cup of hot chocolate after surgery, tremendous amounts of maternal love and Reiki healing spontaneously flowed through me to him.

If you are a caregiver, we all are aware of the risks of caregiver 'burnout'. This is because your energy is depleted by another and you have no time left outside of the caregiving to 'boost your energy  back up', or to 'fill your cup of energy'.

Reiki doesn't deplete the giver. It just flows through the crown of your head and out your hands. It actually GIVES the giver a little boost of the Reiki healing,too, effectively raising your energy.

A Reiki class might help you to carry your burden a little easier, energetically-speaking.

It's worth a thought.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc