Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gaia News Brief 12.10.2014

Putting It All Together

I have had a refreshing 'walk down memory lane' in my brief trip to Davis, California with my niece. There had been much time I had spent in my twenties in the area, both with going skiing with my first boyfriend Tom and his family. His brother John went to Davis, and I recall spending the night in a tiny apartment, next to the railroad, and going to some place called Froggy's that is Still THERE!  My ex-husband Mark also had rice farmers on his father's side, and many a holiday was spent up here. I delighted in the country air and wide open spaces. This has not changed one bit.

I also realized I adore college life, and I believe in this lifetime I was sent to soak up as much education as I possibly could. My father, a teacher, was the first in his family on both sides to attend college and graduate. He was an elementary school teacher. I enjoyed learning, very much, and I still do. I was the first MD on both sides of my family too.

You see, back with Ross, I had metaphysical training as an Essene, but not a lot of 'book smarts' because that type of education as reserved for males in that society. As the daughter of Chief, in Victoria, in another lifetime, my contributions to the tribe could not be taken seriously--although I was a princess, I was not eligible to lead my people as it was in my heart. The movie, The Whale Rider neatly sums up the type of opposition I faced, although my own father taught me as much as he could between us in private.  As the daughter of Kamehameha, I too, was cloistered and not permitted to learn and lead because of my sex.

I have made up for it with a vengeance.

Yesterday, at the Stanford 'How To Get Into Medical School' lecture, I had a chip on my shoulder. They wait listed me in college, with no explanation 'why?'  I went to Berkeley, and our two universities don't 'get along'. So I ASKED point blank, 'If my dad isn't a doctor and I apply how will I be able to compete against the applicant whose parents ARE in medicine?'

I was surprised with the answer I got, and it pleased me. Daddy can't buy you 'in' to Stanford, according to the admissions team. They look at each application, and don't 'screen' by MCAT score and GPA.


The Stanford team brought up the concept of 'Professionalism'.

Our patience on this trip has been sorely tested. With this nice view, at a table next to the street like in  France, we waited ONE HOUR for our order at a hamburger place. We saw others order, eat, and leave, and we were still hungry. When my niece scrolled back on her texts, and we saw it really was an hour, I got up and asked what was the problem? Apparently, the server didn't know the table numbering, and our food went to another table. I shared how my niece is diabetic (from transplant meds) and needs to eat! Could they please bring an appetizer? We got fries, and our food was moved to the top of the list. We ate so fast it had been six hours since lunch. The server came with the bill, and had a change of heart. He went back to the manager. We got our meal for free.

There is so much in this story. What it all boils down to is 'Consideration for others' and 'a willingness to go the extra mile for the next person'. There was courtesy on our part to, for asking 'what was wrong' and asking politely for it to be made right.

This is the energy of 5D.

Professionalism is important in my career too. It is what I use when an emergency case comes in right when I was ready to leave the hospital and go home. All my plans must change. My hopes are shot. And I am tired and hungry...but when I get to the patient, I smile, and I give them the very same care I always do. It's not their fault...that they are sick...and it's my job to help them, no matter what.


I am going to write a little early today. Carla has a flight. She is not boarding, but she is writing with her niece in the seat next to her, patiently looking on her phone. She is no trouble, Lauren. I am very proud of her and I anticipate great things for her when it is her time to inspire others with her story and with her gentle nature and her smile.

I like her, Lauren, and I have to share with you what Carla didn't notice at the time--when Carla spoke to her during the long wait for their dinner, Carla described the end days of her grandma Lucille, who died right when Carla graduated from medical school. Lauren listened with rapt attention, and was on the edge of her seat, because Grandma had macular degeneration, vascular disease, had an amputation, and also congestive heart failure. She would call Carla in a panic, because she couldn't breathe. Carla would be patient, and give comfort and hope, even though she herself had many duties of her own with her medical school curriculum.

What Carla didn't know is that Lauren, on a deep level, is aware that she is Lucille reincarnated. She was conceived shortly after Lucille died.

Note the names, how they have much in common.

When Lucille had crossed to be with me, in Heaven, Carla had a stern lecture with her soul to soul. She explained her whole life, and how some of her choices had not been as loving and considerate of others as she would have liked to have seen...and many others would have like to have seen in her themselves. Carla asked Lucille, 'Is this the kind of person you want to be? Are you sure?'

For example, Lucille had little patience with Carla's mother when those in the family were ill. She made it seem like Nicki (Carla's mom) wad doing something 'wrong' and was not caring of the burden Nicki had when all of her family was sick.! Carla's mother often cried when she hung up the phone. Although they loved each other, the words were harsh and hurtful. With two school children and an elementary school teacher for a husband, there was much exposure to germs and viruses, for anyone, no matter how clean they kept the home and nourished their family.

Lucille CLEARLY saw this pattern once Carla pointed it out to her, and made this promise, 'I will make a better showing in my body next time, if I am able to get one'.

And she HAS.

Everything fits (he laces his fingers together). All of the incarnations and life experiences fit. The last life, as Lucille, was preparation for the mission as Lauren, who rose above hardship from e coli and will inspire others to awaken to their highest purpose and dream come true.

There is no judgment, only learning, in all of this.

I want you to be kind and patient with yourselves, as the memories from your incarnations hit--as the energies and vibrations increase on surface Gaia, this type of awakening is inevitable for us all.

Know I have a guiding hand with all of this, and (touches his chest) call on me for help if you are confused or stressed or upset in any way.

My Carla and I will help you. She will write from time to time like this for what I have to say. And when you meditate, listen carefully. You just might hear me with your spirit ears and heart, as well.

Carla has to go get a sandwich for herself and Lauren for the plane. It is a short flight, and they had a nice breakfast. I do not want them to get hungry if there is a delay in the air. It is windy, very strong gusts, and anything can happen with a tarmac waiting sometimes...

Aloha and Mahalos,
Peace and BLESSINGS,

Ross and Carla