Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Call To Encourage Intuition In Health Care

I was surprised to read this article one of my readers Stacey from UK shared with me. It is written by Sue:  Diary Of A Benefits Scrounger

Here is my response to it:

Dear Sue,

I share your concern.

I also have focused on it since my medical school clerkships when it seems that doctors couldn't 'figure out' what was wrong with the patient, and instead prided themselves on 'coming up with the differential diagnosis' of about fourteen different things that could be causing the condition--then boring me on and on with their 'mental masturbation' over the battery of tests needed to help this patient out.

What we both agree, with the many of the treating physicians 'just don't get it'.

What I see, in a different health care system where I am in Private Practice--is that in the NHS there isn't as much 'incentive' for the doctors to 'get it right'. Even at some powerful managed care 'Big Box' hospitals where my family members have been treated and the doctors are on salary--paid by the hour and go home at a predictable time--it took enormous amounts of persistence on MY part to oversee the medical care of my loved ones and direct the care as a 'Patient Advocate'.

Medical systems are the most complex organization on earth that have ever existed.

But when it comes right down to it, in my heart, I sense the ultimate thing that concerns both you and myself is a Lack Of Intuition on the part of the provider, which is exacerbated by Poor Listening Skills, which might be also made worse by some Burn Out on the part of the physicians.

With Reiki, I have become so much more 'in tune' with my patients! So much more compassionate in my care for them too.

I love being a practicing anesthesiologist. I love helping my patients at their worst, and watching and protecting them from harm and pain as they undergo their operations. I share the joy of the parents as their little ones make it into the world at the Labor and Delivery suites...

So perhaps, in time, as Energy Healing, increased Consciousness, and INTUITIVE AWARENESS trickle in to the organized conventional health care, perhaps things will improve for us all.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla the Reiki Doc