Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gaia News Brief 23.10.2014


I just read a six paragraph newsletter from Thaddeus at Farm Fresh To You that was in my box of produce. It's like Christmas to me to get a box every two weeks! I grew up with a grandfather who was an orchard farmer. In his back yard, I always was given a tour on his 'freeways' of metal walkways he'd scavenged from work, calling them the '405', the'605', and the '91'...because of their layout in the garden.

I knew every plant's name in both English and Italian. I delighted in touring with my grandfather, because there was always something good to eat waiting, something wonderful to smell, and together we celebrated the success or mourned the disappointment due to pests or disease, in his garden.

Thaddeus' mother was the first to help--perhaps it was both his parents?--to go to UC Davis, buy some land, and research, begin, and figure out the wonder of Organic gardening back 'in the day'.

Unfortunately, after many years of expanding the business, and healing from her husband leaving her with three small boys, his courageous mother succumbed to breast cancer.  The boys, in memory of her, kept the dream going.

Thaddeus and his brothers, and all their wives and children, in a way, are part of our family, in my home. By ordering a box every two weeks, I support them in a way that is predictable. In farming, there is much uncertainty. So in a way, I help them to work around that.

I love the boxes!  I am very into 'seasonal cooking', so I take the box as it comes, a mystery.  My friend Jean, she enjoys the 'order what you want' feature, which includes now other non-produce options, which I think includes milk and other grocery items, for her family.

When you sign up, every time you share with a friend, who signs up, both of you get some sort of discount. I used to publish the generic 'code' on my Facebook, to give people $25 off their first box. It's a little different now. So you log into the website, and get the discount to share, on there, somehow.

String Beans

Yesterday I went to do some charity work at the Incredible Edible garden. It is associated with the Second Harvest Food Bank. We picked green beans--string beans--from little bushes that were very low to the ground.

The soil was soft and very sandy, and hard to get good footing. The kids ran all over, and at the beginning, were competing with each other to see which 'team' could fill up the most 'boxes' which were really like plastic dairy crates. Later, they cooperated, and pulled their efforts into 'one'.

I just bent over or sat, talking to the plants, and really searched for the beans that were ripe.

The farm worker, who was Latino, kept telling the kids, 'turn the plants over--they are FULL!'.

The kids didn't' listen.

He walked and turned the plants over so people could see.

People just talked and ran around--the parents picking more than the kids.

We weren't sure if there were pesticides on the plants? I was concerned about possible exposure to chemicals?

I talked to myself more than anything. In my mind. I thought about the brutal--twenty four hour--shift, with the teenage mom who had kept me up all night. And the frustration. Not only my intuition, but every single nurse on both days and nights KNEW she would end up with a c-section--but no one would call it. ( the mother was exceptionally small stature and the father of the baby normal size). It wasn't until a serious deceleration that the c-section got called. Another mom had been there all day, not making any progress with labor, but her section didn't get called until her surgeon said it was okay to go--in the evening.

My work is a part of life, too. I fit well with it. I enjoy it. I do anesthesia for all kinds of patients, but the times I work on OB it's really special to be a part of the joy and new life.

(Ross wants you to know he is ALWAYS present at a c-section. He gives a special blessing along with me to the child, and we enjoy a brief moment together, as a couple, to witness this amazing miracle of new life coming into the world. He always ways 'this is one of OURS, Carla' and I feel his warmth and strength, and I trust in him. You see, I have healed a lot from our past incarnation, where childbirth of our son went very awry. I was told the boy died, but never saw him, and the baby was whisked away to a wet nurse and far away before the first cry. It was political. I blamed Ross for just about every incarnation since, until recently. Ross has learned that the work of the woman is just as important as the work of the man with his 'seed'. The cooking, the cleaning, the nurturing, the PRESENCE of the mother, particularly if she is happy with her life--makes all the difference in the world for how life on Gaia is experienced! As my son's counselor says to me--I have to meet for his healing too--'a mother who cares about your needs and puts them first' is the best gift he could ever get in his life...

And I did that by going to the farm...

I was bone-tired. I went in my scrubs, even though I had clothes to change into--home. I raced home after a late c-section that nobody relieved me to finish after seven (it started at six, I go home at seven). The sitter, my close friend and single mom, took her son to school because it was their late start day. His high school is very far. And she waited for word from me. My boy had said, 'Just take me to school early' but my sitter didn't want to go against what I had said,--'I would take him.'. Traffic was thick and slow, and didn't ease up, too.

We got in a bind, and she left, and asked her fiancé to help by taking him to school. Well, he is an old bachelor, never a parent, and recently with eye troubles so very seriously depressed. He rolled over and went back to sleep!

(I actually did an intervention with him on a soul level last week after a disappointing outcome from the last surgery, and said, her brother suicided and her mom died--she can't take it if you suicide too. I also showed him how in 5D--perfect vision--no glasses, no retinal problems--and in 3D, it's like it is. I showed him twice, on a soul level 5D you see, 3D you have disease. His energy shifted after to be more open and hopeful, with the goal of reaching 5D as soon as possible, overall.)

So I had the child stand on the curb, and I arrived just at the last minute. I spoke with the school and coordinated lunch (which was not packed) and the rides.  Our friends waited late for us. We just barely made it. But after all that, the child was an emotional wreck. He didn't want to go to the fields...

'Mom, I want you to go. Will you go?'  I did. I wanted bed more than anything else in the world. But I got sunshine and fresh air. I picked string beans. Both my boy and I got a rash from the plants all over our arms. We have allergy that runs in the family, and clearly, are related!

When I finally drove home from the school, I prayed to Ross--please help me get home safe, I am so sleepy!

And I thought of how much my son hates string beans, and refuses to eat them. I thought of all those who are without food, who we were told we had helped by picking their harvest...and I wondered how many will actually eat all the food I blessed in the fields, and gave extra blessing to, as I picked it?

Mystery Unraveled

There are two basketball leagues in town. I signed up on one on the computer, thinking there was only one. My ex, thinking there was only one, got emails from the other league from what I signed up for. So at tryouts, I was concerned why we weren't on the list? I had paid!

'The computer system doesn't work' the coach said.

I went home and looked everywhere for the receipt. I couldn't find it. So I signed up that day and paid again.

Well the coach of the more 'competitive' league called Mana Patrice--and asked why my boy isn't at tryouts?

She said, 'you should straighten this out!'.

He's the head coach. It's exclusive. It's got 'better coaching than dads who help, real coaches, from local high school and college teams'. It's much better for those who want to play. I was blindsided. My ex is already coaching the team, the 'less competitive' one.

Our kid got ten points out of sixteen at the last game, where they lost, the second loss. He's the tallest of all the kids in his age bracket, in the whole league! I am mom to 'Shaq'--I smile to myself.

What to do? The new coach buys jerseys and wants the boys to wear them to practice at the first league I signed up for. He is all about self-confidence, respect, appearance and he 'likes to win'. He is undefeated last year. (note that--his team = him = undefeated). He said first practice was the next day, and we could play two leagues but if there was a conflict with the game times, his team would obviously have to come first...

My schedule is so nice this year. We have help lined up, and counseling. The counseling wouldn't be able to happen if we switched, because the only day open, Monday, the counselor doesn't work.

I thought about everything. I asked the boy what he wants? He wants to keep things the same as they are. I used the pendulum that said, 'Go for it!'...

But it didn't 'feel right'...

I slept on it.

And when I texted his dad, Tuesday night, I explained the situation. And I said, 'I think to let him switch and leave this current team in the dust is not cool. He is going to stay with this one. Are you okay with that?'  He was.

His team is counting on him. And his dad is coaching it. There is no big hang-up over wins and losses. The skills are skills, it's his first experience with basketball on a league, and it's going well.

Long story short, when a coach says, 'Winning is important to me' the vibe is very 3D.

I don't want our family to be a part of it.


Many of you are wondering why Carla got so ahead and took a leave from writing these.

It was the eclipse, the solar flares. Part of why I got her out in the sun yesterday 'picking the string beans' is for her to get exposed to the effects of them. Carla loves solar flares--she eats them up--I measure them on my monitor.

I also see a lot of you are wondering 'what's up' with the passing of Masaru Emoto and Dolores Cannon? Simply put, their services to anchor and pioneer and 'light the way' are not needed any more. Their time on Earth is done. They have completed their service in the assignments that were handed out to them. They had their exit points. After a brief time of 'readjustment', which could take hundreds of years in Earth Time but are 'just a second' for us, for we are outside time as you know it, altogether--time is very 3D--a 'convenience' although I know many of you would argue that point...after a brief 'rest' Masaru and Dolores will be on to their next life experience as a soul for their personal growth and development. Will they come back like a buddhist leader? No. They are done with this experience, having done well, will advance to the next level of progression.

So where are you going to find the new round of 'leaders' for taking humanity 'to the next level'? Aren't those big 'boots' to fill? The ones that were left behind by Masaru and Dolores, and also Sylvia Browne?

Well yes but the replacements have been picked for them. Since they are 'big boots' there are not 'one' in fact, but MANY who will take on a little part of the work, and run with it, and as a collective we shall 'have those boots filled'.

Who ARE these people? (smiles and laughs gently, opens his arms to gesture) Why they are ALL OF YOU!

All you have to do is look at the mirror to see who is best prepared to carry on the task. Not with the water crystals and the quantum healing techniques.

Each of you has your own special gift to bring up to Gaia, to offer Her, in love and support for Her mission.

All it will require is for you to meditate, feel the 'nudges' of Spirit, and to follow it on its natural path!

Are you ready?

I want to tell you about Carla. She is a force to be reckoned with. About two weeks back, I gave her a ring, in spirit, a very important ring she earned through her progress and development. I was shaking, trembling as I gave it to her. It was mine. I wore it for all of my incarnation, and ever since I died.

This ring has the seal of Solomon in it. And it WORKS. Carla has figured out what it can do, and has been using it to 'clear out' a lot of things in the path, just like a gardener would use a leaf-blower!
(It has been superimposed on a piece of jewelry she wears on her finger, one that is gold, as gold by its unique properties is present in every dimension at once.)

Well Carla, who is SICK of waiting for help to arrive, yesterday took matters into her own hands! While fighting traffic, and coordinating on the phone between the school and the sitter--she did something that still has all of us amazed up here:  she took the ring, used it to clear Gaia and Her sector in all dimensions and timelines of 'things slowing Gaia down'--and then rendered every Life Contract NULL and VOID for all beings that are on Gaia at this time.

Further she made it so that the life would continue ON in the current pattern, while TAKING A STIPULATED DECISION ON THE KARMA for each individual on a soul level with their team as to how to advance moving forward as a collective for all  humanity, plants, animals, elementals, and 'other' beings.

Stipulated means both parties get a say. The one who owes the Karma and the one who is getting is 'paid back'. So in debts of Karma, there is going to be a lot of forgiveness going on to keep the whole thing moving forward.

Carla has free will. And Carla, with her spiritual 'rank' used this privilege of her 'rank' and unique incarnation on Gaia's surface, to 'clean up that which is holding everything back' for the New Age.  Carla took one look at the wars, and the explanation that these horrible things continue for the sake of 'karmic debt'--and changed it.

As angels we are overwhelmed with this request, and confronted her. Carla countered back with 'you can split yourselves into multiple, multiple aspects. DO IT!'

So no matter what--after giving her all, having her aura weaken to the point of just curling up in a ball with the timer on her phone for three hours sleep--Carla is on watch and looking out for you.

Like the good doctor she is, she puts all of your well-being first...your karma is being reworked with the others on a soul level with our angel advocates for the Highest Good. We are not sure how long all of this will take, in Earth time--but you shall notice yourself feeling 'lighter' in the next few weeks.

Not just from the solar flares, mind you.

With all my love and support to you from where I sit in Command in my duties--I am a Commander and Admiral in Chief of the star fleet vessel the New Jerusalem. I look forward to having Carla by my side in a short time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the beautiful Carla,
Your Reiki Doc Twins who look forward to sharing our New Golden Age with your hearts...