Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gaia News Brief 9.10.14

What It Is Like Outside The Matrix--Day 1

The fear is absent. I had no worries I would be late to work yesterday morning. There was no panic like there usually is. Everything worked out on time. I arrived with time to spare. I trusted in my ability to get to work, and also, in 'supporting and guiding forces' to get me there.  It was class photo day--so I had a late start and was able to help my boy to look his most handsome, as he wished. I made breakfast, and packed his lunch.

I also, at the end of the day, pushed forward on a project I had been meaning to do for one year--a little more. I finished editing and compiling the chapters of my eBook, Messages From My Patients. Throughout my career in medicine, I kept a journal just for when my patients came back after crossing over, and wrote down messages they gave to me from beyond. Some other people are Nick Adenhart, the former Angels Pitcher, Brittany Murphy the actress, and Michael Jackson, the entertainer.  There are also many messages from organ donors, cardiac patients, and trauma patients. I went to sleep at one a.m. saying, 'I will be rested when I get up'--just like Louise Hay.

By the way, I have done anesthesia for Louise Hay and her husband, one time for each, when I had no idea who any of them were. I also have done anesthesia for Dee (Doreen Virtue) twice. At the time I didn't know about them, and they didn't know about me.  But Spirit was definitely looking out for them! <3

My Higher Self

I am an exceptional case because the actions of my Higher Self in creating me, led to my being one of the most abused and tortured souls in all of existence, and including to this day.

And yet all three are one being, one Light.  So the 'rescue' aspect of us, that spark in MY soul, is very hostile and angry and unpredictable to Her who made me.

She is an archangel, Sophia. And she created both Ross and myself for a special mission to save our mother. This was with the help of Michael, Raphael, and Merlin, that we Twins were made.

I had thought one archangel--to split--means the first is not there any more. I was mistaken. AS this being, Ross' Twin, I have a name I do not disclose at this time. Nor Ross' true identity. For the moment it is best we are just 'us'. We have had one incarnation together. Then I incarnated many times on my own, including this one, as Carla.

So the hiccup was:

  • to teach me--Carla and more--that I would not 'go away' once I acknowledged the connection.
  • to show how it is like in anesthesia residency, where She is the attending, and I am the Resident, both are physicians, and we take care of the same patient at the same time together--with the patient being our shared Consciousness.
  • this explains the MEMORIES I have of before Ross and Carla, in our first incarnation,were ever created, as well as for every incarnation.
  • our special mission is a success and completed this summer. One day this will be shared too.
  • she and Ross 'took away' my dream of 'marriage' to get me OUT of the Matrix. The 'fairy tale ending' is a product of the Matrix, and I was conditioned for that. Ross is back and our love is as strong as ever. But we don't need to 'put a ring on it' in 3D. Only the 5D version, which I don't fully understand, awaits. Divine Mother and Divine Father promised this will be.
Yesterday I had both a meeting with Raziel and Sophia. Then later, just Raziel, at my home. He spelled it out for me, and I took a nap after. I have been okay ever since.

Part of my fear was in being 'blended back' into the original Soul. This has happened, in a way I can't explain, through my Consciousness. 

I feel every way myself, with the exception of fear, expectations I once held about life, and any acceptance of the Matrix as 'legit' I ever had is now gone.

My Knight In Shining Armor

This is Dr. Percy J Russell, former assistant Dean of my school of Medicine, at UCSD.  

I stand on his shoulders. Aa a returning student, and one going through a divorce, I had a lot of struggle when I was in medical school. Twenty eight is ancient, by comparison, and many medical schools do not even interview returning students. I paid for my entire medical education and housing and food and clothing myself.

Dr. Russell always took an interest in me. His warmth and kindness was like the sunshine on my perpetually rainy life. His encouragement and interest in how I was doing meant wonders to me.

I had no doubt whatsoever in my mind that he CARED about me, and wanted me to do my best.

He SAW my future in ways I could not.

I would meet with him. I don't know how I ended up having to go to his office. Usually he just said hi to me in the hall and seemed to know everything about me, how he knew, and why he liked me, I didn't understand. He was just a dean...

Well he was a special dean, and apart from his academic research and contribution to medicine, he welcomed those who would otherwise not have been welcome in another setting--people of diversity, people with a struggle, people who had the potential they were unsure they had deep inside to heal others.

He has been on my mind for two weeks, no messages. I was struggling to even recall his name. Then it 'came' to me in a flash. 

I thank God for him.

see lower right corner   and   In memoriam January 2014 for more about this wonderful man.

Earth Angels

Kathy the RN who works both GI and PACU tracked me down in GI yesterday. She is very catholic. She had a story to share. She often shares stories. She was at a meeting for RCIA (the returning catholics education) but wasn't really needed. An overwhelming desire, a 'nudge' to go to adoration of the eucharist came. She told her husband she didn't know why, but she had to GO!

When she got to the chapel, there was one woman there, who was alone and frantic. She needed to leave, and yet she didn't want to leave the eucharist--the body of Christ--ALONE!

Spirit sent Kathy to relieve her so she could go home as she needed to do. Kathy didn't get any messages (she said, 'I didn't hear anything' which makes me think there are times she DOES hear, like me...LOL) Kathy's name is Kathleen, if you work with me, but I call her Kathy and I always have.

Stina, the respiratory tech with the NDE, saw me in the hall. She was escorting and ICU patient to the OR or CT scanner. She gave me a hug and had a huge smile. She said this time she got a ZAP when she touched me. Her enthusiasm is the first sign at my work that all of my efforts with this page and everything are worthwhile--I get MANY online feedback statements to this effect. But I don't see the light in the eyes of those who write it, like I saw the light in Stina's face...I do appreciate all comments. Sometimes I say I work for comments! as I am not paid for any of this work I do.

I haven't even gotten back any of the investment I put into the bracelet project--the first check to pay me back my seed money is due any time now, and it's not even about three percent of what I have put in for supplies. (If you are interested, look for the tab, Reiki Doc Recommends, above, and scroll to Spiritual Accelerators)

I am not in it for the money....I am in it to support Reiki and to support your spiritual growth, just like Dr. Russell did for me. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Spirit sent ME to Au Lac. I saw Mai in her car. The dishwasher didn't show up for work. She had planned to go to Au Lac LA, due to open next month. Instead she washed dishes. I offered to help her. She was so glad to see me! But instead, I ate, at her insistence, and also shared some hot and sour soup with her when she had a break.

How You Can Break Free From The Old Matrix

Archangel Metatron says there are two matrixes superimposed, both feeding energy to our energy systems. (If you are visual, this will help you to see it grid to sector)

About three days ago, Ross and I grabbed the old grid, and started to shake it. This is to bring is down off me.

Metatron says to envision the old one like the string used to sew up a turkey, after the turkey is baked--all greasy, see through, and weak. 

It is tied around our wrists. Yesterday morning, I was feeling held back by the energies. I wanted OUT. I started to shake the grid on my own, without Ross.

I shared this with a close personal friend, the keeper of the Diamond Shield and the Silverplatinum Flame. She also is my spiritual mother. She said, 'BE CAREFUL what you do!'

By afternoon, I was miserable, and I didn't care. I yanked and flung and wriggled to be free. I didn't know what being free meant, but I didn't want anything to do with the old. So with my CONSCIOUSNESS I did all these things in spirit.

Then a beautiful crystal lotus as big as a room opened, and the grid of diamonds connected to it was made clear to me. Divine Mother had built it. But it was like I unclamped the safety link from the old to the new.

I could breathe FREE again, with the energy of the Light and breathable diamonds (I don't know what else to call them but I believe they might be tachyons, particles of energy like photons, that all galactics need to survive)....

Ross and Metatron say you have permission to work on your attachments to the grid, as well.

Archangel Lauren has been told by Metatron 'go help your sister'.

You are instructed to 'ask your guide angels' to help you with your shaking free to detach from the matrix. Your energy on this end, and their on the other, will help you break free. My detachment was the most difficult, and with each one after, more and more will detach from the old and reattach to the new sparkly one with ease.


What can I say? (shrugs).  That is my woman! I am very proud of her. She is breaking ground where no one has ever been before. Just like me.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Isn't that right, Mother?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross, who says, 'I can't take credit for any of the work that Carla has done and so neatly spelled out for you. How I Did It 101' (he smiles)