Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gaia News Brief 16.10.2014


For the next thirty hours I will become a new type of spiritualist--a Clear-Liquidarian. This is like a Breatharian, only I will be on clears. That is, anything you can hold up to the light and see through it--cranberry, jello, water, tea without milk...

And if you know my medical sense of humor, you will be totally cracking up and wondering why I am going through all this and making a joke out of it.

More later! (otherwise it would be TMI)


I had burst copper pipes in my garage. It's time to 'move back in'--the repairs have been done about one month now. But the BOXES???

I threw many things out. I was surprised there was a theme. Some people I have admired have since turned out to be Illuminati. So I pitched them all--the biographies and commemoration books.

I also got rid of a hematology book, and my old biology book that started it all.

The keepers? My first bible. My Medjugorje book by Wayne Weible. Talking With Angels, by Watkins, an amazing book about a woman in WW2 who channeled an angel for her friends, before the war, and when the war hit--they were able to assist others. One chapter still haunts me--the angels taught about the power of a smile. It's true...

The Three Tests

For some reason, right now, aside from the clear liquid diet I am on for medical reasons--it's not forever!--I have been tested.

The first was a dream I was in bed with Ed, my gay hairstylist. It felt very real, which I don't often 'dream'--I'm just 'out' most nights. I loved him unconditionally, and without physical involvement, but the energies evened out between the masculine and the feminine and it felt very 'right'. I told him up front, 'I want you to be VERY GAY!' even. I woke up very happy from that dream. I thought nothing of it until I mentioned it to someone, who was able to check, and said I had passed that test.

The second was an interaction with Michael and Raphael. I was speaking with them, we are close. And Ross came and got jealous! He physically separated me from those two, coming between us and walking away with me. I apologized, and said, 'I can see how you feel and I understand. I am the one for you, and you are the one for me, for all eternity. It's okay.' When I was speaking to my friend, I realized that there IS no jealousy in the Higher Realms. The only one who would perceive it was me. And right now, I sense a 'nudge' that says I passed that test too.

The third one is now. I have something to read, that was possibly written by the higher self of Ross. I have never once 'liked' any of these channelings from this individual--the Ascended Master--and this channeler is one I am not so sure I like. If it was another I wouldn't even bother to read it. But I will open my heart, risk being hurt, and read what this channeled message has to say...I'll be right back...

Ahhhh! It was a powerful piece of Disinformation. This was also suspected by my friend, and confirmed by Ross. Fascinating. Even now, with the end in sight, those ones are true to their ways of very sad indeed!


I am going to write quickly for I am on my way to a meeting.

I humbly ask you to pray and to send healing for my Lady as she goes through a routine medical examination. Carla will have anesthesia, which is never easy for someone who works in the specialty she does, to undergo it.

It is much easier to give it.

So I ask, for you to think of her in about two days (On this Friday morning, PDT).

Everything will happen for the best, yet I am concerned for her well-being.

I thank her for all she does for us in her job as Ground Crew.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the woman he loves, the beautiful, Carla
Our Reiki Doc Family
I thank you for being a part of it.