Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gaia News Brief 26.10.2014

What I Told My Boy About Ebola

My son is nine, and he is having questions. I explained to him that the Ebola virus has always been around, and I learned about it in Medical School. I shared how it's always stopped in every outbreak, especially with help from the experts who understand how to safely work with diseases as contagious and serious as this.

I shared how we catch it--droplet is what we were told by the CDC--so if we are within three feet of someone, we are at risk to catch it. The patients have a lot of vomiting and diarrhea, sometimes with diarrhea that is bloody--and any time these body fluids get on skin there is risk of coming down with it too.

I also told him contact with bleach can kill it. A one part in ten solution, with a ten minute contact time, is best.

His grandmother once had clostridium difficile colitis after her cancer surgery, and we had to gown up and wear gloves and wash our hands very carefully when we went to see her at the hospital. I explained this is 'Contact Isolation', and is one form of protection against catching Ebola from a patient.

I shared what 'blood borne' and 'droplet' isolation means, and spoke about how many LAYERS a health care worker must put on in proper sequence, having been trained to know how to do it, both with a buddy and a supervisor watching. At the end, at my hospital, we stand in a tray of bleach, take off the paddington yellow rubber boots, and remove all layers (about three layers) until we get in our paper scrubs. Then we shower carefully with our clothes on, and then take off the scrubs to change and go eat our lunch.

In Dallas, Mr Duncan did us a favor. They treated him with antibiotics in the ER, sent him home, and three days later he came back sicker. He was in ICU with Contact Isolation ONLY, and that is how the others got sick.  They were shipped to Atlanta for better handling of the Isolation by the CDC recommendations, I hear...them or another patient.

I shared how our families are at risk, and if I were to work with a patient, I would stay at the hospital the entire quarantine until I knew I was safe and would not give it to him.

His concerns were about him giving it to his class, and his dying.

I also shared that we will no longer go to someplace where we go often with our Premium Passes (a world-famous amusement park with a 'resort') because the CDC has identified it as one of the biggest risk areas due to the international mix of guests who come visit this place.

He had a nightmare last night. And crawled in bed with me at three in the morning. He dreamed a rat was in his bed, and he heard people screaming. He hasn't done this in a very long time.

A map of Ebola cases worldwide

Oddly enough, the only deaths outside of Africa are in the US. If this is a major outbreak, I wonder why there is only in the US, and not any other country outside of Africa?

Chai For Breakfast

My son enjoys watching the TV show, Bar Rescue. He has it on right now, as he owns the whole season.

This morning, for breakfast, I felt like the kitchen in one of those episodes--my son wanted pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs to make something new, sort of a breakfast 'wrap' (we make very thin Swedish pancakes from a mix).

As I faced the stove I started laughing! My boy asked why? I said, 'It's Ross!' and kept cracking up.

Ross wanted me to make Chai tea!

I was like, 'Okay--sure--um, may I asks why?'

Ross said, 'Because you know how to make it.'

Here's the way I was taught my my teacher from Chennai:

  • loose black tea, such as red label
  • cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg (I added a little ginger)
  • boil then simmer this mixture for about twenty minutes
  • add sugar (Ross wanted honey--I did two tablespoons)
  • just at the end, add rich milk (I did organic grass fed whole milk)
  • strain and serve!
I went to my first Indian restaurant, Kashmir, on the end of Solano in Berkeley when I was a sophomore in college.  My roommate Patty took me. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced and deeply enjoyed every bite--the raita, the lentils, the curry over rice, the naan, the chutney, and the golab jamun.

Long story short--I felt like it was a homecoming, a coming back to something I never realized I had a connection.

I once asked a nurse in the VA 'where she buys her yogurt?'  She laughed and said they have been making their own yogurt in India for five thousand years!

I learned. I also made paneer, a cheese, as she told me how. I made mango lassi. I enjoyed going to Pioneer Boulevard in Artesia, where there is a 'Little India'. 

I made friends with my professors from India, visited their homes, watched their daughter give an 'Arangetram'--a three hour long dance recital with classical Indian Dancing. I have been to an Indian wedding.  I had a roommate from Sri Lanka, and learned her favorite recipes from her--I know how to cook with fenugreek and Maldives chips!

Raji, my teacher from Chennai, even has a nickname for me--she and her sister Rani thought of it:  Cutie Pie.

I sense that Ross wishes for me to share this part about myself with you, and also with out readership audience in India.

My heart is there. I had to have lived there. I always felt the connection. 

Now that I think about it, I am sure Ross and I traveled there, and enjoyed ourselves very much, when were were a couple and we were both alive so many thousand years ago...

On Animals

I went to a petting zoo last night. This is a chicken who looks just like my old pet, Henrietta. She was a rescue, and I took care of her, and our little yellow Bantam 'Goldie', every day when I was in junior high while we had them.

When I was at Berkeley, I won the Engineer Week annual Egg Drop contest with a device that I made to look just like her.

I was also mentioned with this win in the New York Times, so many, many years ago, along with another Berkeley alum, the famous inventor, Rube Goldberg.

I chased this chicken, caught her, and picked her up, just like I did with my own chickens. The goats were full, and didn't eat much. So were the llamas and the ducks, geese and chickens who were in the area. 

It's a strange situation--people who love animals, who don't get to a farm, enjoy contact with animals in a petting zoo. They buy tickets. The animals don't seem to mind it very much...or do they?

I petted a donkey that was first by the gate. Our family has enormous love and respect for both mules and donkeys because they helped my nanu Filippo, my grandfather, back in Italy on the family farm. They were loved members of the family. And in Sicily, donkeys, rather than horses, are used to pull the carts.

I also chose farm animals for the nursery for my baby--I didn't know the sex of the unborn child--and wanted a gender-neutral theme. What could be more wonderful than friendly farm animals to welcome the new baby to life on Earth?

Well, the donkey was careful to stand in one position. Then, he had to go poop, and to keep his little pen clean, he walked to the opposite corner of the pen. I realized how he is stuck in this space, and has only enough room to turn around. He must be sore in his muscles!

Then I saw the nose! The right nostril was pulling away from the face, leaving a gaping hole that exposed the bone underneath!!! It was not fresh, it was not bleeding, and it showed no signs of healing at all. There was no infection visible, (although when bone is exposed there is always osteomyelitis), just this horrible deformity.

I asked for All Divine Assistance. I asked Ross to help. I gave lots and lots of Reiki to this poor donkey. I almost began to cry.

I confronted the gatekeeping worker, and asked, 'What is wrong with this donkey?' He didn't answer. He paused. I asked again. Then he said, 'he was in a FIGHT!' I asked, 'How? How did a fight do this? Is anybody going to help him?' And the worker just shrugged.

I don't like petting zoos any more. It's not fair to the animals. I think there should be more room for the animals, and very limited contact with humans--only for a short time each day.  There needs to be oversight, medical care to the animals...

How did it ever come to be, that humans can make money from animals in their misery? It makes me so sad. I give thanks that my consciousness has increased enough so I can understand and have concern for such things.


Things are coming along nicely for us in the Higher Realms. A reader made these cookies at work, and she shared them with Carla, for me. I am delighted to have her love and support for both Carla and my work with this page, Doctors With Reiki.

Everything happens for the best. Loved ones die, in order for us to appreciate what they have done for us, taught us, and to send them off on their next missions with our undying friendship, love and support we have enjoyed between us in this incarnation.

Even the animals who suffer, are making it unmistakably CLEAR for those who are 'on the fence' about coming into their Higher Consciousness--to have that nagging 'sense' that 'something isn't right' and to motivate themselves to 'do something about it'.

Here is where I wish to invite you to take a look at our way of doing things up where I am from:
  • Love and mutual respect and appreciation is in our hearts every time we work with another in any dimension
  • This can hold true in cases where people are possibly dangerous and of much different vibration than us (Carla's Uncle Ben and his wife are one example). We LOVE them unconditionally, and at the same time we KNOW what is going on, and act accordingly.
  • To motivate, we invite. Everything is up to the free will of the 'listener'.
  • The reason for this is that the VIBRATION of the 'listener' will activate when and only IF the vibration of the 'sender' of the message, the 'one who invites' is COMPATIBLE within a certain 'bandwidth' of 'frequency' of Light for the 'listener' to understand and interpret on a soul level.
  • This is science of the Higher Realms, and nothing to do with management and motivation.
  • We never 'point out' a mistake. With love and gentle insistence, we hold our vibration 'set' enough so the 'listener' or 'one we are guiding' interprets this themselves. Then we offer our full love, support and appreciation for their having made this realization independently of us.
As Galactics, we know so very much. And these guidelines help us to alienate no one, and to welcome all, at their own pace and comfort level, to the Higher Realms and higher Consciousness.

Life is GREAT here, really terrific. Many of you are one foot 'in' to the Higher Realms already.

You cannot 'pull' anyone up. You cannot 'motivate' through the mind and the heart. You can only hope that your example an loving energy will 'excite' the person you are guiding, to motivate themselves, and to work with their own inner guidance, on their missions.

So, long story short, hold the space, keep your Vibration UP, and watch for the smiles and Light in people's faces as they respond to you. It is amazing a sight, the newly awakened. 

You are going to see a LOT of it, more and more, every time.

Do not be overly concerned about Ebola. It is here with some whose missions are to 'awaken' others. We shall reach a point where everything will be in control. Mass extinction of the populate is not an option. Hold your vibration UP. Keep a positive outlook on EVERYTHING, including this, and you will manifest.

One more thing about the ability to manifest, Carla's son had a wish for 'his cousins to stay longer with him' after the Pumpkin Patch and when they went out to dinner. What he DIDN'T expect is that his meal would be botched up, three times, in the process. He realized he manifested this, and understand now the need to be more specific to the Universe when making his requests....

Some of you are at his level of development at this time; I want you to play with it, and see through trial and error how you can get this to work for you.

I love you. So does Carla. We love you with all our hearts.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc 'couple' <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
and our son