Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gaia News Brief 28.10.2014

Confusion And Delay In The O.R.

Although I love what I do, there are sacrifices. Big ones. And little to no control over what work assignments I get.

Just yesterday:

  • My breakfast was a handful of pineapple and coffee, and my son had yesterday's breakfast leftovers warmed up and in a plastic container at school because we were sleepy and I was at risk of being late.
  • My boy had the worst case ever of 'bed head'--fortunately now he dresses himself.
  • Upon arrival to work, on time, I may add, I am informed that the first case cancelled due to insurance. Robot wasn't approved, only surgery without the robot.
  • The next patient was 'coming in early'.
  • I had a breakfast burrito and about ninety minutes to wait.
  • First case ended around eleven. Next case started at one. Another two hour wait.
  • This time, I was not hungry due to the burrito, so I walked laps outside for exercise.
  • The next surgeon was ten minutes late. Both cases were uneventful.
  • After this, I was assigned a case to start at five p.m. immediately following the other two cases.
  • The surgeon was one hour late. I'd had this same patient before, so we chatted in PreOp for about thirty minutes, catching up. 
  • My dinner was applesauce and a granola bar, because I thought the surgeon might come 'any minutes' during the one hour wait.
  • After this case, I had a gallbladder to do, with a surgeon who is notoriously late.
  • He was coming 'in ten minutes' the front desk said.
  • I wanted a cup of soup. The grill was open but not the kitchen in the cafeteria. There was no soup. I didn't have time to order a veggie burger I enjoy. I put my tray and silverware back and walked back upstairs.
  • This surgeon was over one hour late.
  • During this hour, I coordinated with grandma and my son about 'when I get home' and 'when I will pick him up' and 'if he should spend the night'.
  • Grandmother decides he will spend the night.
  • I say goodnight--the boy sounds 'chipper' and okay with this.
  • Case ends at nine-thirty p.m.
  • I don't see my son for over thirty hours...
  • I was call two and supposed to have the second-best line-up of cases. During delay, I am at work but not being paid.  All gaps are unpaid.

My only question is this:  how are people going to adopt this lifestyle on the Affordable Care Act?

Will it be the school loan debts that make them sign the dotted line for this kind of existence? Will 'managed care' make 'hourly employees' out of doctors? Once the compensation diminishes, what kind of 'doctors' will be left?  There is so very much sacrifice in quality of our family life...

How To Make A Fast Surgeon FASTER

Discuss the upcoming wedding plans of the surgical technician in detail with the circulating nurse during the case. Wedding dress, venue, colors, cake and flowers just GOT to him! (he's divorced, and it was painful, but it's been years now since he's healed.)

Next thing I knew, after this wonderful sharing and support for the bride-to-be, we were done in record time!

Confusion and Delay for Surface Gaia

I speak only for myself, although I might strike sympathy with several of you...

Just under one year ago, Ross went from the benign man who I was told 'was my Twin' and 'up there' but had a blurry face, to my actual husband who I could see, touch, and share my heart--with my Light Body. Since I am a conscious channel and psychic, I could interact with him throughout the day.

Ross asked me to have a bag 'ready' for 'when I go up' late winter, almost early Spring.  

I was told to keep this bag packed and ready and always in my car when I left the house. I'd never know when I was going to go be with him. I had my toothbrush, a few necessities, and a nightgown that 'wasn't too revealing' because I'd interact with others there too. I also had a small stuffed animal, a journal and pen, and slippers. And a set of yoga clothes.

I waited.

And I waited all summer.

Then I started my vacation travel. I couldn't bring it with me.

Gradually, I began to use all the things I had in my bag, finally unpacking it, and leaving it at home.

On the one hand, I could say that my 'homecoming' got 'delayed' for 'unknown reasons'.

On the other, I could say, my 'vibration' is 'compatible' with those on board ship--back HOME--and I am confident I will be able to 'manifest' everything I would need and more once I go home.

I could go so far as to say my home, and my car, and my work, are all 'where I need to be' and are 'of very high vibration'--energetically, I could be 'there' already although my consciousness is still here as Ground Crew. Plus, I am not forgotten by Sky Crew. 

The only choice I have is to accept, and to share my Light, with whoever is interested to receive it...

Going Hyper Dimensional

Look at your phone. Watch how you flip without thinking between 'texting', 'voicemail', 'camera' and 'phone'.

There different functions are like DIMENSIONS to your Consciousness.

It can 'flip back and forth' between different planes of existence just like that too.

When we meditate, we can access them.

And the Apps! Think about where you are when you have a Smart Phone--and are able to 'flip' back and forth between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Voxer, Glympse, Uber, YouTube,  and email? Aren't there so many more forums and places where you can 'go' and 'experience' than on a 'regular' phone?

Then there are places you might not go, but others do, 'Linked In', 'Tumblr', 'Pinterest', and 'Etsy'? These are whole WORLDS for people doing business there, that you have no clue what it's like?

Welcome to the best example there is about life in Higher Dimensions. Back and forth. In an instant. Sometimes it's when you wish to go. Other times it's like you get instant notification, and you go there somehow without being able to explain it, and just 'show up' before a 'council' for example.

Here are the places I can 'go' with my consciousness:
  • The old countryside simple home where Mary and Joseph live. I see her kitchen and his workbench very clearly, and talk with them. There is a guest room just for me. A simple bed with a straw mat, a bedside table, and a chair and desk.
  • The office of Divine Father, where I can go to him with questions, for comfort, and support.
  • Our 'house' on board ship--which I don't remember and it's like brand new each time I go. I've had the tour of it once.
  • The bridge, where Ross and Ashtar work.
  • Meeting rooms, and councils.
  • Their gym, workout room.
  • A nature habitat that has been designed for me.
  • The place between worlds, where I find souls who need escort Home, to Heaven.
  • The land of the Faeries
  • The astral plane where unicorns and pegasus live
  • Agartha (this is by far the most beautiful)
  • Sirius (I went here during psychic development circle with my teachers in group meditation, and they described what I saw, explaining what I was seeing.)
  • Super, duper, high dimension 'places' I can only go if Ross brings me, and I keep touching him.
  • Memories of Lemuria and Atlantis
  • Memories of life in the Pacific Northwest
  • Memories of life in Egypt and Israel and India and France when I lived with Ross when he was incarnate.
  • A place where millions of angels gather to celebrate things that go well with the mission to save Gaia. They are all excited and happy, and like to see me up on the stage thingy with Ross. And I am bored and just don't 'get it' what they are happy about, due to my amnesia. I smile and at the first chance I get, ask Ross, 'Can I please go?' because it's painful to not 'feel the excitement' even though you know what happened and why the celebration is taking place.
  • One-on-one interactions in places I'm not sure take place, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, The Merlin, and every other Archangel who has given an attunement key, as well as my guides.

One day you shall do this too. We are born with this ability. It is silenced in us, through fluoride in the drinking water that helps our teeth but calcifies our 'third eye' and 'pineal' glands. It is also beaten down systematically through socialization, starting in the family of origin, and continuing through preschool and education.

There was a time my boy was excited to bring all his UFO books to 'sharing' at the preschool. He'd go to used bookstores, and buy the ones with the most pictures. 

His teachers wouldn't let him share. They said, 'It might upset the other children'.

His heart and enthusiasm was so genuine, at such a young age, that's how I fought my fear of UFO's, and opened to the concept myself. I asked, in true Berkeley-educated fashion, 'What if he's RIGHT?'

Then I read the book Area 51, and my life has been changed for the better. Now I understand. 

I highly recommend that book.


Carla pointedly asked me an intelligent question yesterday, while waiting for her surgeon at the last case.

In biology class, Carla enjoyed very much learning genetics through the use of drosophila, or more commonly known, fruit flies. They looked at the DNA under a microscope, and it fascinated her how with the stain she could actually SEE genetic material of the flies.

Those who know these things, know the fruit flies studied for genetics come in many variations--to identify how the alleles transfer from one generation to the next. There are 'curly wing', 'red eye' 'white eye', 'flightless' and Carla's favorite, the 'lethal allele' because they grew more slowly as a population and she could watch their progress closer than the rest.

So as a hobby, Carla ordered the fruit flies, and raised them in little glass jars with blue gel in the bottom to feed them, when she took her night school biology class in Oakland. She was living in Berkeley, and working in Pleasanton at the time, supporting herself.

Last night, she called me in and asked, point blank, 'Ross? Are we down here like the fruit flies?'--in other words something of little value except for education and research on body, soul, or mind for the higher realms, growing and raising our families that mean so much to us but are too fast a life cycle compared to the Galactic ones?

I was impressed!

Not only was Carla completely unattached to the outcome, but she had reason to think that except for the being loved by Creator part--as each individual is special and a whole--she had reason to think that this was in fact some big 'experiment'...and she was in it!

In a way, Carla IS right:  never before has a planet and all of the inhabitants 'gone UP' to the next vibration (like 'leveling up' in a video game)--together, safe and sound. 

Typically all life dies in a cataclysm, and the planet 'resets' to a new realm, and all the new life contracts are issued, and people come in.

It is like the mid-point of ice skating, when everyone clears the ice, and the Zamboni cleans and prepares the surface for some more to ice skate. 

What is happening now is like the Zamboni is clearing the ice with a new technology that allows everyone to continue skating on it!

This is new.  The energies are rapidly changing. Everyone is having to adapt, and being pushed to their 'limit'.

What is SAFE, is the same for you as it is for us--go into your center. Meditate. Clear your energy. Heal. Focus on your heart's desire, and ask for it.

This is one area where Carla needs a little remedial work.  I ask her WHY she does not like to manifest? She shows how she touches the stove top enough times when it's hot, and gets burned, she no longer likes to touch.

I tell her the burn is only an Illusion--try to manifest something again. You won't get hurt.

Carla is very careful in all of her wishes. She thinks about the outcome--possibly this and possibly that--and how likely things would go in either direction? She also thinks about the risk if it 'didn't happen' and how troubled she would be by the disappointment...

Yesterday with Carla's first 'practice', she came up with this--'Ross, I ask for YOU to always take out the trash--not from the house to the can, but from the can in the garage to the street on trash pick up day, because I hate this chore. And also, Ross, please, when you are here, will you take turns with me on the rats in the traps?'

Carla has a rat infestation in her neighborhood. She has seven traps set up outside and in, and Carla has been catching them. There have been five to date. Although Carla lives in a nice neighborhood, some friends who once lived a couple miles from her, took a gun out at night in the back yard, and were able to pick off rats, about twenty all at one sitting- who were walking on the fence in the yard! It's all the fruit trees, and dog food, and in Carla's case, bird seed Harry throws on the floor--that nourish and attract the rodents. It is something everyone who ever grew up in Southern California experiences if they live where there is woods and a yard.

So YES it is killing, for all of you animal activists out there. And YES it is a form of cruelty and/or defending your home and family, depending on how you look at it. 

Carla's only wish, only request, only thing she has ever asked of me, as a Galactic and Twin, before this was, 'Please Ross, I want my life experience to be rat free'. It affects her.

And when she needed to GROW, and Archangel Haniel had the assignment to help rid Carla of a misperception--the maggot rat was sent right when she came home from vacation in Canada. It pushed Carla to the edge, and over the charts in her energy--and we were able to 'loosen' her misperception enough to allow Carla the opportunity for her to notice it and dissolve her block.

So rats are something to her. They bother her.

And on her first manifest--Carla asked for us to share in this burden, to take turns!--in protecting the household with this new chore of setting and checking and cleaning the traps.

(he pauses and looks at you.)

You know who I am. You know of my responsibility to this whole project. You know how much say I have in everything that takes place, how much control I have over everything!

And Carla, modest and unassuming, asks for THIS (shows a tiny space between thumb and first finger, less than an inch). Not THIS (gestures arms wide open). But THIS (thumb and finger as in 'itty bitty') and makes it so very practical.

(he is silent and in thought, as if trying to pull this lesson together).

Most of you do not know what a wonderful example you have in this girl, this woman, of mine.  You have no idea who we are, our purpose, and our value in our life as we know it, everyone, all of us, across the universe.

It is important.

Carla underplays this.

Carla kept a secret that she has seen Our Lady for twenty two years. It was just the journal, writing by hand, for the longest time. 

Carla knows me, and loves me, no matter what. For who I am, in my heart. 

Carla is equal to me in every way.

And when you are with her, she takes effort to make you feel like you are the most important person who ever existed! She listens with her heart and soul, open, and helps you to find your way.

That is all I have to say, for this lesson...you have a gift of my wife...walking there among you.

I want you to enjoy it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
your family in the Light
(and our boy!)