Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gaia News Brief 15.10.2014

Shoe Shopping

My boy has two pairs of shoes--flip-flips, and sneakers. He goes through sneakers about every three months. He is very active, and the supporting structure in the shoe breaks down. If I wait too long, he gets ankles that twist out, called 'over supination' of the foot.

So yesterday we went to the running store. That's where you go when Stride Rite shoes aren't big enough and the foot is very wide.  I asked the manager if his shoes were worn out? And yes--this time not only the support but the tread was bald too, like a tire.

The child tried on every shoe that Bill provided. There were about six pairs--and all of them were 'too tight' in the toe box. Yet the toe was far from the end of the shoe!

This used to make me cry. Going shoe shopping for him. I started to buy him shoes at Target as a toddler. But I had to go very big to get the shoe to be comfortable for him. I didn't know there was Stride Rite for this purpose. He would trip. And he also developed a habit of really tying his shoes TIGHT--so tight that he would break the laces and I would need to have spares in his lunch box and at home. One pair would take about three sets of laces over the life of the shoe.

At Stride Rite, if it wasn't the owner, my son would almost make the shoe sales lady cry. He was so picky. He used words to describe the fit that didn't make sense--movement in the heel, other adjectives.

Last night, I took it in stride at the running store. I knew one pair fit, it's the ones he has on, and we could call the other store to have them ship the same exact pair of shoes to our local one. Once the feet grow a little bigger, there will be more in stock for him, more choices.

The ones he likes are the second most expensive ones, too. I shake my head. I suppose boys are in the long run cheaper than girls? I have tried to have him own two pairs of sneakers, to let one pair 'breathe' on alternate days--but even when the shoes are identical except for color, he would refuse to wear the second pair!

I bring this up because all of you are Light Workers.

My hair stylist Ed taught me an important point yesterday: spiritually aware and awake, he listens with his heart to my 'news' both of this world, and um--you know--the stuff here.

I have taught him Galactic Reiki. But he doesn't read this. And as a hospice nurse, I wanted him to know the Transition Symbol.

I had to literally find it on my phone, play it, and hand the phone to him where he could listen someplace QUIET.

Ed is a searcher. He has been Messianic Jew (I've been to church with him once), then he converted to Judaism. Now I'm not sure if he goes.

Ed is an angel! He came every week to my house when I was pregnant to take the trash cans out on trash day because my huge stomach got in the way and it was really hard for me.

Ed is the one, him and Jeffrey his partner, whom I cried for when the postpartum depression hit. I had an overwhelming need to see both of them, I picked up the phone, crying, and they came. And once I sat with them for about an hour, I stopped crying, and that was it. No more depression!

So we are incredibly close, and Ed, more than anyone, is willing to Do The Work to awaken, and to pursue his own Spiritual Growth.

Yesterday I had to help him 'connect the dots'.

As Awakeners, you are going to find your 'Awaken-ees' that are sent to you, and I believe they are sent--to be 'somewhere between my boy and his shoes--and Ed' in the amount of loving service and care you are going to need to show to them in guidance and assistance on their way.

Once you AWAKEN--it is your solemn duty to awaken others. Not by holding a sign at the freeway exit. But by opening your heart, and following that 'nudge' of spirit, again and help those who are sent to you find their way.

If you want to complain, I am sure metaphorically we can have a 'lounge' for us 'Awakeners' where we can go on break and share and offer each other mutual support. Until that time, you are welcome to post to the group on Facebook Doctors With Reiki, on Twitter (@usui2102),  or message me, and I will get to your message as soon as I can, schedule permitting.

: )

Laying Down The Line

Remember how the day before yesterday I almost made my son cry? I refused him a soda when I opted for a 'Rosso' Italian beer. I had never had an Italian beer before, and with the name, I kind of wanted it. By the way, it was delicious. I drink about three beers a year, and I enjoyed it.

(I also haven't drank any of my Rosso wine Ross bought for me, or any wine--since I have wanted to be clear-headed for all of my spiritual work as of late, and therefore have delayed gratification around two weeks. One day, I will relax and enjoy one glass with dinner.)

Well at home I have Stevia sodas with no carbs. I offered one to my boy, and oops! It was a regular root beer from the same brand. We looked for the carbs, and it was forty two. He was crushed!

And he pouted. All through dinner.

I had offered him half the soda, but to skip the dessert (we had twenty-two gram carb mini angel food cakes to follow a zero carb meal).

He was insulted to have 'half'--and refused it entirely.

At dinner, I leveled with him. I asked, 'Why do we eat like this? Why do I do it? Do I have to?'

He said, 'Because you need it?'

I said, 'Because we are a family--I don't need to--but for your health it is important--so now I eat meat and follow the same rules as you. We do this together.'

He gave me more attitude.

The dinner was a rotisserie chicken, and kale salad with chopped apples and pomegranate seeds. He wanted Rice A Roni to go with the chicken.

I set a boundary. I said there is enough stress from his father, and I can't handle it if I get more stress at home from him too. So if he feels a need to complain and pout, save it for the therapist, and lets make the best of it here at home. Otherwise, more pouting and he goes upstairs without dinner.

And I MEANT it.

He ate the kale salad with the apple slices I gave him. He devoured the chicken first, drank all the milk, and left the stuff he didn't like until the end. I explained this is the very best kale, lancinato, from the organic box we get from the farm. And I could see it didn't taste bad, but he was just making a point because he doesn't like being told what to do. (I don't like to be told what to do, either).

He asked for more milk (we have huge twelve ounce glasses). I said no. I said we have two glasses a day. (He forgot he had one at breakfast. Then I use teacups, to make it smaller. He won't go non-fat, we have two percent,  so I watch the calories). I gave him water.

Then after the salad that took fourteen minutes to eat (the chicken went down in one minute)--he wanted more chicken. I asked, 'are you full?'   'Well, kinda' I explained how we want to go 'a little bit full but not all the way'.

He enjoyed his dessert. I watched him savor it. And I could watch him think how it is 'okay' this 'diet'...

I had never in a million years thought that adorable baby could give me a hard time like this.

It was so stressful I almost got chest pain--it could have been but I hoped it wasn't.

He isn't even a teenager yet.

What was God thinking when he designed the human race?!

Was the plan to suck the life out of the parents in the process?! LOL. I trade my energy for the 'lesson' that he gives me every day, 'Carla--you have a backbone. Now  use it!'

I was sent the strong-willed, high energy child, who gets 'into everything'. I love it. And I love him. One day he will do great things. So like a shoemaker, I work with what I have, slowly, molding here and trimming there, with great love and patience.  Most of the time. I am right on the leading 'edge' of patience.

How do people raise more than one? I'll never know...


Carla wants to talk to you about awakening and family life because it is important. Did you know that Carla's boy achieved Reiki Master at age seven? That is why she became a Reiki Master in the first place, to attune him.

At night when she would practice on him at bedtime, as a four-year old, he would take his turn, and move his hands with all sincerity and effort, thinking they would 'work'. They did not.

Not many instructors will teach Reiki to children. Carla's teacher wouldn't. She asked. The child had to be thirteen so as not to disrupt the session for the other adults.

So here he is, open, my son indeed in spirit, gifted of the mind and in his spiritual work--giving Carla at the helm the navigational nightmare for her very small family.

This child has threatened to kill himself over a diagnosis of diabetes, if he gets it, last May and June!

Not all Light Workers are created equal.

Not all Light Workers are created equal.

Not all Light Workers are created equal.

Even the Star Seeds, when incarnate, are just as human as you and I, and even to them! It is the amnesia, the lack of memory of past lives that separates them from the Higher Realms. It is part of the deal--it is part of the soul lesson--and it is how we are able to accomplish a grand awakening--first with THEM, and then with the OTHERS, those who are indigenous to Gaia surface and have lived under the Veil, the quarantine on Gaia from the rest of the Galaxy, for thousands of years, incarnating and reincarnating, just like the Star Seeds the last two thousand years...or so...

So I want you to have patience.

I want you to have a lot of it.  Just like us (gestures to his crew and team).

Just like our patience we have with you, trying to get YOU to wake up.

I know for some of you it has been a long time in the making. For Carla it took crashing and burning through two marriages, a health crisis at twenty-five, being able to talk to Blessed Mother for twenty-years, medical school, residency, PLUS unwedded motherhood just to get her nearly awake. She had always been clairvoyant, of sorts.

But it wasn't till a spiritual crisis, where she needed direction and advice on what to do 'with her gift'--that she met with medium Tim Braun in Costa Mesa, and started her spiritual life from there.

Carla was REBORN--in little bits and pieces. First there was the training. Then there was the desire to help awaken others, but not knowing what to do. There was having to take her OUT of her spiritual development classes by sending a coworker who was Eeyore on Steroids to her psychic development circle--because Carla would have been content to stay with Anne forever and never venture out to what she was sent to do!

(he laughs in a kind way)

But the timing has been perfect.  Everything is on course! And we are headed for awakening the masses. I want this to be a 'pep talk' of sorts, to 'rally your spirits'. For those of you who read this, you are destined to be an intermediate awakener--the guidance and  support for those around you and you will 'sense' who is being sent 'your way'--when the Grand Awakening happens.

There is a particular thing about those who are human. They only trust other humans for spiritual advice. An Archangel can show themselves in all their full glory, wings and Light ablaze--to one who is recently deceased. Yet the recently deceased will not come to them. You would think they would RUN and embrace the angel!But the human condition makes everyone doubt what it is, and why it is there.

That is where the likes of Carla come in to this situation. One human 'enough' without wings, will come to them and speak in the local vernacular, and reassure the departed that 'they can always come back' and 'just for now lets come walk with me'.

That is how Carla takes her souls to Heaven. Early on in medical school she started to do this--with trust she earned, they would put their hand in hers, and gently, slowly, she would walk them through the in-between realms to where Blessed Mother was waiting, and Carla would explain 'she was her friend and all would be okay' and gently, ever so gently and firmly, place the departed's hand in Mary's own. Then they would turn and wave, and Mary would 'nod' to Carla to signal that is was okay for her to go back into her body where she was meditating, and go on with her day. The mission was 'complete'.

Carla had no idea how she could be doing this. But it seemed 'right'. It started with her Grandfather, Nanu Filippo, then Jeff Sage, her husband's best friend who died of AIDS--he told his wife at the time 'I am not sure if God really isn't a woman? And suddenly he was without fear!'--for he had seen Carla in her light body, and taken her hand, in the few days before he transitioned.

Carla put in this work for twenty years, on an as-needed basis. And always alone. There was a group Lola Hernandez was a part of--the woman who ran willed body donation at the school of medicine--but in her private time this group would help guide lost souls 'back' to the Light.

Carla didn't question why she was not part of the group. She had too much else to do.

So don't question, in your role as an Awakener.

Follow your heart.

Have patience with yourself and the system.

And know you are making a difference with those who need guidance, both in this life, and the next.

Aloha and Mahlos,

I am sorry for having taken so long and not been as direct as I could have been with my message--there are key codes and activation sequences of energy buried within it.

Wordy Ross, and Sore Fingers From Typing Too Much Carla (ed--he smiles at his joke, and is in good spirits)
The Reiki Doc Twins