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Update On Healing: UC Davis National Conference Inspiration

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Healthcare is changing. This is agreed upon by just about everybody you talk to about medicine as we see it today.

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the 12th Annual UC David Pre-Medical and Pre-Health National Conference, with my niece who is interested in becoming a physician. She graduates this year from high school, and wants to plan her college experience accordingly to reach her dream.

Here is a summary of what I learned, from the experts:

What she says--Janet Napolitano, JD, President Of The University Of California

The population of physicians in practice in the state of California is aging. Thirty-two percent are sixty years or older.  Although California is known to be a land of dreams and opportunity, there is a predicted seventeen-thousand physician shortage in the near future, with most of this in the serving of rural areas.  Her words of encouragement were also backed by financial advice about many programs to assist medical students.  As things are, about thirty-three percent of all students are from underrepresented minority groups. And thirty percent are first-generation doctors. About forty-two percent of students receive a Pell Grant, which is a gift and does not need to be repaid.  The PRIME program matches students to underserved areas, and this program offers financial support. On the Blue and Gold scholarship program, students with parents who make under eighty thousand dollars are not required to pay ANY tuition fee in state. And there is also a middle-class scholarship available to those whose parents make less than one-hundred fifty thousand dollars a year. The net result? Over half of all students at the University of California Health Care System have medical school for free and have no debt when they graduate.

What Reiki Doc says

Janet undoubtedly had input into Obamacare. Many of the physicians have opted out of medicine altogether to avoid dealing with the changes. Many young ones 'retired' because it was not worth it to 'compete' in this new playing field.  Due to a 'glitch'--the healthcare comes with a high deductible and has Bronze, Silver and Gold 'levels' of copayment from patients. As a result, providers giving care have had to 'scramble' since most patients do not pay their deductible and have had to be 'stiffed' by the patient in this situation. Some have waited to submit billing until after the deductible was met. Others have patients pay cash up front before offering services to avoid this situation.  Janet is RECRUITING from the pool disadvantaged potential health care students with the promise of 'riches'--at this special conference--to TAKE ON OVER TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN DEBT for EDUCATION--to students who may not be able to buy homes because of this debt burden to become healthcare professionals.  People who enter the military, or programs to help in underserved areas will come out ahead, as their education will be subsidized by these programs. After this, students with 'deep pockets'--well-to-do parents, also will have no debt. And those remaining students who support themselves like I did? They are in for a struggle because the money they hope to get in return for their sacrifice and skill may not be 'there' waiting for them. (my debt was thirty-three thousand dollars, twenty-eight thousand of which I bundled into a home refinance. I paid my debt in ten years.)

What he says--Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD, President, Institute of Medicine

We are approaching an era where 'Medicine' means more than physician--it includes all branches of healing, notably, nursing, veterinary medicine, physicians, allied health, and public health. Furthermore, he points out the motto on the gym wall above the audience--'#one world one UC Davis' to promote the concept of One Health:  that human and animal and ecologic 'holistic balance' is tied in overall, and that one cannot heal without balance being optimized in the other 'branches' of our connectedness.

He mentions EBOLA--where is it from? It is a zoonotic infection, much like SARS, HIV, and influenza, that goes from an animal reservoir to the human host.

He also discusses PRECISION medicine--individualized for each patient's particular DNA make-up. In the nineteenth century, pathology was the basis of all disease.  It was physical and under the microscope findings that led to the diagnosis. Everything was 'lumped together' and treated the same. Now is the time to create healing that is patient-specific, and to go beyond the nineteenth century approach.

What Reiki Doc says

Medicine has been good to this man. He knows what side of his bread is buttered. He has many contributions to many organizations, many very famous and notable ones. My sense is that he is pointing towards medicine 'trends' which are pretty universal, and many other speakers point to the same direction. He means well. He works hard. But how much of the 'system' does he realize, the pharmaceutical industry and its reach? I am not sure what side he is on--ours, or theirs. Time will tell.

What he says--Robert McDonald, Secretary, Veterans Affairs

The VA system trains virtually all physicians. (including myself; I was an employee, just like him.)
The VA Healthcare claims three Nobel Prizes, the first pacemaker, the first liver transplant, and the first nicotine patch too. Using the ICARE principles of Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence to see more and his photo the VA is helping to advance the field of medicine overall. He shares with excitement, the exoskeleton project for Spinal Cord patients, an area which the VA delivers excellent care.  see video of how it works Yes it has been FDA approved here in the US.

What Reiki Doc says

The VA is under scrutiny because of 'long wait times' for Veterans to be seen and treated. I love the VA, and I am thankful for both the veterans who were my patients, and the system. I can see how the Secretary would not dwell on this, but it would have been 'balanced' to say that we are using ICARE to resolve the controversial 'long wait times' situation. His videos he shared, especially the one about 'My Dad is a doctor for the VA' moved me very much, and I cried, because the healers there do a lot of good for the veterans and their families.

What he says-- Steve Given, DAOM, LAc, Dean of Clinical Education, Director of Academic Assessment, ACTCM

He compares and contrasts the Western 'linear model' of disease with the Eastern 'everything is in circles' philosophy. Everything is in balance, and it isn't enough to treat the symptom without addressing the underlying energy imbalance of the qi (chi--life force) and the xue (blood), as well as the yin and the yang.  He gave a brief history of Acupuncture in the western world, most notably, James Reston, reporter for the New York Times, who had an appendectomy in China during the 1971 visit by Richard Nixon. original article--and he had a spinal for the surgery, not acupuncture.

When the energy flows with balance and harmony in the natural circles, you are disease-free. When there are symptoms, even if ten patients all present with the same SYMPTOM, it might require ten different treatments, due to the underlying imbalances that need to be addressed.

So from three thousand years ago, this form of medicine has come to the states in the 1800's with the railroads and the gold rush. The modalities are:

  • Cupping and Gua Sha (scraping)
  • Moxibustion
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong (to assist the individual to move and balance their own Chi)
  • Herbs
  • Diet
Medical science is just starting to be able to explain how acupuncture works, for example, the pins cause a release in serotonin, which yields reduction in pain.   Here is the link to his school, which has more resources for you, if you are interested in this type of healing:  American College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

He also says that some acupuncturists now work for Kaiser. The referral process is very limited, but they are there, and they are busy.

What Reiki Doc says

I was delighted to hear Steve speak. Having been a patient of Rick Gold, in San Diego, for chronic sinus ailments in Medical School, I enjoyed this healing approach. Richard Gold, Lac  Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine.  It is wonderful that Acupuncture is invited to this Health Conference. I also would advise you, if you wish to study, to become very diligent in understanding the accreditation and licensing requirements, as well as insurance reimbursement rates, in the state where you plan to practice.  Rick was the first to recognize my gift. He called me 'a sensitive' and referred me to a session with Christel Nani. She is a former ER RN, who found she had 'the gift' and followed it. Christel. Although I didn't 'hit it off' with Christel, I appreciate her taking the time to work with me. Rebecca, too, I thank you for your help.

What she says -- Melanie Henriksen, ND, LAc, CNM, Dean of Naturopathic Medicine, NCNM

Naturopaths are like DO's (doctors of Osteopathic medicine) who spend the first two years of their four year training learning about the human body and how it works, then they work in the clinics to learn how to treat the whole patient, with these following methods:
  • Botanical medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Homeopathy
  • Hydrotherapy (alternating hot and cold water)
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Mind-Body medicine
  • Minor surgery
  • Midwifery
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pharmacology (in Oregon NP can prescribe everything an MD can except chemo and antipsychotics)
  • IV therapy (high dose vitamin C, alpha lipoid acids, selenium)
As the field progresses, studies are starting to show how this type of medicine works, in a bench top scientific as well as in a randomized, double-blind manner. And some failures, for example, the St John's Wort versus Paxil study, used one-third the dose most NP's would have used to treat moderate depression. She counters with, 'would one-third the dose of Paxil do anything for you too?'

She advises careful research on accreditation, licensing, and scope of practice. The cost will be about the same as medical school. There is no residency requirement, and also, residencies do not have federal funding like MD and DO programs do. 

'Medicine is merging and we all have to play nice in the sandbox together.' and 'Collaboration and integrative care--we do what is best for the patient regardless of the medical disciplines we have for our training.'  Melanie Henriksen, ND, LAc, CNM  

They have a beautiful website, and I encourage you to look at it: National College Of Natural Medicine

What Reiki Doc says

I raised my hand in the session, and asked two things--what are insurance reimbursements? Some are good, in some states. Others are limited. She added that although some work at Cancer Centers of America, or other organized departments of healing, many work in private practice. Some of those in private practice do not wish to accept insurance, because then insurance would have some say in how they treat patients, so independence is a must for these practitioners.

I also shared that with 'The Merge' MD and DO training requirements combining, that the only thing besides residency requirements holding the NP's back is the perception on the part of traditional MD's that 'taking call' and 'staying up all night' is part of the 'dues paid in order to be taken seriously as a healer'. Once this is resolved, then the healers can and should 'play nicely' together, with the patient's best interest at heart.

Also--LOL--where is the Reiki? 

What she says--Kimberley A Folks, MA, Pipeline Coordinator for the Office of Student and Resident Diversity, UC Davis

How to get into medical school for High School students--well, get into college! The better degrees pay over $52,200 year over those without higher education. Over a lifetime the college-educated come to be one million dollars ahead. The more education, the better! And apply for every scholarship--let THEM be the ones to tell you no!  She graduated with NO debt, and she is originally from Jamaica. Pell Grant, FAFSA, Cal Grant, scholarships will help you reach your dream. Open a bank account now, and make sure you take :
  • two years history
  • four years college prep English
  • three years math
  • two years lab science (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • two years of a language that is not English
  • one year of performing or visual art
  • one year of college prep elective
She also says to create a resume AND a Curriculum Vitale NOW.

What Reiki Doc says

Has she had any major plumbing work done in her house? Just kidding. The working conditions are better and I enjoy my career. Her enthusiasm and proven track record, and willingness to share her expertise was refreshing. I wish every high school student, not just those attending the conference, could have input from someone like her. Perhaps she could make her own YouTube channel?

I also didn't realize how hard I worked to get where I am today...

What he says--Jonathan Perez, Director of Admissions, Stanford University School Of Medicine

There were three themes. There was the technical--use your resources!
There are over seven thousand applications, about four-hundred-fifty invitations to interview, and ninety entering class positions.

The second is philosophical--apply MINDFULNESS and PROFESSIONALISM to everything that you do. The Stanford 'duck' principle was shared--you look calm on the surface but underneath you are swimming furiously to get where you want to go.

The last is, in my opinion, extremely related to my interest in spirituality--you take life Experiences, and you go make the most of them, to become a Change Agent. He cited a person who noticed there was no medical care in his hometown in the midwest. He pursued this, including asking several physicians in the area to support it, and created a model that has spread throughout the region, and it still functioning today. Change agents exist in all walks of life, and Stanford School of Medicine searches to select these individuals to contribute to the future of medicine.

What Reiki Doc says

Early on in my Reiki training, I envisioned creating randomized-double blind studies, and perhaps approaching my peers at conference with lectures and workshops on Reiki. I wanted to bring Reiki into the hospitals, and into conventional medicine, to everyone who is willing to learn it. The recovery times are half that without Reiki treatment. And in my own practice, post-op nausea and vomiting, as well as post-op pain, is very much less than with 'standard treatment' when Reiki is added to 'the mix'.

I quickly realized that this was slow and also faced many obstacles, for I was taking something that was from Source, and Spirit, and trying to 'make it fit' into a man-made society 'mold' or 'format', to gain 'acceptance'.

I let go, and started blogging from my heart, and reaching out to others who are like-minded.

As a result, my 'reach' is international. Our team of healers is effective and mutually supportive. We exist completely outside insurance, professional societies, and traditional roles as healers as we do our work. We have RT's, hospice nurses, NP's, physicians, and more 'inside the system', as well as healers who support and encourage Reiki worldwide.

We are not 'riding the wave' we are MAKING WAVES as a community. About six days ago, in a Skype session with Marc Gamma, Archangel Raphael encouraged me to study 'NDE's' (Near Death Experiences' in medicine). What I did not realize at the time was that this paper was released then too! It is the first study of NDE's from the university of Southampton. Furthermore, there is the work of Melvin Morse, MD, his website, a pediatrician whose patient survived a nineteen-minute cardiac arrest, met Jesus, and said he was 'nice'. Dr. Morse took up studies to prove that NDE phenomenon was 'wrong', and came up with a fascinating body of work, and several books, too. 

To close, I add my stories, the first collection of mediumship from a practicing physician:  Messages From My Patients

I propose that those who SEE and FEEL and EXPERIENCE the higher dimensions, and all that goes with it such as seeing auras, Reiki healing, telepathy, claircognizance, empaths, and more enter the arena of Healers...

It is time, for humanity, for this kind of 'merge' to begin.

'I use cosmic energy. It is a drugless treatment. I use my hands as electrodes.' --Hawayo Takata, December 1, 1961 Senate Subcommittee Hearing full text

Remember, as Louis Pasteur said, on his deathbed, 'Bernard is correct. The bacteria are nothing. The soil is everything." Pasteur was revealing to the world that his germ theory of disease was ... false. He SAW that it is the energy system, the vibrant aura, that is protective against disease.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc