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Gaia News Briefs 24.10.2014


I know it's that 'time of year' for spooky things, but I have to mention something about the Ouija board movie that is due to open tomorrow.  It touches upon a lot of things that people are uncomfortable about with the Other Side and death in general.

They also use the line, 'we have opened up a channel and now watch out!' (it would be a portal, not a channel--and channels are humans who are able to let the deceased use their vocal cords or write for them, as a service to them. I am a Conscious channel. Edgar Cayce was not--he slept and channeled.)

As a physician, I've seen it all, and dead people stay dead. Okay. They can't come back to life like zombies.

As a medium, although I have heard of negative entities, and 'ghosts', most of them are repulsed by my Very High Vibration. My energy is like fingernails scratching a chalkboard to them because I can help them go Home. So the ones who are interested talk to me. They always have a 'message' or a 'lesson'. Here's the link if you'd like to know more click here for actual mediumship messages from my patients who have died.

When I was giving anesthesia in a colonoscopy, and it came out that both the technician's mom and I are mediums--the first thing mentioned was 'I don't want any BAD ghosts in here!' and another, nurse Nancy, said, 'I heard that some ghosts have raped this true?'

There are some very horrible 'things' out there. And of the few I've 'met', always know that we have Free Will, and they don't. So do as I do, and say, 'Go AWAY!' and they leave.

They have to. It's the rules.

Otherwise enjoy your scary movie and your popcorn.

The Christ Attunement Key

It's from Lauren, who is an incarnation of Archangel Ariel.

This is one of the Archangel Healing Keys.

It will help to awaken your own Christ Consciousness, another 'term' for the energy and consciousness that goes with it of 5D.  Each of us has the Christ Consciousness 'seed' or 'spark' within our soul. It is up to this symbol, and your working with spirit, and Jesus Christ himself, the first ever incarnate to reach this state, to help develop this quality in you and give you a 'leg up' on 'what life is like in the Higher Realms'.

It may be only used on yourself. You cannot attune another without their consent. If someone is disabled, or in a cast, just guide their hand for them when they ask for your assistance. If there is no one to help, then use your eyes to draw the symbol. Aim it first at the skin, then a second time, a little above.

This is the only place you are going to find this key:

Thoughts On Ebola

things Medical:

  • It's one of the hemorrhagic fevers--like Hanta Virus, Marburg Virus, Lassa Virus
  • There are three ways to contact Ebola--skin contact with a body fluid, being stuck or touching infected needles and other instruments and equipment, and 'droplet' in the air (similar to a cold or flu)
  • A circle of three-feet radius next to the infected person is high risk for catching it.
  • If you are medical personnel and talking with someone at risk, stand six feet away to limit your risk.
  • People entering hospitals--all visitors, patients, and staff--are screened by security guards for 1) fever over 100.3F,  2) HEADACHE, weakness, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain AND 3)recent travel to a high-risk area  checklist for clinicians
  • These people are then taken with a mask immediately to the emergency room isolation area, and not allowed to leave until the CDC arrives to 'make the decision' if they have it or not. A team will come in two hours.
  • People at the CDC and World Health Organization have worked with these serious, high-risk diseases and not caught it; they know what to do, and they do it right.
  • There are 'pods', special units where these patients will be taken. They are far away.
  • Any hospital with someone with Ebola will only 'stabilize' and not do much except basic care until the CDC arrive, take the patient, and clean everything up so there is no risk to staff.
  • The vaccine is not out yet. It is due in January. This lady here, Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire has it almost sequenced on its DNA, and the vaccine will bypass all regulatory restrictions.
  • A bleach solution of one part bleach to ten parts water left to sit on the surface for ten minutes will kill the Ebola virus.
  • Around five to eight days into the Ebola illness, a patient will have vomiting and diarrhea, with huge amounts of diarrhea.
  • If the diarrhea turns bloody (hemorrhagic) the prognosis is poor, and the patient will die. Fifty percent get this, and that is why survival is fifty percent.
  • Survivors are donating their blood to isolate the antibody to Ebola and possibly clone it.
  • There is a normal 'curve' for this type of 'outbreak'--in Africa it can be traced to a man who ate bush meat from an infected animal, his kids--small children--and he died. And those he contacted died. This curve is expected to PEAK in late November or December for this African outbreak.
  • People who have been exposed must be quarantined for thirty days to make sure they do not come down with it in the three-week window of concern for catching it.
  • Hospitals who care for Ebola patients LOSE a lot of business--and many workers refuse to work when a patient is there.
  • The Dallas hospital didn't do a good job with the Ebola patient Duncan. He was treated and released with a prescription for antibiotics from the ER, and came back really in bad shape three days later.  Many people cared for him in ICU before any isolation besides 'contact isolation' was initiated.
  • Hospital isolation is Contact , Blood Born (universal precautions), and Droplet.
  • In Atlanta, at Emory, where they cared for the patient shipped from Dallas, disposing of waste was a problem. Both environmental services refused to take it, as well as the regular trash service. They had to rent a big trailer truck, and fill it with bags of disposable materials and personal protective equipment used. Then one man took it to the incinerator dump. The city refused to have wastes from the toilets and threatened to cut off all water supply to the facility. There was negotiation back and forth on what to do with the copious diarrhea wastes. They agreed to put it in the toilet, let two inches thick of pure bleach sit on it for TEN minutes, and then flush.
  • Patients and health care workers taking care of Ebola are socially shunned.
  • Health Care Workers use a 'buddy system' and have a person with competency in this type of personal protection supervise each donning and taking off of protective gear.
  • At our hospital, we layer disposable gloves, shoe 'gaiters', this rubber boots over two layers of plastic gowns and pants, then a surgical gown, a bouffant hat, a bonnet that ties under the chin, a neck cover, and a mask and eye shield. We take them off by standing in a bucket of bleach with the rubber shoes, then all comes off except the disposable scrubs, and we shower. Then we  can dry off and take our break before we come back again to the room.
  • Health care workers should have the option to stay at the hospital for thirty days after their work is done, to avoid risking exposure to their families.

Things practical

  • In Orange County, the high-risk area is Disneyland, because people from all over the world go there.
  • There are high-risk international airports, LAX being the closest, and I think Miami and Atlanta, New York and several others are on the list.
  • People being screened are at risk to tell untruths about their recent travel. This is relying on their sense of honor and respect for humankind and their willingness to risk being 'singled out'.
  • I would expect a significant proportion of those infected or exposed to be in denial; this is normal human behavior.
  • My babysitter is from Liberia--been here many years. Her family is ordered to 'stay in the house' to avoid risk. Plus, many, many of her Facebook friends back home are experiencing tragedy.
  • She also 'has a feeling' that this was not normal, how this came to be, because the places where it started have little to no governmental support to 'stop' infections early in the outbreak. There was looting at the hospital where people from a poor shanty-town in the middle of Monrovia raided the hospital to steal contaminated items and blankets. It seemed as if someone was deliberately trying to make the outbreak spread. (ed-  I agree--our looters in LA take TV sets, yes?)
  • The ID specialist at our hospital said that Mr. Duncan 'did everyone a favor' because now ALL hospitals have their teams and education modules up and prepared 'just in case'.

Things--well--'other things'

  • many are under the impression this is 'A Hoax'--I take this to mean that a significant percentage  think that the media is lying in one way or another, and trying to stir up fear with this outbreak. This may very well be true.
  • When you find mold on your cheese, do you throw the whole thing out, because it's bad? Or do you cut off the 'bad part' and enjoy the rest?  Our survival that is hard-wired in is to THROW OUT anything that seems 'just a little bit bad'. This is normal human behavior.
  • Social support, and seeking like-minded others is ANOTHER form of survival adaptation for humans.
  • To grasp the situation with Ebola--in either camp--will require discipline to fight the 'throw it all out' reflex and 'look for the facts' to come up with a plan and accepted perception of the outbreak and risk.
  • If you ask me, there is a lot of motivation to sell news with this outbreak--TV, print, radio, and alternative (remember hits equal dollars for MANY debits that promote advertising).
  • If you ask me, there is a lot of motivation to make people Freak Out and have Fear. First to gain are those who take over our civil rights by offering to 'fix the problem for us', for example, the airport security changes after 911.
  • Love Is The Solution For Everything. Repeat this to yourself throughout the day. Often!
  • HIV is reportedly created in a lab with human, animal, and extraterrestrial DNA--according to conspiracy theorists.
  • Even if this is true, HIV and AIDS have killed a lot of people.
  • The world, if you ask me, deserves to know The Truth about Ebola, no matter what.
  • People who support the CDC and WHO 'story' might want to research Agenda 21 and NWO (New World Order) websites.
  • People who support Alternative Media and Conspiracy sites might want to poke around on some hospital websites on Ebola, too, just for balanced information.
  • The hallmark of any illuminati-based Psy Ops is to take control of both extremes of the discussion. For example, there is a lot of paid Disinfo-spewing trolls blogging out there with 'channeled' information. So no matter what, discernment is key.

Remember, the best OFFENSE is a good DEFENSE--so keep your thoughts, your vibration and your energy Strong and Healthy. A healthy aura is like an eggshell, and virus can't penetrate and cause infection. Your immunity will be in top form, too.


Carla has spent an awful lot of time with me today. I will give her a break. Enjoy the Christ Attunement Key.

With all my love...I had Archangel Lauren send it. Thank you Lauren for your fine service to the Light, and everyone here thanks you for your love and devotion to the Light Work that you have been asked to do, your mission. I know it hasn't been easy an incarnation for you. We thank you, both of us, from the bottom of our combined heart <3 (How is that for a little Twin Love, Carla, hmmmm?)  (ed--I really LIKE it!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your Reiki Doc friends and family
(but don't try getting our minutes on our cellular phone service--we have unlimited! : )))   I am just kidding! I want you to know I understand what's going on with daily life on surface Gaia just like you <3)