Friday, October 10, 2014

Gaia News Brief 10.10.2014

The Healing In The GI Suite

My patient 'had to talk to me'. There was a laundry list of concerns, and she was VERY serious. She had four ounces of 'Smart' water--not just any water--when she should have been NPO. (nothing per os--mouth--empty stomach before surgery).

She wanted to know THIS and THAT and needed to establish a sense of 'control' before we could proceed with the surgery.

She also shared how 'she had loved once' and 'it broke her heart'--she has been celibate for ten years, 'because he cheated on her' and as she was fading out, said, 'he was the most awesome guy ever...'

I took one look at that, and said, to the nurse, technician, and gastroenterologist present, 'If there ever was an example for the personality they goes with chronic bowel conditions--like ulcerative colitis or crohns--this is it. In anesthesia we see this pattern all the time, and although we notice it, we are not sure if it is the personality that creates the condition, or that living with the condition creates the personality?'

The room didn't say much of anything. We found a normal colon. And the doc thought aloud that if the test biopsies sent come back negative, then it would the case with the overactive, overanxious mind causing overactivity of the  nerves in the gut, and causing the chronic diarrhea.

Well, between us, at the end, I had enough! I announced to the room what I was going to do next:  THE AFFIRMATIONS.

This is something I do in addition to the Reiki I have given for my patients for free for many years. In the emerging state from anesthesia, patients are susceptible to what they hear. So I use it as a chance to create positive change for my patients.

I gently touched he head, and in a loud whisper, while she was still unconscious said:

I told the room that sometimes when there is abuse that is pretty obviously suspected--bruises and a mean guy with them--I tell the person to leave the situation too.

The energy of the healers present, as I did the affirmations, was hushed and full of interest. They KNEW intuitively, that I was doing a kindness and healing for our patient. They sensed my confidence in this healing, and understood the importance of the Body-Mind-Soul as a unit, with the example I gave.

How did she wake up? Smooth. Like a whole new person. Her energy was calm, and aligned.  I sensed hope...

Outside The Matrix

When it is time to leave the Matrix, and switch over to the new grids, you will know in your heart this is the ONLY option for you, and no matter what it takes, you just want OUT from the stress and energy drain you experience in the last remnants of the old system.

Outside confirmation confirms my energy is of a whole new vibration, and my crown chakra is now 'activated' and functioning as it should in the Higher Realms.

I sense a constant connection to The Divine/Creator/Source energy. Just like Reiki energy 'comes' from your guides to you, and doesn't 'deplete'--there is a new--and for lack of a better term--'breathable diamonds' I can't see except with my third eye--that comes to me with each breath.

How does it feel? 


And even yesterday, with the Grumpy Gastroenterologist--the afternoon guy, not the morning one--I stayed calm and content even though he was very low vibration, literally, a Stick In The Mud.

He blamed people. He was impatient. I KNEW in my heart this twenty minute case would stretch to two hours, and it did. A nurse couldn't find equipment he needed, and she didn't ask anyone for help. All the while I had an almost ninety-year-old under anesthesia...with the risk going up and up every five minutes during the case.

I could SEE how he was exercising his ability to co-create in a negative way, how his thoughts 'medicine is a battle against disease' and 'this is a struggle I shall overcome' and 'I am a master against disease' as somewhat outdated...we have come to an era where Love Is The Solution For Everything. Same technology. Same evidence-based medicine techniques. But the energy fosters healing, peace, and teamwork, in this new era now.


Yesterday I was able to attend briefly, a CME lecture on 'Cancer Survivorship'. The lecturer was from an academic center, and her energy clearly had conflict with her role as a healer. She was one of those doctors who gets a lot of money from drug companies to do research and give talks...

I felt it. 

Apparently 'Cancer Survivorship' is a term that applies to anyone who has ever had a diagnosis of cancer, even those who are in hospice and not going to survive in the long run overall.

The talk was fascinating, as there are many many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual after-effects of cancer treatment.

Reiki was not mentioned, not even once.

But I gave it to everyone in the room--to their guardian angels--because it is the heart of the healer that needs the most love and support of all. Too bad there aren't any CME's for that kind of training.

Our luncheon had some dishes no one had ever seen before:  purple cabbage with apple slices, breaded flat meat that tasted like pork sausage, overcooked other sausages that were dried out, and something reminiscent of latkes--the frozen potato pancakes.

People were trying the food, and not sure what everything was--'Is this POTATO???'.

One day, I hope that we shall become so accustomed to the new ways of healing, where there is synthesis of techniques to treat the body-mind-soul as a unit, that the old ways will seem just as foreign and difficult to apply, as this German 'meal' was to Southern California Doctors. 

I gave up trying entirely, and had a chile relleƱo instead.

How To Manifest

No one can Ascend for you.  It is like giving birth. There are no c-sections to the Higher Realms. You must give 'birth' to the new you in the higher energies. This applies equally to men.

And just like in childbirth, there comes a time when you soul feels a need to PUSH and you just need to get out of the energies any way you can. That is why I fought the etheric cords of the old grid, and detached myself from them. It took a lot of  energy, on my part, just like in labor. And after I had to rest and rest...

Once Ascended fully enough to 'link' to the new grids, you have access to the energy of Creation, all the time, and you don't feel like you are 'starving' like you did before.

Under the Veil--in Duality--we are energetically 'cut off' from this source of Creation--the tachyon particles (which I call the breathable diamonds) don't pass through from Source to surface Gaia ordinarily on the old grids.

So we feel 24/7 a sense of deep LACK. 

And rejection. That's how we interpret this 'being away from Source' sensation. We must have 'done something bad otherwise we wouldn't be here'.

I sense that as a school, a place of learning for the soul, we SIGN UP for the 'lesson' of 'being away from Source', for that PERCEPTION.

And it takes two major forms--Lack of Substance, and Lack of Love. (there can also be health woes, and other 'majors' too)

Some people I know, have a 'Double Major' and experience lack in both.  

In any part of your life, if there is some area where 'no matter what you do you can't seem to get it right'--chances are, it is your 'Major' in this learning environment. 

WE get two, a main area to 'grow' and a 'minor' one. Sylvia Browne talks about this in her books. Hers was 'Loner Humanitarian'--Major and Minor--in energy study in her life.

All I have to say about this, as a study 'guide' is a few things:
  • Love Is The Solution For Everything, starting with yourself, and loving YOU like Creator does--unconditionally.
  • Even if you are starving, or the only single person at the event, and it is painful, still choose to Love Yourself Unconditionally.
  • When you don't know what to do--the answer is simple--RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.  
  • There are many ways to do this, but often one of the most simple ones is to help someone who is worse off than you.
  • Your angels, guides and deceased loved ones are available to assist--so ASK for help! This is an Open Book Test and they are your Teaching Assistants!
  • If possible, learn Reiki, and practice self-Reiki twice a day...


Carla is coming into her own. 

I love her.

Do you feel her energy? Through this page? Right here, right now?

What was once scattered is now focused, like a laser.

Carla is pointing the way to you, on how to get out from your struggles, your situation, and go UP (he points).

Not like me (you see him up standing at the edge of a hole in the clouds, waving his hands and saying, 'come on up it's really great!') where there is that DISTANCE.

Carla is right with you. And offering you a lift up. She is bending and folding her hands for you to take your first step, getting you closer to me, so I can take your hand and lift you up.

We can't put your foot into her hands for you.

We can't make you push and stretch.

Only you can do that for you.

You will have all of eternity to 'get yourselves up here'...but not with Carla and me and Gaia.

There will come a point where like most people Carla will have a sore back, and need to stretch. There will come a time where the folks in 5D, won't want to have the energy of 3D around any more.

What will happen? (he snaps his fingers)--the grids will split/separate--and everyone who is connected to the one grid, or the other, will go their separate ways for the next lessons of creation.

All children, and by default, their parents, will move up with the 5D grids. Many of these children incarnated here as star seeds to lift the place 'up' in the first place. Their parents were chosen especially. What does one look like? There is a little girl who wears unicorn shirts who is named Justice, whose mother Jenn shares with Carla's page Doctors With Reiki. She is one of the BIG ones, a leader, who is having a good childhood right now in preparation for her role which she competed to get before she was born to Jenn. No one will know for sure what Justice is supposed to do, until her time gets 'activated' as a crystal child--a highly advanced soul--not even her parents although there will be 'hints' and 'nudges' in preparation along the way. But Justice will GO FOR IT with all her heart and mind and soul and KNOW without a doubt that this is the right path for her when it is time to take it. And one other hint to the rest of you? Her name is not an accident... (smiles mysteriously and steeples his hands). I give my thanks to all souls like her for incarnating at this special time...

The more you get to know your heart, and accept it--what is--what is going on around you--and not to fight it but to accept it as a lesson...sometimes that lesson is to motivate you to change something about the world or about yourself--the faster you will go UP and come to live in the vibration of love and joy and happiness, of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion...and you are going to live there for a Long Time.

There is no going 'back'!

I encourage you, and I embrace you, on behalf of all of the brothers and sisters, the teams, both on Ground Crew 'down there' and up here with us.

You can do it!

I have faith in you!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc, my Lady, my Angel, my Bride.

we don't need a ceremony to be as One. Weddings are a celebration of the unity we have, as loving soul twins. But the Bride and the Groom are always one to the other, no matter what the day, or when the ceremony is...