Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Sign Stina Asked Her Angels To Give

This is me with Respiratory Therapist Stina with me at work today.

She was checking her supplies and equipment while I was setting up my own. She asked me 'how are you?' and I said, 'really good!'  I shared how Rocio is retiring today, and how I am sharing her excitement and joy. Rocio is with environmental services, and I know her because she cleans my call room when I am on OB Anesthesia call.

Stina had been at the party yesterday at work for those retiring. They had a letter, and many chose the option to retire. But not Stina. She is sixty-one, and going to be sixty-two in four months.

I couldn't believe how good shape she is in. She exercises a lot, and is healthy in every way, except for one thing. Bad osteoporosis.

I asked, 'Is it genetic?'--nope. Five sisters with healthy bones.
'What did you drink growing up?'--it turns out she was the most active in sports of all the kids, and drank milk, not soda in excessive amounts.  The only thing they think it might be from is that she was electrocuted when she was seven.

ELECTROCUTED?!? How did that happen to you?!

She was with her dad at the marina, where he was fixing a boat. Someone had put an un-grounded electrical wire on the dock. She was going into the water. She put her hands on the wire without realizing it, then her feet touched the water, and that was it.

She fell face down into the water. And she rose UP and was looking down at herself.

People were there, holding her hands, men and women, telling her she would be okay.

She wasn't afraid. She tried telling her sisters she was okay, but they didn't hear. One sister ran off to her father, and said, 'Stina's DEAD!'

In the meantime, Stina looked up and saw a white cloud with a face in it. It wasn't a tunnel. The face was an older man, with gray hair and a beard who was very nice. She started to go to him.

Then all of a sudden a woman who was wearing a white gown with blue on it and standing on a crescent moon, with lots of dark hair, wavy and long, came in front of her. She said, 'Stina, it is not your time.'

Next thing she knew, she was looking up at her father on the dock. He had gotten a wooden gaffe from a boat and pulled her out of the water.  He had done CPR on her and brought her back. It was odd, because her father taught CPR, in was in 1960, and only two weeks before, she was the Resusca-Annie doll for the class. Out of all the brothers and sisters, she was the only one who could relax enough to let someone else breathe for her. There were no mannequins like we have today for such classes. He had taught the people at the dock--and now here he was using his new skill on his daughter, for real!

I started crying and I hugged her. I looked her in the eye and said, 'You have saved the lives of so many kids! So many babies! I am so glad you are HERE!'

And she has. She has worked at children's hospital with the sickest of the sick before she came here.

Stina shared with me that she is reading a book right now on angels, and she is wanting to open up more about things spiritual in everything she does. And she asked her angels for a sign that she is on the right track with her efforts.

Stina says this conversation with me was not an accident. And that I am her sign. She cried! We both cried...

So I spilled. Stina does not know I am Reiki Doc, or anything of the work I do. She has had Reiki at every c-section where I have been present, because I give it as a welcome to the new child, the family, and everyone else in the room. I showed her my Facebook page, Doctors With Reiki.

And I said, 'We have free will--whenever you talk with spirits, discern who they are. If one seems negative to you, tell it to leave. It has to. Those are the rules.'

Already, she says 'if anything is not of the angels and Jesus Christ, she won't accept it', every time she opens up to spirit and works on her ability to talk with them.

I told her I see angels, I am a psychic and medium, and that I have talked to the Virgin Mary for over twenty years. She got the CHILLS big time when I said that, and she started crying again. I shared about Barbara Matthias, and how I knew her, the only medically-verified visionary (1990's at UCSF). I also shared how Mother Mary saved my own life, as my husband was abusive, and it was my trust in Her that got me safely to medical school for a new beginning and a chance to help others as had always been my childhood dream.

I asked Stina if I can please share her story with you?  She said, 'yes'. Thank you Stina, for your generosity of spirit, and for helping to show others the way Home with your sharing this with us today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Stina is making this photo her profile picture, to remind her of the blessing of the sign her angels gave to her today through talking with me.

P.P.S.   Before her NDE (near death experience) Stina had just made her first communion. She did not know who the 'lady with the long hair' was. Months later, at a fundraiser, she saw a table with pictures of the 'lady with long hair' who told her 'it's not your time' all over it. It was Our Lady Of Guadalupe. She is the patron saint of children. Stina told me this with tears of love and joy as she shared it, for she feels very close to Her, and is thankful, for all her assistance with both her life and her life's work.