Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gaia News Brief 27.10.2014

My Totally AWESOME Day!

It was a weekend off, and a bonus one with contact with my son. His father had knee surgery last week. We visited with family last night--something on a Saturday night would never have been possible. You see with working plenty of weekends and the every-other-weekend thing, our ability to schedule time with my extended family is very chance. So a spontaneous pumpkin patch and dinner afterwards was terrific. I even used up all the old tickets from 2011 I found when had been cleaning the house, too.

Today we had breakfast, and then, went to the gym and played one-on-one basketball together. Basketball is SO much fun! I had no idea of what kind of fun I had been missing! It was very nice to have the court to ourselves.

We also went for mani-pedis together. He suggested it after I mentioned we needed to 'do something tonight about his fingernails'. My boy went kicking and screaming the last time. I was at my wits end because we had been having battle over the fingernails and toenails his whole LIFE. He just hates to have them clipped. So I said, 'come with me, and if you don't like it you never have to go back again.' Well, he likes it, being able to soak his feet and have things done by a professional (not me in the nail department). So we sat side by side, and I had mine done for the first time in about three months.

I am very thankful for this day. So thankful. For just some time to enjoy LIFE.

The Vogel Crystal

Archangel Lauren discovered how nice they are for writing the Archangel Healing Keys.  I had never heard of them. So I called my local crystal shop, and YES, they have them.

A Vogel Crystal is like a cross between the cut pendulum and the selenite wand--it's long like the wand but has special cuts in it. I knew the smoky quartz ones 'weren't right' so I went to the display case. I took out my pendulum, and found the one that was right for me.

Here are some pictures to help you visualize:

A Vogel crystal has a taper to it very much like this pendulum, but no chain, and it's longer

Overall the Vogel crystal is easy to hold like this Selenite wand.

If my German is correct, Vogel means 'bird' too. Like a bird's beak, I gather?

Skara Brae

There is a little 'town' in the Orkney Islands in Scotland, actually, the ruins of a town, and it is called Skara Brae. Between 3,200 BC and 2,200 BC, this neolithic village thrived. It was hidden from the world until a huge storm hit in the 1850's. It exposed part of it. Then people looted it. And the digging mysteriously stopped, until I think 1926 or something around then when another storm damaged what was exposed and archeological excavation resumed.

That stopped too, and it wasn't formalized until the 1970's as an archeological project.

Skara Brae is older than the pyramids and older than Stonehenge. And there are big circles of rocks like Stonehenge in the area too. Here is a nice link to get a look at it, and more important, an energy 'feel'click here.

The henge is called the 'Ring of Brodgar' click here. Also for a little more information, Ring of Brodgar and Stones of Stenness.

There is also a chambered tomb, in good condition, not far away, called, Maeshowe.

And a great big 'temple' area recently discovered, and the excavated part is about one portion of the much larger tunnel system:  the Ness of Brodgar click here.

The BBC did a nice documentary on the latter--click to watch

this is also a direct link to the video.

Here is also a fascinating video on the Reappearing Sunlight at sunset on December 21, 1999 right from the middle of the Ring of Brodgar--click to watch  This one resonates quite strongly with me.

Here are my thoughts:

  • These civilizations are five thousand years old
  • Eight thousand years ago, the peaceful, nature-loving races were annihilated by the dark ones--Skara Brae is a pocket that survived the annihilation. It's in the remote areas of Scotland which have very bad weather and storms on the water. It was overlooked. For three thousand more years.
  • Nobody knew they existed until the storm uncovered Skara Brae
  • Not once but TWICE excavation mysteriously stopped
  • I disagree with the theories about the Ness of Brodgar that it was for power and separation, the religion that was practiced there
  • I 'sense' the 'story' is 'approved' by the BBC, and we know who is in charge of that. (If you watch the documentary, you'll see someone very high up from team Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart 'checking things out')
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this had Agarthan contact in this area
  • I bet these people survived the fall of Atlantis and the cataclysm.
  • The location is amazing--on a spit of land with fresh water (Loch) on one side and the north Atlantic (salt water) on the other. I bet the energies of the earth there, that course through Gaia, are phenomenal there.
Here is a map of Scotland--look to the top right for the Orkney Islands--

And here is a close up of the sacred and ancient sites:

And one of the items found at Skara Brae, the fine ivory needle, matches what has been found in Northern Ireland. Fascinating, isn't it?


Hi. Did you know there is a region in Scotland that is named after me? Carla didn't. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it on the general Scotland map. (laughs)

How are you? How are you holding up with all the energies? We have been having an eclipse, with X1 class solar flares left and right. 

Are you still with us?

Are we leaving you in the dust, because the energies are 'too much' out there?

The energy is here to stay. They are good for Carla, they are good for us, and for the majority of humanity, they will --after a few bumps here and there--provide a WELCOME RELIEF to the status quo.

Let me repeat:  they will provide a WELCOME RELIEF to the way things are at this time. In all things.

When Carla does an anesthetic, when everything goes haywire, Carla is trained to go back to basics:
  • turn anesthetic gases off
  • go back to one hundred percent oxygen
  • give small doses of pressor to support the blood pressure
  • open fluids wide
  • put the head of the Operating Table way down (Trendelenberg position)
One of her teachers had a pneumonic to remember it--Carla can't recall it any more. But this buys Carla time in the operating room to pinpoint the problem and fix the root cause of whatever is going on with her patient. Once the problem is addressed and the patient is more stable, she turns everything back the way it was in the first place before the concern arose.

Carla goes back to 'safety' and has this so automatic now she hardly has to think about it when she does, she just does it.

When our boy is with the basketball, and things are going crazy on the court, he drops down and dribbles with alternating hands, turns his back to the defender, and does what he has to do to make the point.

He is only nine and when stressed he goes to 'safety' in his own way.

In ways of Spirit, they are the same for all of us, no matter what the level of spiritual development--when everything is 'solar flaring' and 'mercury retrograde' and possibly even 'too much being asked of you by spirit'--the answer is 'go back to SAFETY', where you are comfortable in your spiritual growth.

For Carla, she gets in Nature. Fresh air and sunlight. Lots of water to drink, good water that is healthy. She likes the one from Mount Shasta best (it's on her recommended tab).  She naps often to allow her body to absorb the energy, much like she did when she was in her first trimester of pregnancy ten years ago. She likes doing puzzles. And just like pregnant women get their 'cravings', Carla gets them too, in spirit. Sudoku gives great pleasure to her. She is on her five star ones now in her little book. She likes touching animals, and in the past used to go to pet stores when she did not own any pets--just to be near their joyful energy.

Know what is right for you.

It is okay to take a break, a breather, every now and then, just like Carla did today.

You need relief from all this 'studying'--about life in the Higher dimensions. 

So take a study break, if you will. And when the growth is so much you really 'sense' it, try to get your balance and composure by doing what is SAFETY for you. It won't take long before you are climbing up and on your way after your short breather. (smiles)

Carla forgot to tell you an important story about her Vogel crystal. It is made of Rose Quartz. There was only one like that in the whole display case, but just to be sure Carla tested with her pendulum for every one. There were six! (laughs)

As she sat at the crystal store, her boy was in the next seat over. There are two seats at this place. They are very high energy, for there are lots of amethyst and crystals and it is blessed at that far end of the store.  I connected with Carla and I blessed the crystal and instructed her on her use of it. Then Archangel Michael came, and Carla lifted the Vogel Crystal up in her open left hand to Michael. Carla saw with her third eye as Michael put the energy into it.

Her son was watching the whole time, and in the middle, he blurted out, 'Mom!? What are you doing to that crystal?! It keeps getting PINKER and PINKER!'

Carla explained that it was Michael. And also, at Michael's insistence, she shared the connection Michael has with him too. (They are related, as are Carla and myself).  Michael said 'hello', and asked if he had anything he would like to know?

The boy wanted to know about magnetic rings, about tuning forks, and very literal things.

This is often a form of denial--not rejection--when the vibrational difference is too high upon introduction. The one meeting the person with the higher energy, says, 'okay' and then ZONES OUT and asks something totally unrelated and very concrete and three-dimensional.  Carla's son got UP and brought back a tuning fork to show to her.

So--when people GET UP, WALK AWAY, CHANGE THE SUBJECT (for example, from angelic beings to 'the weather' to make 'small talk')--don't give up.

Understand it for what it is--an INTRODUCTION. 

Drop it and leave it there. When they are ready, the person will come to you to learn more.

Our boy had nightmares last night about Ebola. Tonight he is sleeping blissfully with the help of a grid make of calcite, kyanite, quartz and azurite the two made together. He is well on his way to his calling! I am very proud of his spiritual growth...

Remember, everything is FORWARD, even sometimes when it appears to be 'looking back'.

Sometimes on the tires, with the rims, even when the car is moving forward, there is an optical illusion to make them appear to be turning backwards, when you know by the motion of the vehicle this is not the case.

(gestures arms like at the airport--the guy with the flashlights) EVERYTHING is moving AHEAD!

REALLY! It is! And you are going to enjoy being a part of the changes. Thank you for your work you do from your heart for the Light.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross
and our little son who played a mean game with Carla on one-on-one. I helped Carla--just a little bit--in making the baskets for Around The World, a different shooting game. Our boy heard me explain to him that Carla was so bad at it I had to help a little : )))  

It was fun and I had an incredible day too.