Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Archangel Uriel Attunement Key of Forgiveness

Archangel Uriel woke me up this morning. I have never met him before in my meditations. I asked him what he does, what his healing specialty is?

He said 'I do a lot of things that are pretty all-encompassing'.

So I got up.

It wasn't until I tried and tried and tried to call to wish my estranged Uncle a happy birthday with no luck whatsoever, and I asked mom, 'What's wrong with Uncle Beni?' that Uriel came to me with this symbol.

It is like 'ho'oponopono on steroids' Uriel says.

Here is the attunement key; use it to work with Uriel on all matters, particularly with love and forgiveness on a soul level.

It's funny.
As I let go in my heart of Uncle Beni, my favorite Uncle, my son knocked on the kitchen door. He is playing with friends. He said, 'I have something to show you, mom. Will you come outside?'

It was this:

And in my heart I felt just the same delight as this little girl!

When I was three, my very first pets were guinea pigs at Nana's house, where Uncle Ben who is seventeen years older than I am also lived. He always made me feel loved and happy to be with him.

I NEVER could pick them up. Every guinea pig I ever met would squeal and run away.

But not Jericho. Our neighbor Caleb wanted me to see his pet, and my son carried it. I was so happy scratching his little head, and I kissed it.

I guess the Uncle goes away, but the guinea pig arrived to soothe my inner child's heart.

Thank you Archangel Uriel, for this beautiful surprise!

Now I will go toss the football--the boys are waiting outside.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc