Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gaia News Brief 20.10.2014

Happy Birthday Uncle Beni

Today is the birthday of my favorite uncle. Two years ago, there was a rift in the family. If you read the blog, you will know it has to do with my grandmother, Nana Angelina, his mother, and how he and his wife neglected her while she was in their care.

About one month ago, I sent a letter of ho'oponopono to my aunt and uncle.  It was time to make things right.  I will be praying all day for the courage and strength to pick up the phone and call, and for their numbers to have not changed.

Money was the root of this conflict. I won't go into it more except to say a lot of old people fall victim to this type of situation.

No matter what, he is still my uncle. I don't like or even want to think of what they did to nana. The pain is very deep. I also don't want him to think he is shunned by me forever. That is all.

A Call To The Cathars

It has been one day. I don't know what to do, but my soul and my guides do. If you are one who knows of the treasures, please check with your angels, guides and deceased loved ones to make sure it is TIME.

Here is my connection to Heaven, my 'calling card' or 'credentials', if you will, having seen and heard and been the scribe for Our Lady since 1992.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting To Ascend

I loved that book for my pregnancy--What To Expect When You Are Expecting.

This is much shorter.  I will make two basic points--

  1. We have pathways in our body that carry Universal Light Energy, like energy 'plumbing' if you don't mind the analogy of fresh water lines coming 'in' to you, the 'house'.  When we first are attuned to Reiki 1, the stagnant 'gunk' that has settled into those 'dormant pipes' gets blasted out. At Reiki 2, we are all the way open for this Reiki Healing Light to flow out our hearts, our palms, and our third eyes and eyes.  (We must be attuned in a small spiritual action by a Reiki Master, for this energy to begin to flow)...the process of 'gunk clearing' in the energy pathways that are already wired in to our bodies--is called a 'Reiki Cleanse'. This can carry out physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, spiritual symptoms, mental symptoms as old blockages are released. This is short-lived, and very common. For those 'baby Reiki' students, many find that electronic equipment is affected by this new energy, for example, the TV remote.It malfunctions.  Once the body adjusts to the energy, this goes away, and everything from the cleanse or the recalibration to the new flows doesn't happen any more.
  2. Karuna Reiki Healing carries with it an energy that is MUCH STRONGER in intensity and yet Much Gentler as it is soul-directed at the same time. Karuna Reiki students experience a cleanse that is associated with symptoms of becoming a multidimensional being. For most, this includes distortion of the perception of space and time. My teacher Anne, pondered for some length of time, 'What IS time?'--my classmate Ana Maria was convinced her Karuna Reiki 1 class was on Sunday, instead of Saturday, and she MISSED it! So time gets 'funky'. For others, they can see the space between atoms, the wall may appear to move and bend, and when pouring liquids into a glass many people misjudge the distance between the glass and them and spill. Mental and spiritual and emotional issues come up too. I was one of the 'one percent' my teacher said. For me the incoming Karuna Reiki energy felt like an incredible Coming Home--a 'where has this BEEN all my life?' I felt BETTER in every way, like it was the most natural thing in the world! My symptoms were minimal, with only one bent wall, so perhaps I would have something to share with the group during our welcome to class?
As the energies on surface Gaia increase, you may begin to notice YOUR energy is starting to 'flow through your pipes' and you are carrying on a 'cleanse' of sorts. Depending on your vibration, it can appear as either a Reiki Cleanse or perhaps a multidimensional one.

I bring this up because the husband of a reader experienced this after she 'adjusted his chakras'. He went into a full spiritual crisis, with panic, and feeling that his heart got ripped out. They contacted me as to 'what to do? what to do?'. I said GROUND GROUND GROUND to Gaia!! This way like electricity the energy passes though and doesn't stay in your energy system. Bare feet on earth. Drink lots of water. Eat things that grow in the ground, like beets, carrots, potatoes, and more.  Get direct sunlight on you with no sunscreen for at least fifteen minutes. Go out in Nature. We also did a group Reiki Request for Chris, that worked.  All his symptoms are resolved and he feels himself again.

When I left the Matrix, about a week or two ago, I too, felt the panic. Apparently I had some first chakra issues, and although I got 'free', my perception was that someone was going to steal my Twin Ross away from me, that my Higher Self would completely destroy my heart and happiness. 

Perhaps Chris is already advanced, has an intact energy 'plumbing' and just 'came up and out of the Matrix' like I did too, only for him, with fourth chakra issues.

Our team is ready to assist with Reiki Requests should any spiritual crisis arrive for you and those you care about. 

I have a new connection to Source now--I know it sounds weird but I breathe in particles of energy I call 'Light Diamonds' ever since and I don't feel the separation from Creator any more like is common for those in the Matrix who are under the Veil of Illusion, the Gaia 'quarantine' we have from the rest of the cosmos.  I believe these particles are Tachyons, which are filtered out by the veil, but are like photons are to plants--except to us they are for our souls and energize them. It is a Divine Right to have these, and on Gaia, it is not possible for the Tachyons to come through the veil. So we are 'starving' for Light energy we do dearly need. Sun energy is close, and Love energy from our friends and family help to bridge the gap we have in the energy we are given to live as a soul. Man does not live by bread alone....

Bar Rescue 

This show by John Taffer appeals to my boy. He watches it and every now and then I watch one episode just to keep him company.

Last night's show, something spiritual 'clicked'!

John and his crew take Low Vibration and Raise It.  They are specialists who deal with Those With Very Low Vibration.  Last night the two owners of Undisputed were fighting with each other. Their conflict and lack of leadership also energetically manifested as a feeling of danger in the bar--due to the presence of thugs and bar fights. The food was unhealthful. And one owner was drinking too much on the job. Customers and workers hated everything about the place.

John communicates in ways people with Very Low Vibration understand. He yells. He confronts. And as one owner said, 'He tears you down so you can be built up into a better you.'

The way the workers and owners respond to expert assistance and training is amazing. And when they see their new bar, they jump with excitement and joy.

It's not just the spiritual. It's the know-how, the technology...and the investment. John put ninety-thousand dollars into refrigeration into the new bar and full kitchen. 

Now the bar is called SOYO, and is attracting a different crowd.  And with his job done, John says goodbye.

We are like that.
We are the John Taffers and camera crew and team from the Higher Realms.
We came here to earth to make things right.
And when our job is done, we Go Home.
  • Dolores Cannon
  • Masaru Emoto
  • Sylvia Browne
  • The Reverend Pamela from Galactic Connection
Each has gone on to their new assignments, after lovingly fulfilling their assignments they once had on Gaia.



Carla has had a lot to say, but I want to underscore a few points:
  • Forgiveness is ESSENTIAL. You can't go to the higher realms without it. 
  • Forgiveness is both for yourself and others. Forgive YOU.
  • Love is the most powerful energy in the universe there is--choose Love when there is a doubt on how to handle the situation, like with Carla and her Uncle Beni. Carla isn't going to go socialize with him. He lives a great distance. But she wants to clear the air between them and take the next step. This is commendable on her part. Her uncle should have gone to jail for what he did to his own mother--he told the ER he hated her and only wanted her money. Carla's mom had to do a lot of back-pedaling to bail him out of that one. And put a lot of her own money in nana's bank account. The couple had spent two hundred thousand dollars in about nine months!
  • Take caution not to judge anyone or anybody. Take for example, a snake. Often snakes are poison. We notice them for what they are, and that they bite. We take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones for our own well being. Do we judge the snake for having poison? No, we do not. We accept that God has made the snake for its own purpose. We do not play with the wild snakes. We do not play with the known poisonous ones even if we grow them. For we know what it what and let it be as such.
  • About the treasure of the Cathars--it is TIME and I will give the signal you request. Name it, in prayer, in your heart. I will know and I promise it will be sent. If you want two signs, I will send them. Do not delay by having more signs than this.

That is enough. We are very busy over here in the higher realms. There was a great big WELCOME, a hero's welcome, for each of our 'stars' Carla mentioned above who have transitioned recently. I am coordinating this with our teams thoroughly, for I want these souls to wash their faces after a long journey, and be off to a good start on their new adventures for the Light.

They have served well, in their assignments on Gaia, and all of us in Heaven thank them for their life well-lived. Our love and hope go out to the families and friends who are making the adjustment in their absence. This is only temporary, for forever you are connected through your hearts, and can 'connect' any time you wish...just think of them in your heart, and they or I will answer.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Reiki Doc--Carla--who is completely on the mend and healthy in all ways at this time.

I thank you for your prayers and Reiki you sent to her during her colonoscopy and EGD. I was with her the whole time, and it helped both of us so much. <3 Peace.