Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gaia News Brief 19.10.2014

Rat Killer

I have one prayer which I ask of Ross every day--to be free from rats.

The night before last, as two adorable children Caleb and Graciela knocked on the door to ask in my boy could play--I noticed on the doormat MANY tiny black poops. My heart sank! I looked on the front porch, where there were some items I had ready to donate. In between the boxes and bags were many snail shells. And also a completely empty bag of rat poison that had been gnawed open.

The rats in the neighborhood eat the poison, and they don't die...

Mana Patrice was coming to pick me up for surgery the next morning. I didn't want her so see the droppings. So I cleaned and swept and threw away soiled items. Leaving three brown bags with glassware, I set a trap.  I have old traps that have been used before, two plastic grocery bags of them. They work better, especially if there is lady rat scent on them. I like the traps that have a yellow plastic bait trip mechanism. The exterminator I hired once showed me how to put the peanut butter in the little well with no globs, so they have to 'go in there' to take it. I placed the bags around the trap for protecting children and other animals from the trap.

And I waited.

Last night as my son and I were watching the movie, 'We're The Millers' I heard the sound of wood falling on wood around nine p.m.

It was the trap. I didn't want to see. But I waited until the end of the movie, and we looked out the door.  In the trap was the biggest rat I have ever caught in my life! Totally fat and healthy, this one was not pregnant. It is the one who had eaten ever tomato from my garden last summer, and gets into the compost pile.

I wanted to leave it dead on the porch, to not deal with it until the morning. Or to throw away the trap and it together. I ran out of plastic gloves, so I use plastic bags. I pick up the trap and place it in a second bag with my hand inside a clean bag to protect it. Then I gently lift the snap and let the rat slip out. But I didn't want to do it.

Ross came in, and said, 'Do not be afraid. But do it now. His mate will come to look for him.'

So I threw out the rat. I kept the trap. And on Ross' advice, left it un-set, so the next rat would think it was safe.

On the way to the hospital for my colonoscopy, I confessed yesterday to Patrice about the front porch (I hadn't caught it yet). She said they have them too and she hates them! The other night, she was reading at sunset in the lounge chair in her back yard. All of a sudden she FELT something land on her shoulder, jump to her foot, and scurry away. It was the biggest rat SHE had ever seen!!! She totally freaked out.

Our town is infested with them. It's all the wooded areas. Sometimes I wish people would just let the coyotes and other wild animals do their thing. We keep taking up their habitat, and the balance of the delicate ecosystem gets all uneven.

Dad taught me well. Although my son is afraid of rats, like me, I told him how I focus that feeling into being able to get rid of them. One day when he has a family of his own, he will know how to protect them like Dad taught me.


Thank you for reading and putting up with the rat story.

This is breaking news, from my spirit and all of my past incarnations.

I have had the word, 'Carcasonne' (car-cah-sone) on my mind for years. I have no clue what it meant. I didn't bother to look it up. Spirit would say 'Carcasonne' and I would repeat it in sing-song manner in my mind.

During this week when I was home, Ross guided me to clear up some of the shelves in the garage where the workers randomly put storage boxes after rebuilding after the flood. He wanted me to go through one box a day. The night before my colonoscopy, I found this book, Around The World FRANCE.  (ISBN 1 57145 084 X) by Noel Graveline. It goes over every region in the country, with a short explanation, and many pictures.

So as I prepped, I kept this in the john, and read with delight about the country that is so very close to my heart.

I was in the bathroom all night. So I read about France. A lot.

The Basque country is uniquely its own due to the Pyrenees Mountains. 'It is the region of a people whose origins are unknown, but which prides itself on being the oldest in Europe.' They speak Basque, and live between Spain and France.  I recalled John Urtu, an ER nurse with a Erb-Duchenne Palsy, whose last name was longer but no one could pronounce it because he was Basque.

Even in ballet, one of my favorite steps has always been pas de Basque...they are known for being dancers and singers there.

Well in that general region, but mostly between Italy and France. 'One of the most striking developments was of the Catharist faith, a reflection of the refined culture and the ideals that were prevalent of the Midi Pyrenees in the Middle Ages. Persecuted by the crusade led against them by the barons of the north, the "heretics" fled deeper and deeper into the mountains before they ended up by succumbing to the numbers of their persecutors. The citadel of Montseigur will remain forever the symbol of their struggle.'

"Indeed, Bas-Langedoc, especially the department of Aude, has maintained special bonds with Toulouse, Albi or Foix since a very long time ago, well-concealed by the notion of the Catharist area, still anchored deeply in the mentality. What better symbol of this than the city of Carcasonne, which stands as if frozen in medieval armor to symbolize the Languedoc resistance in its confrontation with the Albigensian crusade?...Having also come under the domination of France's crown after the crusade, Minervois, which stands on the borders of Herault today, was another of the strongholds of Catharism.   The extraordinary village of Minerve is its capital, entrenched between two gorges and evoking the image of an oasis lost in the middle of the limestone plateau, it capitulated only after a merciless siege by Simon de Montefort. The first Catharist stake was set afire in that town. If a place were needed as a counterpoint to Minerve, it might well be the beautiful Cistercian abbey of Fonfroide, from which Pierre de Caselnau left to preach against the heretics, and in which the papal legate, Arnaud-Amaury, died, who was the author of the appalling slogan, "Kill them all, God shall recognize his own!" (this was when the officials refused to kill the Catharists in these regions because their family members were of this faith. Then the missionaries stopped, and the crusades against the Cathars began--ed)

Yesterday morning, when I first woke up, I got a symbol presented to me. Over and over, so I could get it right. A squiggle wave of five 'bumps' top to bottom, followed by a line in the middle of it straight UP. Squiggle. Line. Squiggle. Line. Squiggle. Line. It was a new Reiki symbol, for something I can't remember, but I sent it out to everyone that day in my daily healing. It was for new enlightenment I think?

Well in my research on Catharism, my heart skipped a beat when I saw THIS watermark from the cathars:

This stands for a stargate.

Over twenty-thousand people were massacred in one day during the Albigensian Crusades.


Because this is what the Cathars taught:

  • you are trapped in a cycle of reincarnation after reincarnation
  • this lifestyle and faith is the way out
  • one object of earth life is to make over the human body worthy as a vehicle for Light of the Holy Spirit (Love)
  • The Cathars called themselves Pure Ones after The Goddess Known As The Pure One, their term for the Virgin Great Creator Mother Mari
  • they had alternative views about Jesus
  • A large massacre took place in their large church of Mary Magdalen in the Crusades--apparently she had some input--as spirit was considered to be without gender so women and men were equal in the church in all ways. Women could have high roles in the church, unlike in the Catholic faith
  • The followers of the Cathar faith shunned worldly things, and have been called the Buddhists of the West
They shunned all killing too. The Cathars were vegetarians (sometimes with the exception of fish) and were against all wars.

Why would a peaceful people in the remote mountains of the Pyrenees--attract all people--Muslim, Italian, Spanish, French? Why would it grow? And why would the Catholic Church target them with heresy?

If they Cathars were correct, then, wouldn't  the doctrine to baptize and/or accept Jesus for salvation, then to live a life as prescribed by the church might create more and more souls to be trapped in the system, of 'Samsara'?

Could this possibly explain the souls and soldiers I saw when I did a Divine Peace Healing at the Arc De Triomphe? Could they have been Knights Templars and Cathars who have died? The Healing At the Arc de Triomphe

I will let you be the decider of this.

Listen to your heart.  

Last night I guided the souls in those regions back home.

Here are some references for you:


I don't have anything to add. Carla is onto something. And just for giggles, I would like to share with you what our boy invited Carla to watch just a minute ago--Weird Al videos. Here is the conversation:

'Mom? would you like to watch White and Nerdy or Foil?'

'I want FOIL! It's the one mocking ROYALS by Lorde, right?'

Here it is:

(Ross is laughing softly)

Enjoy...You have the very best from both of us, our delightful son, and Weird Al too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Thank you for all you do to serve the Light.