Friday, October 17, 2014

Gaia News Brief 18.10.2014

Warning! I had a small outpatient procedure today. I had propofol, three hundred milligrams of it. I am not allowed to drive, drink alcohol, or make important decisions until tomorrow morning...but I can BLOG! LOL LOL LOL

An Insider's Look

This whole process has been a spiritual awakening and also will improve my compassion for my patients in my patient care.

Here are some random thoughts:

  • There was a small problem with the directions on the prep. My doctor, and his staff are Vietnamese. I was told to drink sixteen ounces of prep at six p.m., then to drink thirty two ounces of water one hour later. I did that and almost choked. This morning, at four a.m., after I took the sixteen ounces, the insert--I read the whole thing--said--thirty two ounces over the next HOUR.  Big difference. I did sixteen ounces each thirty minutes apart.
  • NPO for surgery is 'no clear liquids' two hours prior to surgery. I had no clue what a bowel prep involved! I will be more cautious in my patients with gastric motility problems because they are not really all that NPO.
  • 'Like a VIP'--once the front desk learned I work there, I got transferred to the billing man. He looked up with my insurance how much everything costs out of pocket. My insurance is super-high deductible. It's like not having insurance, in a way. I just get the lower rates that are contracted with the providers. I save fifty-dollars because I am an employee. I was really happy when he mentioned that. Then he said, 'we will give you fifty-percent off your deductible you owe!' and dropped the charges from twelve-hundred to six-hundred just for the facility (doctors and path will cost extra). I screamed with delight as if I had won the lottery. My son buys a lot of pair every two months. Now I have enough for eight months!
  • I thanked the Universe. You see,  just last week I loaned a friend some money. And it was close to the amount I 'saved'. Someone is looking out for me, and I appreciate it.
  • SuPrep. SuPrep. SuPrep. It's way better than GoLytely and worth every penny. 
  • I am allergic to cats. REALLY allergic. I adore them and love them from a distance. On my 'allergies' I wrote CATS = BAD! BAD! BAD!  Everybody laughed over that. They asked, 'what happens?'  My eyes swell shut, if I touch them I get welts, and I get an asthma attack. It takes me one day to recover. Even when I take allergy meds. Humor is really good.
  • My anesthesia friend asked, 'Do you have any requests for your anesthesia?' I said, 'Yes please. No cats!' he cracked up.
  • The nurse, Nancy, recalled when I had a patient for GI and I was giving the anesthesia, who owned like ten cats and was talking about them as the anesthesia started to take effect. She was naming them all, and I was kind and gentle and encouraging her to share her happiness over her fur babies. Nancy looked at me and went,'You were like THAT when you have allergies like THIS?'  I smiled and nodded in agreement. I did.
  • The chicken and the i.v.   I don't have great veins, especially after a bowel prep. The nurses were hesitant to put in my i.v. because they know me, and also because I am the one they ask for help when they can't put them in. The charge nurse, Maria, came and said, 'they are CHICKEN!' we laughed and I told her to poke away until she got it, I won't get upset. She got it in the first try, a twenty-two gauge (blue) on my right hand.
  • Small iv's in small vessels are more painful with the burning from propofol than large ones. I never give lidocaine to numb the vein first to my GI patients, but I mix it in with propofol in the main OR for GA. My arm ACHED really bad for a long time before I went 'out'. I will use the local now.
  • right as I started to 'fade out', I heard Ross. He said, 'Come to me!' I did with total peace and a huge smile.  He told me later it was the first time he talked to my soul like that, and I willingly came, with all of my dimensions. He said it made him feel 'like a king'. I said, 'you ARE my king! In every way, honey.' He said it feels really nice.


I was resting on the back porch swing, and I noticed the presence of an angel. It was Sandalphon. I recognize the hair. And the wings! I asked, 'What are you doing here?!'  He said all of the angels wanted to give me a bouquet, and the asked him to represent them. It was beautiful with small red flowers I had never seen, almost like primroses. And they smelled beautiful.

As I rested, I also had the strange sensation of Ross working on me, my aura. I wish I could explain it better, because it is a dimensional thing, it's going to sound strange. I ask you to bear with me.

For those of you who have figured out our secret, this will make sense. For those of you who haven't, it's okay, it's not important for you to know, and just have patience for you will know when you are meant to know it.

Ross removed large patches of grey about four by seven or eight inches off me. They were about one half inch thick. There were several, and with each one I felt much better. The skin underneath was raw--in my Light Body skin, not my physical skin. When it came off it was like old wet newspaper like for papier-mâché. I heard them plop in a bucket. Others were in attendance, watching, supporting, and guiding, very quietly. It never hurt. The worst one was at the small of my back, where a tattoo would be placed. That one had troubled me for a long time.

They put a healing balm on all of the raw places and said it would heal on its own.

I know what each of those 'patches' is--it represents something you and I would know. So it's a good thing. A very good thing that happened for everyone today. Even for those who are most deeply asleep in the matrix.  It's all good.


Masaru Emoto

I knew he was not going to recover from his illness when I learned of it some time ago. I have clair cognizance. I only hoped it would be a while later, and when he and his loved ones were ready.

Today I got word he had passed.

His work, changed my life.

Every time you see the words 'Aloha and Mahalos' on this blog, they are from him. I only use Hawaiian--for his concept of 'Love and Gratitude'.

He said that 'Death is gratitude for a new dimension.'

His last word was 'arigatou'.

I'm going to miss him.

Read his books if you have the chance. They are life-changing.

P.S. Chef Ito says Masaru Emoto used to eat at Au Lac whenever he was in town. He loved it. Ito has pictures, but was not able to find them, when I was in his office the last time we spoke (well, he communicates non-verbally. I speak. <3)

My Boy

He found this quote at school. He felt a 'nudge' to look up the word, compassion.


I was impressed he has been 'listening' to my talk as I do all of this spirit work.

Today, at Del Taco, we bought him breakfast so I wouldn't have to cook. I made the lunch. He waited to eat so I wouldn't have to smell it in the car, because I was hungry!

I called the school once I was home, to let him know I was okay. The school was kind, and let him speak to me on the phone. It meant so much to him. He kept asking, 'Mom? One more more thing...' He didn't want to get off the phone. 

Ross told me he will be needy when he comes back. His mana Patrice is taking him to drum lessons, and she will bring him here with a sandwich for me, because I can't drive.

That's why I napped a lot, and also, wrote this now.

I love being his mother...


(Ross wants me to share his request--he asked me to put on my mermaid necklace he gave me. I had to take it off for surgery. I did, just now, with a smile. I really like it. She is a reminder of my Sirian roots.)

I asked Carla to put this on because she is special. Carla is half-Sirian, and half-Pleiadian, a hybrid, like I am.

Many of us don't give ourselves the credit we deserve on Surface Gaia. As Lightworkers and Ground Crew many of you are the 'best of the best of the best' to quote a line from the movie, Men In Black. (smiles) You think I don't know it, but I do. I've seen that movie too! I helped make it! I encouraged those who work int he film industry to make something that was against the 'horror from outer space that wants to probe you and kill you and skin you alive!' (he sounds like a horror movie voice to make a point). I wanted something Light and Playful, that makes the point that all of us can live together in peace if we can only get along.

Carla is like the character Laura Vasquez, played by Rosario Dawson. She didn't know it, but that movie awakened a part of her that was dormant years ago when she first saw it, long before she ever heard of Reiki. Yes, she too is like the character who had no clue of her importance in the cosmos.

You are like Carla too.

I want you to think about that for some time now. How you could have a double life, something that was hidden, and how you are going to react to the Truth when it comes out?

It is okay for you to be as stunned and surprised as Laura Vasquez! The important part is that once you are informed and aware, no matter what to do your part that you have been sent here to do.

No one can read Carla's work, and mine, without advance authorization. Nothing will 'make sense' to you if you accidentally 'click'--but for those of you who are meant, and most of you will notice a 'draw' to Carla's messages and my own, a 'calling'--you are in for a surprise of the highest order! One of magical, sweet delight!

So...hold on to your hats! as we say at the amusement parks and thrill rides.

Let the awakening begin!

Until next time...goodbye from the two of us, the Reiki Doc Twins,

And for Dr. Masaru Emoto? He is happy and delighted to have 'run his course'. The race is finished, and he placed FIRST and was beyond all expectations! He had a hero's welcome when he arrived. (I feel him, and he says Arigatou to all of you. Thank you for your love. I want to tell everybody thank you for your love. --he touches his heart. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of Love and Gratitude, from both sides, here and there! For me it is one big party, the biggest celebration of my life! And I want to thank my loyal wife and friend, who shared my home, for so much time. I was blessed to have known her on my work. And for my students, colleagues and supporters? ARIGATOU! With love and gratitude-(he does gassho and bows)--namaste.--Masaru Emoto--live channeled message now.--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla <3