Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gaia News Brief 2.10.2014

Today we grew by huge leaps and bounds. Thanks to a suggestion by another blogger, we have tabs at the top of the blog now, under the header, to help you find what you might like to read a little easier. Please bear with me, I am learning how to make this, and it's not at pretty as I would like, but it is there.

We had a huge, huge, huge awakening with a respiratory technician I've known for five years--her story will amaze you! Stina's Story

We also had the most amazing visit with an Archangel, ever, and the release of the attunement key for those of you wishing to work with Archangel Raziel. Archangel Raziel Attunement Key Blog Post

We also had a first, a reader came forth with an Archangel Healing Code. This was double checked through me and through Isabel Henn to make sure this was indeed from Divine Mother, and it is. It is for altitude sickness. As the natural frequency of vibration increases on surface Gaia, more and more healing is going to 'come through' directly from Source to us. So keep posted. Here is a summary of the codes to date:  click here


I couldn't let you sign off without a message from me! It is late, for Carla, and she has been working more on the computer than she has on anything else! I want to say it is a privilege to work with her, not because she is my Twin, but because of her heart that she puts in her efforts. It honors me to be able to talk to you through her ability to channel me. I am not mighty, but I am known throughout the community as a hard worker, and Carla puts me to the test time and again with her willingness to serve the Light in all that she is asked to do. Today I had to put her to the opposite extreme as the most of you! I had to get her to work on her billing slips for her 3D life, as Carla was getting late on them and missed the deadline so she could get paid. I had to say, 'No Archangel Raziel blog post for you until AFTER you complete and turn in your billing slips.'  So she had to wait about two hours to write the blog post for you about her visit with Archangel Raziel, who was just as pleased to have spent time with Carla as she was with her time this afternoon she spent with him. I want you to know things are going well, I am happy (waves at all the work going on his side of the veil).  And with all of this, Carla surprised me, totally blindsided me, by asking me out on our first date. Back in our time, weddings were arranged by the parents, so dating is a concept that is new to me. I countered to her request with a blank stare, a 'we are married! we are soul twins!' I couldn't make sense of it. Then Carla explained to me lovingly that it would be wise for use to find some activities we both enjoy, and to spend some time getting to know one another while doing them. She put no time constraints on it, and said, 'of course this will be after all the work settles down.' I am delighted that she would think of this for me! It is a very new custom to me, but one with good merit. We have decided to take in an art museum together, and a picnic of sorts, the first chance it will be possible for us to do so. And if I play my cards right--Carla teases me mightily--I might get to have dinner together with her too.

So for all you out there with your Twins, you have much 'catching up to do' and time for this shall be given! Starting with me, your loving brother Ross, and your sister, Carla, who loves you tenderly as she does myself, our children (we had two more in our past life), and all of our families, as you are ohana to us.  We are all COUSINS! And Aunties and Uncles to the Keiki...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla of the Light