Monday, October 6, 2014

Gaia News Brief 7.10.2014

The Super IV Placement Team

There was a new admit. Three nurses stuck the patient four times. They called me in to 'do my magic'. Membranes were ruptured, and labor was in progress. An epidural would be needed, and hydration is a must before an epidural can be placed.

It's tough. At four a.m. I got up in the call room, and put on my shoes. I packed all my stuff because the night shift nurses have a tendency to 'stack up' one epidural after another. Then the next on-call person gets annoyed because I have not 'moved out' in time for them at seven.

So I walk up, and see only ONE patient on the board. That explains the sleep I had. And I tease the staff by asking rather pointedly, 'what room has the patient who needs the i.v.?'

The nurses were apologetic, and explained how all the good ones (I know them and yes they are good) had a swing and a miss...

I walk in the room and I am hit with an energy I immediately feel uncomfortable with. I can't explain it, but it's like something is going on with that couple that I can't put my finger on, but I know they act normal, but whatever it is, it's just 'not right'. It could be chemicals. It could be beliefs. It could be anything that makes the vibration for me uncomfortably low. (it's not a judgement call--it's just WAY outside my 'bandwidth').

These veins just are 'not right'. Very thin and spidery. 'with valves!' the nurses warned.

I found they were very thick walled, and rolled too. I tried one in the volar wrist (where you put your perfume). It blew, although I got a flash. It's really painful there. The patient didn't like it, but was nice and understanding about the need to put one there.

On the second time, again, it was not going very well. Then all of a sudden, I saw the skin and the vein move without my moving it, and I got a flash, and the catheter threaded in easily when I inserted it.

I think it was angelic help.

Open The Floodgates

Yesterday was rough. Today wasn't much better. I picked up my boy from mom, and dropped him off at school. I stopped by the post-office after to pick up a very much awaited package from a close friend in Germany.

Once I got home with the package I could barely lift it was so huge! I sat on the couch. I was exhausted. Ross told me to take a salt bath, but I didn't. I just changed out of my scrubs into a shirt he told me to wear (blue Billy Elliot SHINE tee) and my black jogging shorts.

I sat on the couch and looked in the bags. Bag number one was from my mother. She had given me dad's long socks. They were the socks he wore while we went skiing. I remember having the same ones. And the little glove liners to keep his hands warm. Then there was his tie. I lost it at his tie. I missed Daddy. I wanted him back. I thought, 'what is the point of all this life to experience loss like this?' Then there was his stupid leather butt pack he wore always, the one he thought was both cool and practical. He was only half right when it came to that.

Bag number two from mom was HEAVY. I wondered what could be in it? It was a tin with coins from my Nanu Filippo. He was a coin collector. And I saw the rolls of pennies, with his writing on them. Then I REALLY started crying. I love Nanu so much he came back for me, in my son. But I remembered all the times we had, when I was little, and I missed him so very much my eyes were swollen and my nose a bright bright RED.

Archangel Raziel told me to make a pot of tea. With a lot of honey in it. And drink it. I used 'Inner Joy' herbal tea. I had my mug, and I faced the huge box from Germany.

I opened it. And first I opened the bag with the castle on it for me. I love castles. There was a large teddy bear, and several little ones. The first was a spitz, and looked like Bobby. I smiled, and then I stopped crying. Then to my wonder was a bear, Sequoia. That was a special place to me while growing up, where I met Patrick, the nicest boy I ever met, who took me through the meadows and showed me my very first snow flower in all its beauty.  I also went there for my honeymoon for my second marriage--we married in January 17, but delayed the honeymoon to May, but much to my surprise, there was still snow! The spotted green and white bear, Clover also had special significance. Clover is one of my favorite plants, and grew in the yard. The flowers smell wonderful. It also is the design Ross picked for the Pandora bracelet gift for Mana Patrice. The last was America. With a little flag. Like my birthday, in that same week...I smiled at how well I am known and Spirit intervenes.

There were many wonderful things to eat, chocolates, more gummy candies than I knew possibly existed, all things we can't buy here and looked absolutely delicious.

Then I saw the photos and the letters, which are special and private, but very consoling, and I had no tears except those of joy when I was done.

Ross wanted to write to me. He rarely does this any more, preferring to channel directly to my readers instead.  I got my journal, and then the tears really started to flow.

You see, I have been wanting to go Home and to 'make up for things', exclusively with Ross...

He politely explained that I am to be my own person, even though we are Twins, and he will not be my husband. He is my TWIN, and there is a difference. 

I said, 'Ross if you need your space, go and screw other women. I am fine with that. But I will go and be by myself for all eternity, and develop my own interests, and never come to you again.'

I am jealous of my Higher Self, and accused him of not only being with her and using me as their 'plaything', but that Ascension isn't what it is cracked up to be, and that in our first incarnation together, I was used like a Spiritual Booster Rocket to get him UP and out of the Matrix to 'lay the starry path for others' as my Higher Self calls it in her book...and naturally, like a Booster Rocket, it is my place to be thrown away, and I accept this.

Do It Now. Just throw me away, and let me go on with my life. Thank you very much.

Then he told me to go outside, in the sun. I lay on a blanket on my stomach on Gaia, and deeply connected to her. It was almost one hundred degrees, I started sweating, and I could only write so much.

He told me to go on the porch swing. I did. Something sparked my memory--and because of my emotional turmoil and extreme distress--I asked, 'If it's not mine, Lord, please take it away.' And I felt the relaxation hit! Immediately.  All of this has been some kind of Archonic attack to throw me off my projects and my center! I settled in, and I slept.

Then Ross woke me up and asked if I wanted noodles? So I went to my place I go when my boy is not around. I wanted tempura shrimp. I ate four pieces along with my usual udon soup.

In the middle of the meal, I got a call from the school. My son was hurt. A playground accident.

I went immediately to pick him up.


I could tell by inspection and palpation that the injury was not serious, and that my son needed emotional support more than anything, and also pain control.

I also know that the mechanism--running full speed and falling on the ribs--could injure the spleen.

If I was in a marriage, I would have just monitored it at home, and taken him in if he got worse.  Since there are custody arrangements, I have to be 'by the book', so I bit the bullet, and keeping my sky-high deductible in mind, took the boy to the nearest emergency room.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! my son said over and over. We got into a room directly from triage. The i.v. insertion for CT contrast dye was excruciating, and I did all I could to comfort him. It took two sticks. Then the morphine made the kid pain-free, but on some buzz, that made him laughing hysterically, and that freaked me out more than the pain.

All imaging was negative and documented.

I sensed Ross wanted me to see things from 'his side' with the screaming child and the i.v. this time.

I was an emotional wreck, and told my friend in Germany, I needed not one but TWO glasses of wine.

Limp Noodle

That is how I felt driving out of that ER parking lot. I had planned dinner, at home, and there was no way I could cook. My boy was starving. But what to eat? He is insulin resistant. And every where we go, there is a huge battle, over the carbs.

We tried one restaurant but it was closed.

I wanted Luna Grill. But I got lost. So we went to Chipotle instead.

He asked why I was so stressed? He knew it was more than the ER. I told him it was my spiritual life...

He said, 'Mom? You have two lives. One up THERE. And one down here. And both of them are kicking your butt.'

I told him I know this but I don't understand it.

He looked me in the eye, took a bite of burrito, and said calmly, 'I think that's the point--you aren't supposed to understand'.

It made total sense--how can a 3D mind understand 5D, even if I am energetically in 5D, I still don't 'get' the ways of Galactic Life?

I shared how the Mary Magdalen message really bothered me. I did not share how the John Smallman one had direct--well--I was described in it. I know my work, my projects, and a lot of the data that was taken from study of my perceptions--showed up in that channeling too.

My son channels Ross. So after the meal, he said, 'Ross wants you to go to BevMo. He hasn't been around, and he knows this is hard on you. He wants to get you something special. It's his treat.'

The boy even knew which part of the store to go. I found two sicilian wines, Rosso kind, and bought them. I didn't want champagne. Imagine my surprise when both wines were the 'buy a second for a nickel' kind!

On the walk to Home Depot, my boy explained that the Mary Magdalen channeling with Natalie Glasson was 'a glitch'--there are many of them--and it was corrected immediately. Ross said I was the only one for him, ever. And that in fact, today was our original wedding anniversary. So we bought things for Halloween, and I bought home depot roses...and felt much better.

As we pushed the cart across the parking lot on the way back to the car, Ross had my son ask me how I feel, do I feel better?

I am totally amazed at how things worked out. (the little one got some decorations for Halloween, too, from Ross)  Our son said that sometimes there are only some things Ross can tell me, because of the vibration or rules, but that others can tell me those things if Ross tells them, and the same with me for our son.


Our son is watching a rental of Kick Ass online. Carla is having some trouble hearing me right now. I thank her for channeling me as often and as generously as she does.

Carla wants wine, her wine that I bought for our anniversary for her today. It is almost her bedtime, and she withheld it to be a pure and clear channel for you. She wants this work to be holy, to be her best, because a lot of you are counting on it.

I ask you to say a prayer for our Carla at this time. Make it strong and gentle, with hope.

A lot is going to be asked of Miss Carla, my Twin, in a short time. I want to strengthen her as tenderly and as thoroughly as possible for this. I will be at her side through most of it. As her son so accurately shared with her in the car on the ride home, 'Mom? Do you know why you incarnated in this life?'

She didn't and had been struggling to understand this concept for some time.

Our boy said, 'People need someone to guide them.' And it is true.

I have a hard life, up here, and it is harder than anything Carla does with her busy and demanding schedule. I told our son I feel like a car salesman talking to one thousand people a day trying to make everybody happy and be fair.

The difference between me and Carla is very much like the difference between Carla's life and you. Yours is hard for you to handle, and your plate is full, and I respect that. There is an order of magnitude difference between the complexity of the life lessons--Carla is an angel and can adapt, don't you notice that about her and her courage and her cheerful nature and willingness to go beyond the normal hardships that the Light worker experience is?

But at this moment, Carla needs our help. Our spiritual help and guidance to empower her for what comes next. It is daunting, and it is not for the faint hearted.

It is going to be amazing to behold, when it happens! But for Carla? God have strength...she will do well, I am sure with her new challenge--that is all I can say about it now without altering security and putting our plan at risk.

Will you please keep my Twin in your heart? If only for the next few weeks? I thank you, and remember your kindness for our family.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and my red-nosed, and weary wife., Reiki Doc Carla.
I will marry her. In good time.
All will be explained at the right time and place.