Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gaia News Brief 21.10.2014

Happy Birthday Uncle Beni

I called. His home number was not in service. His cell phone had someone answer -- a woman, 'Bueno?'...that wasn't him too. It was the new owner of his old number. I called the phone number of the wife. It was busy. I called back every five minutes for an hour. I gave up and called mom.

She used to call him around eight thirty in the morning. He woke up early. His wife didn't. The last time they spoke, he told her that compared to this new wife, the old one who slept with all these different guys the six weeks they were married was an ANGEL.

Nana Angelina used to call her 'Diablo'. Originally this wife was hired to take care of our aging nana, as she had taken care of our grandmother ten years before. This help was especially attentive to nana. But nana, she hated her! We thought it was the dementia, and paranoia. We later learned from a neighbor that this live-in caregiver used to throw parties and lock nana in her room. Well, she also got into a relationship with Uncle Beni, who lived with nana, and the rest is history.

Mom found out from a friend you can call the local police to check up on a loved one to make sure they are still alive. She called. They checked. The couple said, 'our phone isn't working right' to the officer...and mom got word that they do not wish to be contacted by family ever again. This was in February. (Nana died in November, and Uncle and Aunt wanted inheritance. The house was sold to pay for nana's care in the assisted living place.)

I think my call was blocked. That's why there was a busy signal. But if you look up at the tab above that says, Archangel Healing Keys--you will find a new Archangel Uriel Attunement Key for Forgiveness. He sent it. And it really helped.

An Education About Education

Some close friends of ours invited us to breakfast. Our kids went to the same school. This year their two are in a different school. The kids seems happy, and I asked how everything is? We invited the family over to our house after breakfast, and this is the discussion:

  • The school has an app to communicate to the parents. I saw every score and homework assignment of each child on the smartphone, as well as messages from the teachers and the school. They get about three emails a day. Here is an example system click here
  • Gone is the need to pack the lunch or give cafeteria money. The children select their meal choices for up to a month in advance, with lunches reasonably priced at around five dollars each. Here is an example of such a service: Lunch options service
  • One mom, who blogs under the name Ubermom--doesn't even drive the kids to school or practice. She Ubers it, with the pre-paid taxi-like service Uber. The family only has one car! Uber Mom Blog
  • There is a free resource funded by Bill Gates that has 'turned the classroom around'--children watch the instructional videos at home, and come to school to do 'homework problems'. The couple--our friends--have their daughter working on math basics on this website-the Khan Academy Here is the TED Talk with Salman Khan if you are curious.
  • This is why the public education system is concerning to many parents: 

My friends, one who is a native from Singapore, believe our education system is hindered by the notion that 'one person can be good at everything'. Her husband was with some friends, one whose wife was a school teacher. They were playing a game of Pictionary. She drew the entire eastern seaboard. He named EVERY state and major city. He was wrong. The answer? Denver, Colorado!  He took the pen and drew a square box in the Rockies with a star in the center on her diagram. He asked her how she couldn't know that? She said, 'I don't teach that subject.'  In Singapore --teachers specialize, just like High School, even for the elementary education.

My father was a school teacher. He taught sixth grade, and also bilingual in L.A. City Schools. 

Our future will be in the hands of children today who are educated with Home Schooling, Private Schools, and Public Schools. 

I think you should know what it going on in our classrooms today.

Education For Mastery

Mr. Khan teaches the videos for his academy based on not penalizing students for taking risks. You keep trying until you get ten in a row correct, then you move on to the next level of complexity in the subject.

If you ask me, Earth School for spiritual Mastery works this way too...

My Two Cents

When Reverend Pamela of Galactic Connection transitioned, she came once to Steven Meadors in spirit. She was running and said she had little time because she was on a HUGE project, and that she could do more 'from the other side' than she could in Life for our victory of Light.

I realized Dolores and Masaru are probably hitting the ground running 'up there' so to speak...

Ross has been very distant. That happens when he is busy. I was walking around the neighborhood with a football under my arm, not sure if my boy was coming back to play catch after returning the bike the neighbors had left in our driveway? And Ross stole a kiss! I felt it and it surprised me. I also said, 'Thank you for the guinea pig'.  Next thing you know, Caleb came back with Jericho (or was it Joshua?) under his arm. I asked this time if I could hold it? I did. And I walked him all the way back to his home, cooing and petting him contentedly, and at the grandmother's request put him in his cage. 

Everyone has their own assignment. Our Twins are busy, and have their own missions, for those of us whose Twins are on 'Sky Crew'...we have our own work cut out for us on Ground Crew.

Give you Twin some slack. Appreciate them. Whether they are in the same dimension as you or not. It is wonderful to have them, to know them. And the time will come for grand reunions and spending time together. But not until the work to liberate Gaia is complete. 

Raise you Vibration. Love Is The Solution For Everything. This will help them in their assignments too. And bring  our grand re-acquainting ourselves together soon as possible our way.


I want to write about Carla. 

Carla isn't happy with life in the third dimension. The more she learns about life in Spirit, the more she wants to go up to her natural vibration and leave the 3D world behind.

Masaru Emoto went up. Dolores Cannon went up. Reverend Pam went up!

Is Carla next?

Unfortunately not. Carla is tied to the vibration of the masses. Her very high frequency counterbalances it. I need her here, stuck in 3D (the energy of the people, not Nature--which is 5D) until the vibration of the 'average citizen collective' is ENOUGH.

You are doing your part, both night and day to help her.

I want my Carla safe, and I entrust her to you until the time is ripe for everyone to arrive at the Higher Realms.

You are on your way. Keep at it. Never look back. Look forward...and UP.

Keep your eyes on the prize and your hearts functioning properly--as non-verbal messengers of Light.

Your smiles are very important too, for the cause. I invite you to smile as much as possible, even if it is only to yourself...

That is enough for tonight.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, Reiki Doc Twins