Monday, December 30, 2013

In These Times Of Change

In these times of change it is important to understand the value of what every interaction with another has on your ability to 'rise above the circumstances of the situation' or 'Ascend'.

Further, I assert that every interaction is an example by which others have an opportunity to experience the Higher Realm as it is Present in your Heart Center.

Ascension is a given, yet our 'comfort zone' and our inability to step outside of that as a collective is simply holding us back.  Our travels through space and time in order to arrive at this moment have been hindered by the human heart...

...or perhaps by what remains of the human ego...

How can we as a bevy of Light workers be Present and Participating in the Ascension process?

It is by doing the 'same old same old' interaction with a 'twist', a 'something is different about her or him' that gets others who are not enlightened wondering about what it is you have that has this sudden effect on them.

In a nutshell, is it the Joy and Peace and Greater Understanding that is in our hearts and our minds and our auras that is going to 'flip the switch' and trigger The Event.

When the conditions are correct, it is going to happen in the blink of an eye, and all will be as One in the assistance of each other, the animals, and plants, and seas on Gaia.

When there is One Heart and One Mind and One Body and One Soul as a collective, there is change that cannot be held back--not by anyone or anything that is on or off the planet!

What is change?

The change that is anticipated is the coming of a vibration of Heaven on Earth. This will take place without anyone experiencing death to arrive at this destination. There is no tunnel, no guiding of the angels, no welcoming of the loved ones who have passed beyond into The Other Side.

The Peace and Joy and Fellowship and Connection of everyone to Each Other and to Source shall be apparent to everyone on Gaia.

It will last for as long as one wishes to experience this happiness and Light.

And when the time has come to move on, after a thousand years of 'time' although there is no more of it as we presently understand it, a soul will move up to the Highest Realm and experience unhindered the greater reality of the Highest Realms.

And with each movement that is 'above and beyond' and 'out to the next level of spiritual development', there is great celebration of the life one has 'lived', and the fellowship of 'what remains' is indebted to this Light Worker for everything they have given to our experience together as One.


Aloha and Mahalos.

This message has been channeled from A Divine Entity whose name I am not cognizant of.
When the name is given, I will edit this and add the name for you.

Reiki Doc