Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gaia News Brief 14.10.2014

The Fisherman

My higher self woke me up this morning. I got up with the alarm at four, but since I am not working this week, she reassured me she wouldn't let me sleep in too late, and I woke up on my own at six a.m.  I hear her very clear, and she is kind, and helpful.  I still don't understand what the connection is between us. The other night, I had a long talk with SaLuSa, who is an incarnation of Archangel Raphael. I asked him, 'How does this work?'. SaLuSa said, 'What do you mean, how does this work? There are a lot of things.'

I wanted to know where Raphael 'stops' and SaLuSa 'begins'.

SaLuSa sent Raphael. So we talked. I asked him, 'Where do you stop and where does SaLuSa begin, since he is your incarnation?'  Raphael, ever the healer, asked me what I think?!!!  I said I think SaLuSa is separate, and I always think of the two as different, him and Raphael, and it's easy to tell the two apart.

Then I showed him a picture that was disturbing me--with concern, my worry that I have about 'where incarnations come from', since I don't really know--I showed Raphael walking along, squatting, having poop and baby incarnations come out, and walking away.

Raphael thought that was funny, but he was kind. It doesn't hurt to have an incarnation, but it is planned very carefully and not done very often. It is not like laying eggs or taking a shit. And the consciousness 'increases' for the both of them, the incarnation and the master soul who gave life to it. It isn't ALL of the master soul, just a part.

Then I got concerned again! I asked, 'Is this like doubling-down in Blackjack?! Is this some type of SOUL GAMBLING?!'

Again, there was the smile and loving reassurance that the answer was no.

So today, on my way in to the hairdresser, I was on the freeway, enjoying my time off. And I thought how I should retire, because I want to do the things I want to do. I have been working since I was twenty-three. There is so much in life to enjoy, and I hardly get time to enjoy it.

Then Ross reminded me of this story--I call it the Mexican Fisherman and the Investment Banker--but Paolo Coelho's post of it is the most readable, so here it is if you would like to see it:  The Story

The Council

After I said my Divine Peace Healing and sent it, I 'sensed' it was time to get called in to be present at council.  These 'invitations' are out of the blue, and not to the same place in most instances.  This time, as I was meditating, I was called UP to a room with ten people in two rows, stadium style, at little counters with their hands folded on the table in front of them. They wore the same color uniform, and looked very much alike--almost human--to the untrained eye they would be the same as us--but to my physician's eye they were just a little 'different'.

Ross was to my left. I asked him quickly if I was dressed appropriately? I looked down at my body, as he gestured me to do, and I had on a flight suit like him. Then I said 'good morning' to the group, and asked how I can be of service to them?

They were the Arcturians. They thanked me for my efforts, and said I had done fine work. I was a little caught off-guard, and blurted out, 'What did I do?!'

They spoke of the awakening efforts for the Light. I asked them what their History was, please? And it was shown to me by the Akashic Records, instantly, and I understood they had helped with their DNA --and they emphasized how we both have Vega DNA in common--for life on Gaia.

I also asked where they are located? I know Arcturus is in Bootes, the Hunter, and they were pleased I knew this fact.

Then they hugged me and congratulated me. One rubbed my back while he hugged. I was overwhelmed by the caring and 'got it together' vibe the Arcturians have! I was deeply touched, and very thankful for this visit.

Then came the advice--enjoy these last days while you are still anonymous--freely shopping and going to the mall.

My friend and star family member in Germany shared she also got a similar message from SaLuSa recently, too, when I mentioned my 'advice' I got from the Arcturians.

My Baby Daddy

He was on a roll today. Texting me with unwanted advice. He is likely one with a 'diagnosis'-- one that matches the ability to 'take care of number one' 24/7, and to see everyone else as 'extensions of him'.

In a way, he was right. Last night I caved in to our son's request for a skeleton and also some modeling sand at the local craft store.

I caved in because I was tired. I had said, 'NO' to a soda--almost making the boy cry because I got one Italian beer with dinner and he felt entitled to a soda...I said NO to a soda, a twelve-dollar bale of hay, a Zombie Warning Zone thing like a road sign, Crayola whistle markers, three five-dollar plastic trees for the project (I let him keep one), a plastic blue and gold macaw that was bigger than his little indian men for the diorama, and also a coral snake that was almost life-size and dwarfed the indian men too.  I bought spanish moss, the little indian men, the tree, twigs, and something else that I forget for the project too.

But I don't 'cave in' to food. Not any more. I am careful in the selection of all his meals, to keep him on his Insulin Resistance Diet. The child didn't lose weight in the three months of 'new lifestyle'. He gained five pounds, but no height. That was with a HUGE spree when we were in Victoria, and also liberal 'desserts' every now and then, because he's a kid--typically ice cream, because the dietician said if he's having dessert, at least ice cream has the milk.  Plus his father's pizza and pasta he feeds him.

I had two HUGE insights:

  • I don't have to take this type of treatment any more--ever--these 'texts' that are cruel and ruin my day.
  • I don't have to let this ruin my day.
then on top of this, I had two MORE:
  • sometimes the worst people who treat us horrible are the ones we should give the love energy the most
  • I am DONE with this, and asked Ross for his help.
Ross is amazing. He helps me see perspective. He also teased me and said he is going to send 'that guy' TRIPLETS so he will see what it is like to be overwhelmed, exhausted, and having to spend tons of money over ever little thing with his three adorable kids!

Ross asked me, 'What was the biggest challenge of your day?'

I said, 'My kid's father.'

Ross said, and wanted me to share with you, 'The bigger the challenge, the MORE OPPORTUNITY there is for mastery and growth as a soul.'

So next time someone 'craps in your cornflakes'--remember--this is an Opportunity For Growth PLUS it is OKAY to ask your angels, guides, Twins, and deceased loved ones to 'help you out'.

Din Tai Fung

It finally opened, the award-winning, Five Star Michelin asian restaurant at South Coast Plaza. I went there for lunch. It was a former Mc Donald's. I was very excited to go. I ordered potstickers (5) and bok choy, along with Jasmine Tea. It was very good, but I was homesick for the Chinese place I used to go to in North Side Berkeley. TC Garden, where I learned to eat potstickers. I like being able to mix my own soy, vinegar, and chili oil to dip. 

What I didn't say to anyone at the new place, is that there was lipstick on my teacup, and it was not mine. It must have gone through the washer.  I wiped it off, and was careful to use the other side of the cup.  Everything else was spotless, and I am sure it was a fluke, but it ruined the mystique...

The Puzzle

I finished it. <3

One piece is missing. I found one on the carpet and three under the sofa. But that last one? Oh well.


I can't help but chuckle at Carla with that puzzle. She REALLY likes those things. I take measurements on her. And for all of her training, all of her life experiences, that three-dollar puzzle from Big Lots gives her more 'bang for the buck' in her personal enjoyment than everything there is, except perhaps, when she is picking produce from her garden and preparing it!

I don't like puzzles. I enjoy BIG things--big thoughts, big vistas, big projects. And the project I have been working on is huge! There is no other way to describe it, but HUGE with a capital H-U-G-E!

(ed--I sense he is in a good mood)

I want to talk to you about what Carla did today with her ex. Not her ex-husband. Her Baby Daddy for the two never married. I had something to do with it in the first place, that those two would meet, that Carla would conceive (she was thirty-nine when she got pregnant which is a near-miracle in itself).

Carla also mentioned to me, earlier, on the way home from her adventure at the mall, that 'Jared being so difficult was the best thing in the world for her to help her to enjoy (me-Ross)'.

So I want you to take out of your pocket, all of the things that make you sad, desolate, unhappy, or disgruntled because they are not 'fair', 'not right' and a lot of other things...I HEAR you when you are thinking about 'what a raw deal you get'. All of us can HEAR it and like the ocean with crashing twenty-foot waves up here the ROAR is DEAFENING!

Not that I want you to quiet it up, but do know in your hearts that all of your thoughts are projected UP into the higher dimensions, and I do not need a microphone to know what's going on in that little head of yours. And I mean YOU--all of us have little heads, and they ARE PRECIOUS!.

As I am about to make my point, and it is the last point that I shall make because I want you to ponder it--why not take a 'different' look at that which grieves and upsets you?

Carla and I would not be as happy if Jared didn't make her run into my open arms! There is no question on her part where 'the love' is, and she feels more free and self-respecting of herself where she drew the line between her and him--at 'what is okay' and 'what isn't' today, then she gave sending love vibes to the general situation a shot. And when that wasn't happening, she dumped it on me.

She knew it was more important for her to keep her VIBRATION and her AURA fast, high, and tight, than to linger on this situation that was unlikely to resolve.

She also 'gave it up' that she no longer wishes to count with glee the DAYS left until their child is eighteen and she will never have to deal with that father again.

She doesn't WANT to be that kind of person. And neither should you.

Enjoy your limits. Invest only enough energy to steer your way through a situation. And drop whatever 'doesn't fit' into our laps--MY lap even! (Laughs a beautiful laugh, big and long and deep--ed)  I can TAKE IT! I can handle it! No job is too large-for when it is I can always call in my brother Nathaniel for the really impossible stuff! (still smiling and laughing--ed--he dusts his hands off one against the other).

That is enough for today. (he leans forward with his hands on his knees, and then waves with his right hand to say good bye to you).

Aloha and Mahalos (ed--he is still cracking up. He says this is one of his favorite blogs posts ever, especially the part about Raphael and the poop I was so worried about.)

Ross and the beloved and adorable, Reiki Doc, who has a new haircut that is very pretty and I like it very much. <3