Friday, October 24, 2014

Gaia News Brief 25.10.2014

My Miracle Wish

First thing this morning, as I woke up, Ross said, 'I love you. I want you to have a miracle.'

We got out of the house in time, my boy and I, and enjoyed a nice breakfast together at a local diner. There wasn't much traffic to work, and I arrived on time! (I like the 'small' miracles).

When I sent Reiki, Ross joined me in sending it to you.  Have you ever seen the bars moving on the display of a graphic equalizer as the music plays? Well, also have you seen the little diagrams that show all the airport connections an airline has? Normally the 'grid', when I see it, looks like a network of interconnected 'hubs'. And it's just 'lines'.

Today it looked like the globe you see in the picture. Except at every 'hub'--and there were many because each represented a Light Worker--awake or asleep--had a little green glowing 'stack' of 'bars' that was randomly moving up and down like the display on a graphic equalizer.

Some went fast, others slow,  each in their own rhythm and affecting those 'hubs' that are connected to it.

Ross turned up the energy, and I felt the massive wave of Healing flowing through both of us.

The jumping became more calm. Then the 'hubs' started to synchronize in a wave pattern. It was like at the seashore watching the waves coming in, a sinusoidal pattern with the hubs going at the same time all over the globe. It was way, way more fascinating than 'the wave' at the ball park stadium, yes?

Well, then the waves became smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until they just came to a STOP.

This is Zero Point, and when 'Time Ends'.

Immediately after, I was up on board ship, and with Ashtar, SaLuSa and Ross. I haven't seen Ashtar in some time. We spoke, nothing related to this, on the topic, however, I was congratulated for a 'mission well done'.

Was that my miracle?

Rectal Cancer

A young patient had advanced disease. As we did the case, I felt a very strong need to use an Divine Healing Code. But there was none! It was like a miracle when it suddenly came through!!! I wrote it on a sticker and put it on the forehead. Then in a hurry, all the while watching the monitors and making sure everything was safe and okay--I looked up the Cancer Therapy Archangel Healing Key/Reiki Symbol. I found the YouTube, watched it on silent, and remembered how to draw it. This too I put on a sticker, and placed it on the forehead. I made Reiki, the healing code, and the symbol also directly on the skin under the drapes.

Although this was a short case for central venous access for chemotherapy, if there is a response to chemo, this patient has a TEN percent chance to live!

I hope so much they make it. After chemo, then comes definitive surgery for cure.

The Neighbor

I went to go see Paula, the patient with the arm band that said, 'Citrine and Yellow Chakra' on it. She looked WONDERFUL. She never had any nausea or pain. She said, 'was that what you did?' I nodded yes. She spoke of the Reiki, and how her daughter was so thrilled to learn of my healing energy work she asked if I would do a 'trade' of massage for Reiki treatments?

I knew the daughter had offered because she wanted the treatments from me--and honored the energy exchange--with her own 'trade'. I also remembered her painful arthritis in her hands...

I smiled and said I heal most often by distance, due to my schedule, and I would be happy to send her healing for free. Her mom had me take her number...

After a short conversation, between cases, I confided I had to go back to the operating room.

You should have seen the knowing smile on the lady in the next bed when I walked out--SHE knows what's up, and that Reiki is a significant improvement in patient outcome, as experienced by her roommate in this short hospital stay. She must have heard our first conversation on Tuesday too!

My Lesson For My Heart

A big lesson for me is balancing my heart with my head. Sometimes the head needs to come into play.

Long story short, I felt guilty because my Uncle had been good to me when I was young, and we were close. But his choices in the last three years were frankly, frightening. But recently it was his birthday, and I wanted to call, or send a card.(I had written a letter of Ho'oponopono to him, because my soul wanted it)

Ross had at the last moment, sent me to a local mall on the way home, to buy a book for my Uncle, since I hadn't yet sent a card.

At the bookstore, imagine my surprise when I heard my name! Larry, my former colleague who retired due to health reasons--he is on dialysis, was there. I had just been thinking about him and his wife Linda just the other day! I was delighted!!!

(yesterday, at frozen yogurt, someone stopped me. It was the mother of a classmate from the same preschool as my son, with her son. I had just been thinking about them a few days ago too! I like this trend!).

We shared a cup of coffee at the bookstore, Larry, Linda and I.

I was overwhelmed with the realization--as an intuitive and as a doctor--that this might be the last time I see Larry or Linda ever again. 

I asked Ross to help bless them. And as we spoke, I gave the Transition Symbol to Larry, to their son Ben--who had finished chemo for his own cancer just last year--and to Linda, who was most likely to survive her husband. Just in case.

I also shared what Ross 'nudged', about our son's problems a while back, and how they are straightening out...and about the bracelet we designed.

Then I left for the counselor appointment. That counselor is a saint--I am always mixing up times. I thought it was six, it was at five, and I rushed to make it.

This is not pretty but needs to be said:

  • There are some people who get angry and have outbursts a lot. But after, they feel bad and try to make up for it.
  • There are others who start to JUSTIFY this anger to themselves, and have no remorse at this point. THIS is called a CHARACTER DEFECT.
  • A character defect stems from underlying unresolved conflicts, and there is a two-fold tendency to 'look out for number one at the expense of others' AND 'to not have remorse'.
  • My uncle tried to murder my Nana Angelina through neglect and putting her into what he and his wife called, 'the chair of death' in the hot desert sun. The family intervened and had him take her to the nearest emergency room where she was treated and transferred to a long-term care facility closer to our homes.
  • People like this have a lot of bottled up RAGE deep inside them to try to kill their mother.
  • People like this are dangerous--they aren't thinking right, and their rage can be pointed at you just as easily as it was to the other person. It has to do with the psychology of what's going on in their mental processes.
  • FORGIVENESS is only to be considered when there is REMORSE on the part of the offender--without remorse, there can be no future relationship. 
  • I don't have to send the card and books--it might not be taken the right way--and being able to trust is important for many reasons. This is a situation where the TRUST from the past and the family tie are not enough to change the most recent actions this person has done.
  • I couldn't help think that this is the best preparation ever for dealing with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--unconditional love, forgiveness for they 'do not know what they do', and a healthy dose of caution and restraint are what is NEEDED on the part of the ninety-nine percent who are 'not in that exclusive group called Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' who control the world's money and resources and governments...they have CHARACTER FLAWS...
  • Basically a person like this is only nice to those who boost their self-story, self-perception, and sense of their own 'justice', no matter how different that is from the majority of people--when someone doesn't buy into it, their story, they may become possible targets of this rage...
  • Today's lesson was a goldmine on understanding HOW people with Character Defects act and what they are all about.
I think THAT was my real miracle!


I want you to know that Carla had a long day. It was busy and hectic. Although she ate lunch, it was in a hurry. Her dinner was an energy bar, a pumpkin spice latte, and a handful of crackers when she got home.

I encouraged her to take a great big glass of wine and work on her puzzle, her thousand piece puzzle, and relax. She could have her choice of soup or salad that is leftover in the fridge, and not have to cook. (her boy is at a birthday party with an overnight)

She was so excited about her lesson, that here she is at home on a Friday night, writing it to share with you.

That is my Carla.

I grow closer to her every day.  

Carla is right. Love Is The Solution For Everything. I say it as often as she does to all of my teams...

But it also comes with a responsibility to carry out Right Action, especially for those who are not able to defend themselves, the vulnerable, such as children, those ill, and the elderly.

Carla got a lesson in Moral Courage today. She understands the workings of her Uncle, who is a 'possible sociopath' in the mind of her counselor, at worst, and a 'person with a character defect' at best. His generosity to Carla, and his kindness to her, in her youth, was to boost his sense of being a nice, unknown to Carla, there was this vast well of rage that only her sister who was handling the finances saw when the home that he was counting to inherit and had inhabited his whole life in the states, was sold to pay for the nursing home for their nana, his mother.

It was not an easy lesson. Not for her. Not for you. Not for anyone who has been in this situation.

I want you to remember three things--LOOK, THINK (look beyond the spoken and written words you see, or actions to the motivation that is behind them) and FEEL for what resonates in your heart, for this final part will always speak truth.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. Now Carla go have that wine and work on your puzzle!