Friday, October 10, 2014

Gaia News Brief 11.10.2014

Healing For The Long Journey With Cancer

A very big gift came to us from Spirit, to assist those who have diagnosis of cancer at any time in their life, whether they are recovered or having treatment. There are significant long-term changes to ones' life after a diagnosis of cancer--fear of recurrence, depression, side effects from chemo that are long lasting, adjusting to a new body change, fatigue and low energy...

Because of this, Spirit gave the symbol and the healing key for Cancer Therapy. It will support the patient in all ways, from Spirit side, for healing, much in the way of Reiki healing therapy. It is quantum and no Reiki training is required for this symbol to work.

This is not a treatment for cancer. This is a 'booster charge' to enhance the healing effects both short-term and long-term, in recovery from cancer and its change to one's way of life.

Here is a link to the blog with the video. There is a pause on the video, but if you are patient it will show up what you need to know. Namaste. click here

The Honk

On the freeway to meet my niece for our journey this weekend, I almost got cut off by a driver and honked my horn.

It was a freakish thing--an oddity--for I never honk my horn. the past, I used to and often!

As a native Los Angeles driver, I must admit there is a change on the freeway now that I put my finger on it--people are way nicer on the road than they used to be twenty years ago.

That one woman who almost cut me off was a chronic lane changer. There used to be a LOT of people like her. Today I noticed for the most part, people stuck to their lanes in the thick traffic, moving only to get near the exit but not darting in and out of gaps as was commonplace for aggressive drivers in the past.

I welcome this change.


I am spending time with my niece who almost died when she was little. She missed her first days of kindergarten because of a massive e coli O157 infection that took her kidneys.It started with bad colitis--she was passing blood. Then as that started to get better, I went the very next day to visit. While  I was with her the kidneys failed, I saw the high blood pressure and low urine output. This is an ominous combination that is seen when kidneys no longer work. She got sicker from there, and by evening was in ICU. She stayed for six weeks.

While studying for my anesthesia boards that late August and all of September, I was a constant presence at the hospital. Her parents gave me full access to the medical information. We made decisions for her together with her team, with me as a sounding board for the parents.

At the worst, my sister took a video tape of the ICU, with her daughter intubated and sedated on a ventilator, bleeding out her iv site and mucous membranes.

I had a prayer list for my niece, and gave daily updates by email of her progress.

There was a miracle, and one day her kidneys 'woke up'. Dialysis was stopped after several weeks. And the girl recovered fully, with the exception of low kidney function and precautions for her health because of this.

During the hospital stay, I kept her company. I told her what to expect, using age-appropriate concepts but with always the proper medical terms. She was too young to swallow pills, and I would find ways to crush and mix them for her to take. For example, PEZ work well to crush with medicine, and children enjoy the taste. For her esophagitis, she needed a minty liquid to coat and soothe the tissue. But she did not like mint, not even for toothpaste! So after some thought, I added Hershey syrup, and she enjoyed her medicine very much!

I remember sitting on the floor of her hospital room, with her playing with dolls in her wagon, and being eye to eye and just talking.One day, after her EGD, she said, 'I was kind of embarrassed because I could hear myself screaming during it.' and I assured her that no one enjoys these kinds of tests, and it was okay for her that she screamed. If there ever was a next time, she may or may not act the same way, and I wouldn't fault her no matter what she chose, or how it turned out, because she is doing the best she can.

My favorite memory is this conversation that was retold to me by the child-life specialist in ICU:

specialist: hi! how are you? I see you got a new i.v. today?

niece:  that's not an i.v.! It's a SUBCLAVIAN LINE!

Two years later, I got a full copy of her medical records from my sister, as part of a lawsuit the family had against the people who got her sick. I had to testify. And Spirit told me to keep the thick binders for my niece, so that one day she may read and understand her story. I have kept them for twelve years now, ever since.

Well now she wants to be a doctor, and has a trip planned to find out how to become one! And my sister kindly invited me to accompany them as the 'doctor in the family'. My niece looks up to me, too.

So this weekend is for my niece...I am enjoying her company very much. I look forward to the conference!

By the way, I also stopped at Target and bought her some gifts. You see, for my journey to medicine, I had a little troll doll in scrubs who was my focus for my dream of being a physician, and my companion on my travels to interviews that were just plain frightening. No one would ever suspect it, but during those interviews I always had that lucky troll in my purse! I knew no matter how serious things would get, or seem to be with the intense questioning, how bad could it be when I had to keep from cracking up knowing I knew I had that troll in my purse the whole time?!

So for her, I took her 'mascot' the turtle--who she always held even when on a ventilator--the beanie baby one I gave her and I 'upped the power' by giving her a small Raphael the Ninja Turtle today for HER 'troll'...explaining the whole time who Archangel Raphael really is...

I also gave her a book of pictures and daily meditations for courage, strength, and hope.


Carla had a long day today. In addition to what she has shared with you, I want you to know that she washed the dishes, took care of three pets, paid the bills that were due, watered the plants both inside and outside, and changed the subscription on the newspaper. And folded two loads of laundry.

Carla was guided to cancel the paper. It just piles up, and she doesn't really get much out of it. For lining the bird cage it was awesome, and that's about it. It's a bunch of advertisements, mostly. Sometimes a full page is just filled with ads and there is no news story to go with it! She had to call on a phone line, and be on hold listening to some music that she didn't really enjoy for about ten minutes, only to be told she had already paid the bill up through December for daily delivery, so she really shouldn't cancel it!

Imagine that! After all that time trying to get through to a helpful customer service in order to cancel--you can't do it online--Carla was 'bait and switched' to a Sunday only subscription!

My Carla is one tough cookie, but not that tough! How is one to stand against an entire corporation that is designed in this situation to make it next to impossible to quit?

I tell you, in my day and time it would have been serious harm to mess up with someone like that--like what they did to my honey. And it really got me very angry in the past when I was alive and people would act like this, to trick for the sake of 'looking out for Number One'...

Carla is patient.

She also was patient with the rental car place, when the agent's computer messed up twice, and after redoing everything a second time over, she had to wait for a second Navigation unit (it came with the rental on the weekend 'price' special) because the first one the computer said it didn't work, even thought the unit did and Carla had programmed the address of the hotel into it!

Her niece was looking and watching her aunt Carla the whole time.

And when they came to the hotel? Carla's sister had made the reservation. Initially it had been for two rooms, theirs and Carla's, for her sister was coming with her daughter to the conference. But there was a death in the family, so her sister had to back out of the travel plans to attend the memorial service for the best man from their wedding who had died suddenly...

Let me tell you the people at the hotel check in got NASTY. There is a rule that only a phone call to Carla's sister could allow them to check them in because the reservation was not made in Carla's name and credit card. Carla SHOWED the two at the counter the book that  Carla's sister had made--with the photo of Carla and her niece taking up half the page with big capital letters under it saying, 'SMART GIRLS ONLY TRIP!'  Carla pointed out in the binder the email from her sister Christi to her--with the hotel booking on it.

Nope. Not only did they have to stand there, but the hotel had to verify on the phone with her sister that it was okay for those two to use the room.

What had happened was the hotel had cancelled Carla's room by mistake, and not Christi and her daughters--it was not what Christi had asked the hotel to do. They had gotten is BACKWARDS. And instead of making right, they made MORE CONFUSION AND DELAY on top of their mistake!

Yet Carla and her niece had first been warmly greeted on their arrival because her sister Christi had called ahead to ask about the hypoallergenic pillows she wanted for her daughter!!!

This is an abomination. That the world has come to this.

Yet what does Carla do? At the end, when all was said and done, Carla became the master healer and showman that she is!

She steps back and shares with the staff who had been entirely mean and obstructive to them for about forty minutes trying to straighten it all out, she stepped back, gestured to her niece, and TOLD THE STORY. How the girl almost died. How the miracle of the kidney came back. Then the transplant at thirteen , with a kidney from her father, a living-related donor gift of life! And after all that, SHE WANTS TO BE A DOCTOR AND HELP PEOPLE CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS WONDERFUL GIRL?!

They had a change of heart, those two, at the front desk. And the meaner one was talking about how to find free parking with the handicapped placard (she tires easily, Carla's niece, and has one) on campus for the conference!!!

In the elevator, Carla told her niece, how she did this to show her how healers have the skill to work with people, to bring out the highest good in every situation....even a situation like this...

As she writes this, Carla's niece is fast asleep with the white noise on. She can't sleep without it. It is from the hospital stay as a child--six weeks in ICU and three more inpatient on the pediatric ward--it still affects her and she can't sleep if there is noise that goes 'on and off'...

I bless her, Lauren, Carla's niece. She makes me so proud of her courage, and innocent faith. She never knew how really sick she has been the whole time.

Carla knew. She knew to the minute what to expect, and even had a saying with the parents, 'This is not bad. I know what bad looks like. When it gets bad, I will tell you'---and on the day where Lauren was in DIC, with dialysis, and on a vent? That was the day Carla told her sister, 'This is bad, I am sorry. All we can do is pray.'

There were many times Christi fell apart and needed emotional support from Carla. Carla was the rock for the whole family.

And who was there for her?


I was her rock and her faith and her strength and she didn't even KNOW what was happening. I sent her energy you wouldn't realize I had been sending. Clarity of mind. Strength and confidence in her purpose. Commitment to Lauren to cancel a long-awaited, 'I finished residency' three week trip to Italy with her husband. (he gave her a hard time about canceling it too. that is why they divorced--amonst other things). There was the study time for her oral boards examination that Carla did not get, because she had to cut back to the bare minimum, in order to have time for the long drive to the hospital and back.

She is a special auntie. She is all heart. And all about healing.

Carla wouldn't tell you that about herself. She is modest and doesn't like to call attention to herself. When we were alive, incarnate, both of us as man and wife that we were, two soul mates at that! --it was always Carla who pointed the light at ME. Carla wanted my Light to shine so brightly, she gave everything she had to make my life happy, and whole, complete, lacking in nothing, and offering me the perfect conditions to reach my full potential on my life's purpose.

I want you to know that about her.

I love her and I treasure her presence in my life. Even up here!

I hope you do too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, my wife, and friend
Your Reiki Doc twins