Friday, October 17, 2014

Gaia News Brief 17.10.2014


I learned from my son's counselor (I have to go each week too, to help him)--that it is our broken relationships that break us. And through modern techniques of psychoanalysis, we HEAL those broken relationships, which heals us, our brains, and imaging studies can demonstrate the improvement.

Deprivation, of long-standing, can lead to more difficult cases to treat. Sometimes these require medication to help in the initial healing process. But even these are not beyond help.

Well, recently I experienced a NEW type of deprivation, not being able to eat. This was in preparation for a colonoscopy that will be in a few hours.

My normal deprivation is of time and of sleep, due to my work, and then, not being able to eat at all due to my busy schedule. This time it was clear liquids for one day.

I realized:

  • Ross is closer with me than ever before. I feel his caring, his concern, and his love. I had no clue such tenderness could exist between a couple.
  • I am WAY more lucky than patients who are on 'bowel rest'--they can't eat ANYTHING. Panrceatitis and obstructed bowel patients are like that.
  • I saw a hummingbird when I was at the breakfast burrito drive through window ordering for my son--hummingbirds only drink nectar. Why not pretend I am a hummingbird, just for one day?
  • High fructose corn syrup is brutal on my system. I have avoided it for a long time. The apple-cran-raspberry drink I bought after the doctor's appointment for pre-op--I couldn't finish it.
  • My friend Heather's fiancĂ© Brian has had retinal problems following an accident. He complains about the distortion in the one eye--that now he realized vision is something mechanical--when before he used to just 'see'. Well, with this, I am realizing how much my body IS just a vehicle, and I am working with it, putting Reiki into the prep, and just laughing to myself how this whole thing works...


I picked my team who is going to work on me. My boss let me pick the anesthesiologist. He's done my anesthesia once before, and also that of my brother in law and my sister for his gift of his kidney to his daughter.

I am lucky to have this team. I wouldn't want anybody else in the world to work on me.

A Thought About Broken Relationships

In the waiting room yesterday, a kind gentleman's case for today got cancelled because he didn't have a ride with a responsible adult. He was pleasant, and said, 'I am sixty-nine! At this age, you don't HAVE many relationships or people you know.'

I wonder how many people can't get to the doctor because they don't know anybody to take them? How sad is this?


I first heard of it in freshman year of medical school. Along with hantavirus. Dr. Michael Oxman talked about it with fear and horror. It's not good. It's real. And it exists. But it seemed 'fishy' the story, of how it went from animals to people. Like the plague.

There was a lab, Stanley Hall, across the way from the chemistry buildings where I hung out in Berkeley as an undergraduate. I always got a 'vibe' from that place, and wondered, if they STUDY viruses, do they have the technology to MAKE them too?

If you look on the internet, you can find just about anything. But one that sticks with me--it may or may not be true--is that HIV is made from simian, human AND extraterrestrial DNA.

In Liberia--my sitter is from there--the infection came from the poor neighboring countries with very little infrastructure or means to control the infection. In her opinion, this was deliberate.

She also said, although so many of her friends on Facebook are experiencing tragedy that it is too depressing to look--that some people 'raided the hospital, took dirty linens, and placed them in the densely populated shack villages of the impoverished in Monrovia'--this seemed fishy to both of us. Why would looters not take expensive things? Why would they wish death upon themselves and others?

So yesterday, as I asked 'what is the underlying reason for disease'--I got one beautiful person who said, basically--Its a virus, an agent, bad DNA (like inherited diseases from parents)--how can this be from an imbalance in your energy system?'

It was beautiful. I teach to everyone, not just the spiritually advanced. There was a time I was deeply hurt when some Ochoa lady told me 'You may be a doctor but you are being played a fool by the corporate system behind it that is bad'. I defended my career! I took it as an insult. But she was right. i just wasn't ready to hear it at the time...

Another beautiful thing that happened is I posted a reiki request for Ebola in San Diego, and asked people to send Reiki to all who are touched by the disease worldwide for all time. MANY people said, 'It is a hoax!'--the San Diego part. YOU SHOULD CHECK MAYBE BEFORE POSTING? someone advised.

My point is, to those who have Ebola, and those who are afraid of it, even it it is 99% psy-ops, it is real to THEM. And for all this suffering--past, present, future--even a hoax in San Diego can spread fear and panic...

For those let us shower them with a NEW virus--Ebo-LOVE.  

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

For this there is no cure.

May the pandemic of Ebo-LOVE spread to every corner of the globe, shattering the illusion of separation, and guiding us home to a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love, and Compassion.

I could die from Ebola, the regular virus. I am not making a joke. I intubate people. I would be the one in the hazmat suit, if it's diagnosed before I am asked to put in the breathing tube for a patient in trouble. But if it is early and contagious? 

I'm a goner.

Either way, I see Ross. Either way, I am out of the Illusion. Either way, I am HOME.

Ebola, or Ebol-LOVE.

I'm betting on the latter.


I had to give a message to you. Carla's ride is on her way. Carla will have to wake our boy up. His lunch is packed already. Do you know what it is like to prepare food for someone when your are having a bowel prep? Carla REALLY loves him and does not think about the consequence that she can't sneak that extra cheese-it cracker like she usually does when she makes it.

Carla is accepting and submitting to all. She has laughed at her body, made the best of it by having lots of reading material in the john, and looking at it as an adventure.

Many people would call the experience Carla is going through 'a miserable thing'.

Carla is looking at it with new eyes!

You might want to try it--looking at something you would dislike, and going for the spiritual lessons that are hidden inside of the lesson.

I love my Carla very much. I have been with her nonstop since she first woke up this morning. She loves relaxing in my energy, and being protected and nurtured as only I, her loving Twin, can. She is amazed and the new and delightful energies she is experiencing being in my Presence. 

When your time will come for you to unite, you will delight in them too.

Thank you for healing wishes that you send to my Lady.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Couple <3